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  1. I too have bad tinnitus, mainly due to accidentally blasting ears while messing around with Garageband with headphones, and volume jumped to max..just a short burst, rattled headphones and both my ears are ringing for a year now..constant 13kHz and 3.3kHz tone both ears...esp when its quiet it sounds like a loud tube TV in room. Has affected my life...i have to keep moving/distracted so not to notice it. Caused months of depression, now I have accepted it is part of my living state. This too happened to Makyo, and I feel for him. https://www.psybient.org/love/interview-makyo-dakini-r
  2. Look for these artists:- Oöphoi Many releases to choose from so start here:- https://www.discogs.com/Oophoi-The-Spirals-Of-Time-Limited-Deluxe-Edition/release/971631 Telemore David Parsons Ishq/Colourform Thom Brennan look for 'mist' & 'silver' Max Corbacho Sinepearl Carbon Based Lifeforms - 23 Mathias Grassow Om (Ovnimoon ambient project) Some free releases on ektoplasm http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/school-of-crystal-healing-lightworkers-delight http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/proton-kinoun-apeiron
  3. This EP by dubtechno artist Dublicator. https://astral-travel-agency.bandcamp.com/album/digital-spirits
  4. This needs to be at the top of the list with flashing lights & dancing bots https://hedflux.bandcamp.com/
  5. Actually i dont think Alwoods is aaaamazing...but Alwoods is amaaaazing. count me in as a fan, thats all.
  6. Makyo 'asian' fusion https://makyo.bandcamp.com/album/purnima
  7. Seamoon ‎– Expression Of The Moment P. Laoss ‎– Landscapes & Machines Toirés ‎– Sanäti Alwoods ‎– Aeolian Mode Another Fine Day ‎– Life Before Land ... also on my shortlist Eat static - Back to earth Blue lunar Monkey - 2012 Stress Assassin ‎– Within The Office Of Eye And Ear Anahata-the unmade sound Zen Baboon - Suber International Observer -Touched CBL - 23 Scann-Tec - Facial Memories
  8. Closest to original pure ultimae melodic vibe. https://forgottenfuture.bandcamp.com/album/forgotten-future-w1
  9. Hi. It really depends on your requirements. PC with Windows on a solid state drive (this makes the all the difference) with anti virus will do for most tasks and Microsoft is now making great strides. You can also run linux on a old PC and it will run fast. I have a Microsoft Lumia mobile which is cheap and works really well for my needs. Mac if you like the asthetic look, cute OS, less virus issues, and you are using Mac specific software e.g. Logic. But you pay dearly. Ipad ? In short YES. The apps are what makes the Ipad such good value. e.g. play with propellorh
  10. Heres some of my 'embarrasing' tracks I found from 1999...psybient. I had a virus A, mc303 , ER1 and as Cosmosis tips page warns, suffered severe loopitus as i was completely sucked in by the virus sounds. These tracks composed themselves, the machines led the way. i did not know how to master and i was too shy but they tell a story.
  11. indeed some most amazing deep music to discover MARSEN JULES TRIO http://www.marsenjules.de/project-marsenjulestrio.html FIELD ROTATION http://www.fieldrotation.de/ Bruno Sanfilippo http://www.bruno-sanfilippo.com/ALBUMS.htm
  12. Great list Paul, and quite a few things to discover. Zen Baboon was from 2013 however such a great album its worth reminding. Some highlights from 2014 to add to your list ;D Wåveshåper - Empty Path http://mutantra.bandcamp.com/album/empty-path VA - Waypoint https://interchill.bandcamp.com/album/waypoint International Observer -Touched http://internationalobserver.bandcamp.com/ Solar Quest - Core http://electronicsoundscapes.bandcamp.com/album/solar-quest-core Entheogenic - Enthymesis http://entheogenic-usr.bandcamp.com/album/enthymesis Saafi B
  13. i gonna go wif dis one eat static - UFO over trenchtown
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