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  1. We've just set up a channel and so far there are 4 videos to watch. More will be added over time. So, hope you like what's there already - 3 chilled songs (from our DVD) and part of the most recent interview. More coming soon... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLXRceqNtR9-8ERrLEkwMPw Also see http://www.childrenofdub.com
  2. Hi folks, this is Luke from Children Of Dub. If you want to know what we've done and what's going on at the moment have a look here: http://www.childrenofdub.com We've a DVD coming out at the end of the month )
  3. It's 20 years since the release of our spaced out trance/house single 'Nemesis', which led on to a series of albums and singles until 2001. This DVD is to mark the anniversary of that first record and comprises 2 hours of tripped out visuals set to 19 chilled out psychedelic tracks that cross-over from ambient into dub and laid-back trance. There's also a whole stack of special features including an interview with writer and director of the film, Luke Eastwood. More info at http://www.childrenofdub.com, it's also on Amazon from August.
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