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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, this fool seeks to promote his latest project, the Astralmix All music by Astral Projection, playlist & mix by Torsten Eboga (author of this post). Part I 1 Y-Salem 2 Celestial Groove 3 Innovation 4 Enlightened Evolution 5 Ionised 6 Flying Into A Star 7 Visions of Nasca 8 People Can Fly 9 Anything Is Possible 10 Searching For UFOs 11 Soundform 12 Kabalah 13 Dancing Galaxy / Ambient Galaxy 14 Aurora Borealis 15 Liquid Sun 16 Another World 17 Maian Dream 18 The Sleeper Must Awaken 19 Mahadeva '99 Part III [2:12:44]
  2. https://www.mixcloud.com/Psyt3k/psytek-lost-in-summer-time-2018-goa/ This is the set I played at the Lost in Summer Time 2018 festival in Belgium. I played from 9AM - 11AM after Charris who played an incredible raw and abstract early Psytrance / Forest set. I wanted to bring a selection of tracks that are both abstract and melodic, with both morning melodies and edgy psychedelic parts. Most tracks are oldskool '90s, but I also included a lot of newer tracks. Some unreleased stuff too. The Lepton Head Remix by Adrenalin Run (M-Run + Steve-O) is one of my favorite tracks ever. E
  3. Hello Psynewsers! This is the dj set I played at Mossy Behavior - Forgotten Forest Tales (2017-09-15) in Belgium where they invited Schlabbaduerst Rekkords. I recorded it back at home since it didn't get entirely recorded at the party. It's a mix of darkish Oldskool Goa, early '00 Psytrance and Oldskool Forest Trance. I tried to make the set easy enough to step into, but also psychedelic enough to be worthy of leading into the Schlab team. It's probably the most representative mix on my Mixcloud as I mostly get booked at night and these are the genres I play the most. Hope you'll en
  4. Nervasystem - Time Travel Arjuna Records 2013 http://www.discogs.com/Nervasystem-T.../master/636383 Even as a true Goatrance lover it took me some time to really understand this music. It was only when I heard him play at the Lost in Time 2013 - 2014 New Year's Party in Belgium that I realized how great this music is. To quote a friend: "It's dark, but pure and positive". And that's also how I experience it. This is music that could (and should) be played at any time at a party. It's dark and psychedelic for the night time, yet also melodic and trancy for the morning hours. And ac
  5. This is a dj set I recorded while brainstorming for some opening sets for parties like Occultrance and Old is Gold in Belgium. It's not your typical party music, but more like a trippy listening set... I chose some nice storytellers from back in the days, like the works of Tandu and Mushroomman. Hope you'll enjoy! Comments welcome, as I'm only doing this for the dancefloor, and your home listening pleasure! http://www.mixcloud.com/Psyt3k/psytek-telltale-gravitational-wobble/ 1. Sheyba - Into the 4th Dimension 2. Etnica - Chemical Trance 3. Planet BEN - Trippy Future Garden 4
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