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Found 3 results

  1. Pleased to present the latest EP from MAJØRA "Secret of Sands" That will transport you to a parallel universe Available now on all digital platforms BEATPORT SPOTIFY #Majøra #GOAPSYRECORDS #psytrance #music #edmmusic
  2. Artist: Afgin Title: Old Is Gold Selected Tunes (2006 - 2015) Label: Goa Trance Music Date: July, 2015 1. Ray of Light 2. Old Is Gold 3. Old Is Gold (Part 2) 4. Amanita 5. Astral Experience 6. Shine On 7. Fly With Me 8. Violet 9. The Sound of Goodbye 10. Aden Prayers (Part 2) Afgin. How can you not like this dude? From the beginning when we found some of his goa trance mp3s on the web back when the goa resurgence wasn't even a thing yet. Then came the Astral Experience from Suntrip which was great goa that forced sunshine out of every pore. After that were a few EP's and the Emotional Peaks maxi album. If you didn't think it was possible for his music to become more euphoric and melodic, those last releases put that notion to bed. So here's how I see Afgin. Talented as hell, good lookin' guy that seems to always have chicks around him, and I think he kick boxes too. On top of all that have you seen his FB feed? Dude roams the mountains of Israel in a sweet blue rig. Do you know anyone who has this much life win? I wish this fool would run for president. I'm not making this sh*t up people. There are those that think Afgin has sold out. I suppose the sign that you've made it is the cheesy album cover. It's already been memed so I'm not gonna post it here, but he's been doing his thing for a long time. Even if you perceive him to have sold out (which he hasn't) you have to respect his contribution to where goa is today as well as the volume of quality material he has produced. I've never spoken to him and I don't know him, but it feels like one of us made it to the top. Now I would lose my credibility as a reviewer if I didn't mention the copious amounts of cheese in Fly With Me. It's euphoric melodic trance at it's most epic. Real Paul Van Dyk stuff. But even here, he cannot resist throwing a little 303 at you. The music is the classic, full Afgin melodic sound. Don't dismiss it as soft though because some of these tracks also pack quite a punch. You get tracks from his albums and ep's as well as some unreleased and some never before released on a proper CD. Even when he goes all euphoric on you he always leaves traces of his goa roots. He really understands how to structure a track so that it's not just a collection of sounds but a dynamic, fluid tale. Respect. The music is well done, sounds great, and will not fail to put a smile on your face. Psyshop Beatspace
  3. Hey guys, Hello everyone! I'm Psara aka Sara Constança, from Cronomi and Suntrip, and this is the first time I write a post in Psynews. I usually don't post my sets in other then Mixcloud and then Facebook, but since this is a very special set with mostly unreleased music, I thought you all would deem this a very interesting share. It's not a good quality one though, the set was uploaded to Mixcloud with lousy MP3 and it's in the low bite rate of 160kpbs. It cannot be shared any other way so please don't ask for download, it's unreleased music! On the 1st of October, 2013, Psara was invited to join Cronomi Records as a label DJ. By then DJ Inada, the Cronomi Records manager, asked Psara to make a set with some Cronomi tracks for the label, but Psara had another thing in mind: the creation of a huge Goa Trance psychedelic story line with only Cronomi music. So it was set in stone that the mix would be recorded at the Old School Gathering, a festival put up by the Goadelic Freaks Movement every year since 2010 in the mountains of central Portugal, and it was going to be a Cronomi Tribute special DJ set. OSG being without a doubt the most significant Goa Trance venue in our country. Eight months later with the help and effort of Cronomi artists, M-Run, Artha, New Born and Psysutra — with full support from Inada — Psara had accumulated enough unreleased music to create a well-built mix for a sunrise morning set. Not only this is just Cronomi music but it also is all unreleased music from Cronomi Records. A very special set to represent both Psara and Cronomi, showcasing some of the best Goa Trance being created today. From 6am still dark passing through the full shine sunrise at about 7am, this morning set ends a bit past 9.30am. Three hours and a half of totally new and awesome unreleased music! | MIxed on CDJs and recorded live with a Tascam DR40 (classic style Goa Trance mixing) | All cover and logo design by Sara Constança aka Psara * All tracks are unreleased except the intro, the first and the third tracks, and then one in the middle. The set is at MP3 160kbps so this is no good to rip. Please care for the artists and label _/\_ This is for Mixcloud only! Or another Psara set. The released tracks are: [intro] Balance by OCO [1st track] Orang-U-Tangent by Planet BEN [3rd track] Maroon by Color Box [half way in] Postcards From Goa by Psysutra (very recent release!) ** All tracks are Cronomi except the intro and the 1st one. Link to Mixcloud here! inJoy _/\_ L&L
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