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Found 6 results

  1. Nu Goa from Japan vol.2 is out now from Matsuri Digital YUTA, whom current leader of Goa trance scene in Japan. His new 2nd compilation album contained fresh tracks from Japanese artists who MASA(aka TTT),Asteroidnos and GUUSUN and Jiu, also YUTA created traks with Jikooha,SLUM. This compilation will be an presentation as cutting-edge Goa sound as future form to the world from Japan. Please feel the new style of GOA TRANCE in its to released from MATSURI DIGITAL. Track samples on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital Purchase album on https://matsuridigital.bandcamp.com/album/nu-goa-from-japan-vol-2 (Free shipping for world wide, now you can get an extra present CD!) Digital download iTune https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/nu-goa-from-japan-vol.-2/id975400749
  2. SHISHU - DANCE FOR LIFE - FROM HERE TO ETERNITY Present : ❋ UNITED SPIRITS ❋ 18-19 july( Belgium - Open Air ) ..is born from the spirits of 3 West - Flemish organizers: SHISHU (Thomas, Psy Mush), DANCE FOR LIFE (Renzo, Exogen) and FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (Bjorn, Psygasus). The older generation must surely remember the legendary Shishu parties and the younger one will have experienced a crazy DFL- or FHTE-event . A cocktail of these three organizations must give fireworks ! With this new concept we do not limit ourselves to one style of music. We want to build bridges between the different styles of psychedelic dance music and people to become all UNITED in SPIRITS ! You can expect psy-trance, full-on, forest, neo-goa, nithzo, old-skool,progressive, psy-techno, etc. The Shamans who will guide you on this journey are : ❋ LIVE: - NEBULA MELTDOWN ( Suntrip records - Fin ) - KA-SOL ( Schlabbadurst records - Se ) - LUNAR DAWN (Timewarp/ Neogoa records - Hr ) - PROXEEUS ( Neogoa records / rePSYcle records - F ) - OHM MIND ( Goa Madness / rePSYcle records - B ) - PSYGASUS ( GreenTree records - B ) live band - FERRATEK ( Warromaja records - B ) ❋ DJ'S: - CHAKRAS ( Dimensional records) - GNOME & SJAMA'DAN ( Amanita Muscaria ) - ARIX ( rePSYcle records ) - PSYMUSH ( Dimensional records ) - LOTUS ( Sita Records ) - EXOGEN ( rePSYcle / Dimensional records ) - MISLUKT ( Global Aura ) NL - FrEeEe - PSYTEK ( Cronomi Records ) - MOYA ( Tibidibidi ) - ALFA TOE - STIEJ NEN ( Ziggydelica ) ❋ SOUND: - NARCOSIS ❋ DECO: - BHASKARA Deco-art https://www.facebook.com/Bhaskara.Ananta - NEIL GIBSON creations https://www.facebook.com/neilgibsoncreations ❋ SHOPS: - SHANTI TRIBE CHAI SHOP ( Food & Drinks ) - ABSOLEM https://www.facebook.com/absolembe -Free camping area. -campfire & chill out place. - - This is a private party... so please invite only GoaTrance/dance minded good friends! No Minors - No Drugs - No Dogs. RESERVATIONS: unitedspiritsreservations@gmail.com
  3. Hello Everyone! I recently applied for a volunteer position as a radio DJ and got accepted. My show will be featuring mainly genres of underground and alternative trance! Unfortunately, due to broadcasting guidelines, I need a certain amount of Canadian music per episode in order to keep the show running. I'd like to give anyone who would like some radio play the opportunity to send me their work, so that I may be able to feature it on my show once I start broadcasting. I am not making any money off of this show; I just love trance, and I want others to enjoy it too. I will be putting up more information about my show as it becomes available, I am just in the beginning stages. Once I start to broadcast, you can hear the episodes online for free anywhere in the world! Please feel free to send any questions or suggestions! Thank you!
  4. Hello everyone! This dj set contains some released and unreleased tracks from Cronomi Records, blended together with a few tracks of our scene's greatest artists since the '90s. Most tracks are new (made around 2010), others are "Oldskool". But they all contribute to the story: Crawling acid lines, becoming more and more intense and melodic This is the kind of music I would play during twilight. If you want to hear what comes next, feel free to book me at your party! Enjoy, and comments welcome!! http://www.mixcloud.com/Psyt3k/psytek-theta-waves-cronomi-mix-2/ 1. Portamento - 48 Hours http://www.cronomi.com/#Shop 2. Artha - Signs http://www.cronomi.com/#CRONOMI002EP (GRATIS ) 3. Daimon & DJ Inada - Enigma 4. X-Dream - Our Own Happiness (303 Edit) 5. Etnica - Mental Puzzle http://www.datrecords.it/dat/releases/etnica.html 6. K.O.B. - Pitch and Chips (A Fairytale About a Chip) http://www.cronomi.com/#Shop 7. Nervasystem - Juddervision http://www.anjunarecords.com/shop#!/~/product/category=5774688&id=29509009 8. Bypass Unit - Frozen Symrex 9. M-Run Feat. DJ Inada - Kapala http://www.cronomi.com/#Shop 10. Psychaos - Return Voyage 11. New Born - We Are Nothing But Dust http://www.cronomi.com/#Shop This mix was made to spread the vibes as the artists intended it. Support the artists and their labels and buy their work if you like it! Why the name 'Theta Waves'...? Check out this article by Aernoudt Knecht: http://www.trancedans.net/artikels/ontwaken-dromen-schemerzone.html Bookings: wip3out@live.be
  5. OUT NOW!! Title: Memories from Goa Madness Tracklist: 1: Ephedra & Omnivox: Into the vast dark ocean 2: Radical distortion: Overdose 3: Asmik: Initially 4: Merrow: Pray for Mars 5: Omnivox: Light up the sky 6: Radical Distortion: Ancient Aliens 7: Ephedra: Trip through the heart of the galaxy 8: Liquid flow: Psychoactive 9: Agneton: Jurassic attack Artwork by: Neogoa design Goa Madness records is proud to present their very first compilation: Memories from Goa Madness! Nine beautiful Goatrance tracks carefully selected by Ephedra & Kuririn. All the artists involved in this compilation played at some of the crazy parties organized by the Goa Madness crew during the last seven years. This project is dedicated to all the Goa trance freaks around the world and will probably fit every taste. Acidic & mental goa lovers will be pleased by tracks from Merr0w, Radical distortion & Omnivox that will kick them in outer space, while melodic & euphoric Goa lovers will be amazed by the magical melodies from Liquid flow & Ephedra. Even Nitzhogoa addicts will be blasted, the master of this genre: Agneton comes back with a crazy track filled with some supersonic melodies. Goa madness is also very happy to present the very first release of Asmik. A Belgian talent that just joined the crew. Just listen and let the madness surround & submerge you! Previews available here: https://soundcloud.com/goa-madness-r...om-goa-madness Get your copy here: http://www.beatspace.com/7751/Goa+Madness+Records/Various/Memories+from+Goa+Madness/detail.aspx
  6. Lepton - Lost and Found Boldly audio coming out of the forests of Örebro passing through the swamps of Aarhus and travelling in every dimension to the dessert of California... recorded in 2008 - playtime : 02:01:54 01.syntax error bibspill 02.sienis - tales from the trip 03.derango - no thing 04.insane behaviour - datura inoxia 05.derango - secret surroundings 06.grapes of wrath - lir 07.bodhisattva - power vortex 08.derango - lost theory 09.grapes of wrath - 24 hrs full power no shower 10.syntax error - the grapes of wrath 11.grapes of wrath vs crazy ducks - ducks of wrath 12.kuro fusion - the druids dipsauce 13.digital talk - sans issue 14.insane behaviour - wrong doze 15.derango - the arm 16.hux flux - bring your own bios 17.grapes of wrath - more me 18.derango - welkin 19.pandora's box - natural affinity 20.attoya - green crop matured 21.cilium - +s 22.mubodhi - casual coesions 23.mubali - dribbla's delight 24.cpc - doom doom 25.cilium - gone fission 26.bodhisattva - energy theory https://soundcloud.com/lepton-lost-theory-rec/lepton-lost-found
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