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  1. V/A Bread & Circus (Antiscarp Records) From the acid-soaked amplifiers of Antiscarp Records comes a freshly-baked batch of totally bonkers tracks, guaranteed to turn the dancefloor into a psychedelic circus. The ringmaster behind this compilation is none other than Romanian renegade Alecu Berbecu and features far-flung funk-chunks straight outta Finland, Japan, Russia, Israel and beyond. Deadly bread cooked up from the heads of the worlds most cutting-edge suomisaundi and freeform freaks, jugglers and smugglers that will have you snuggling up to the speakers with all your sisters and brothers. 1.Havoc - Stars 2.Mindex - Friday Rush 3.Phosporic - Glowfield 4.Scum Unit - Behind the Lines 5.Storge - Enayama 6.Tres Lost Amigos - Nightrider 7.Kyril & Eskobar - Unicorn Fields 8.Yhtiot - Ryssa Rulettaa 9.Melufantti & Thundermaster - Frostitution 10.Club Kooma - Take Care Compiled by Alecu Cover Art by NN OUT NOW !!!! Buy from http://en.equaldream...ails;1065424;4; https://www.facebook...rds/82741952953
  2. Fresh tunes from Ex Uus OUT NOW !! Deeply baked fourth studio album of Ex Uus is finally here. New album Keyboard Warriors continues where last album left off. This album includes the freshest psychedelic sounds from Ex Uus. Ex Uus is a one man project of Ilja Zelkovsky, who is originally from Ukraine but is living in Israel. In his music quality production with extreme weird sounds and beats come together. 1.Phyllomedusa 2.Schizophysical Eye Movement 3.Rustle of Morning Stars 4.Dancing Magicians 5.First Space Battle 6.Coral Energy Core 7.Suomist 8.Ill-Matic Alien 9. Mythological Breakdownz 10.Gods of War 11.Die Spinne All tracks written and produced by Ex Uus OUT NOW !!!! Website: http://antiscarp.com/ANSDIGI007.html Buy from: Equal Dreams http://en.equaldream...ds#album1065290 Antiscarp Records http://www.antiscarp.com
  3. Antiscarp Warriors - Barbara EP [ANSDIGI005] Time has come for another release from Antiscap Records, and this time it will be downtempo & triphop orientated EP made by Antiscarp´s studio team Antiscarp Warriors. 1.Monday Billionare 2.Barbara 3.Strong Peach Porn Sector All tracks written and produced by Antiscarp Warriors OUT NOW !!!! artist: Antiscarp Warriors release title: Barbara EP label: Antiscarp Records cat # : ANSCDIGI005 format: digital release date: 8.March.2011 Website: http://antiscarp.com/ANSDIGI005.html OUT NOW !! Buy from: Equal Dreams http://en.equaldreams.com/antiscarprecords?ref=nf#album872517
  4. Antiscarp Records presents: Scooterbaba - Lost In Pasila [ANSDIGI004] 50% part of Mullet Mohawk, Scooterbaba represents 10 tracks bundle of his own. This full length album sounds like driving a scooter thru wormhole and it takes listener to the world of Scooterbaba´s exploring sounscapes containing loads of positive energy. After his various tracks released on some on various locations, this one is full length debut album of his! 1.Play Back Time 2.Eight Finger Enjoyment feat. Rainer Karisma 3.Activa Boogie Remix feat. After Lobotomy 4.Boozevacuation 5.Avaruusturistimatka 6.Tietäjän Opetukset (RIP Pehizu) 7.FL 9.0 8.Lost In Pasila 9.Past In Losila 10.Now All tracks written and produced by Scooterbaba OUT NOW !!!! artist: Scooterbaba release title: Lost In Pasila label: Antiscarp Records cat # : ANSCDIGI004 format: digital release date: 20.January.2011 Website: www.antiscarp.com/ANSDIGI004.html OUT NOW !! Buy from: Equal Dreams http://en.equaldreams.com/antiscarprecords
  5. Tom Cosm is an electronic musician and educator based in Christchurch, New Zealand. He is best known for his work within the computer music scene, especially for the creation and distribution of tutorials related to the use of Ableton Live. He has performed extensively in both New Zealand (Aotearoa) and Australia, as well as many countries in Europe, Asia and South America Some of his more notable performances including the Canaan Downs festival on the beautiful Takaka hill at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. Cosm has led workshops at the Boom Festival in 2008 and the Rainbow Serpent Festival. Along with Pitch Black, Tom led a workshop at Cargo in London on 24 July 2008. Website : www.cosm.co.uk
  6. Antiscarp Records Presents: Antiscarp Summer Club Friday 2.July.2010 20-03 @ Ravintolalaiva Wäiski Hakaniemenranta 11, Helsinki, Finland on the decks :: Tom Cosm (New Zealand) LIVE http://www.myspace.com/tomfromcosm Kiwa (Highgrade / Exogenic Records) LIVE http://www.myspace.com/kiwamusic Snyper (Antiscarp Records) LIVE http://www.myspace.com/5nyper dj Whiskey Baba (Antiscarp Records) dj LoKal (Borgåa) ::Decorations by Mielenkieli:: Powered by: Studiotec Tickets 10€ Welcome Aboard!
  7. Antiscarp Records presents: Ronsu - Nevermind the 1´s and 0´s (ANSDIGI001) Ronsu is Jussi Niemi from Finland, also a part of Vihtahousu and Ohuet Kujat, to name a few of his projects. Nevermind the 1's and 0's is his first release as Ronsu. A long waited one, but well worth the wait. It contains tracks produced in Amsterdam, Japan, and Finland over a period of 4 years. Ronsu's music is best described as freeform electric and eclectic. Nevermind the 1's and 0's also includes Ronsu's remixes of Ohuet Kujat and Vihtahousu tracks. A release that's guaranteed to make your booty move like an elephant in an antiques shop. Now get ready, dust the wax from your ears, and get ready for the best sides of 1's and 0's. Tracklist: 1.Ohuet Kujat - Myyrä Pyrkii (Ronsu RMX) 2.Under the Influence 3.Best Sides of 1´s and 0´s 4.Ohuet Kujat - Törkee Tuhina (Ronsu RMX) 5.Palbole Boogie 6.Psypunk 7.X-Ray (Radiation Sickness Mix) 8.Vampiros 9.Gravity Experience 10.Vihtahousu - Vihtahousu in the House (Ronsu RMX) Direct link to release :: http://www.antiscarp.com/ANSDIGI001.html Ronsu´s debut album OUT NOW !! on Beatport https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/235132/Nevermind%20The%201%27s%20And%200%27s
  8. Antiscarp Records Label Night Saturday 24.April.2010 20-03 @ Ravintolalaiva Wäiski Hakaniemenranta 11 , Helsinki, Finland on the decks :: Salakavala Ronsu Club Kooma dj Capito dj LoKal dj Whiskey Baba Antiscarped Sound System Dekoz by Lazy Orange Tickets 10€ Welcome Aboard! more infos TBA !!
  9. Robomate - Skill Sampler Once again Antiscarp strikes back, but this time with a kick ass debut release from the other half of Lemon Slide (Roope Karhunen). "Skill Sampler" is delicate mix of suomisound, breakbeat and downtempo songs that should give you quite a few eargasms over and over again. The album is a journey through various styles, but without selling out the groovy suomiflavour. You can surely hear the good ol' Lemon Slidish twist from the melodies, basslines and beats which Robomate throws at you in the form of this release. In few tracks Karhunen has joined forces with a young, skilled guitar hero named Henri Jurvanen who truly handles his rock'n'roll-stick allmost like Mr. Malmsten himself. Don't miss out to get this solid package of quality music! tracklist: 1.Untitless 2.Left-left Dilemma 3.Rough Enough 4.Cyber Phartrix 5.Power of Tower 6.Powerfunk 7.Romantik 8.Fears Between Ears 9.Galaxies, Radiowaves and Owls 10.STOP! INTERLUDE! 11.Oh yeah 12.Knife Insurance 13.Illuvumoar Previews clips available @ http://www.antiscarp.com/ANSCD-06.html All tracks by Roope Karhunen Tracks 1, 10 & 13 - Guitars by Henri Jurvanen Cover art by Teukku Mastered by Pentti Slayer label: Antiscarp Records release date: 9.10.2009 catalog#: ANSCD-06 format: digipak worldwide distribution: Saiko Sounds Out NOW!!! Available from Antiscarp Webshop http://www.antiscarp.com/catalog Worldwide Distribution by Saiko Sounds - direct link to Skill Sampler: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8175 Digitally downloable from Beatport https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/195700/Skill%20Sampler Full retailer list: http://www.antiscarp.com/order_info.html ! Antiscarp Records www.antiscarp.com
  10. ROBOMATE - SKILL SAMPLER Album release night Friday 16.10.2009 21-03 @ Ravintolalaiva Wäiski Hakaniemenranta 11 , Helsinki, Finland on the decks :: Robomate feat. Henkka Ronsu Scooter Baba dj LoKal dj Whiskey Baba Antiscarped Sound System Robomate debut CD Skill Sampler - available at the place! Tickets 10€ Welcome Aboard! Robomate -Skill Sampler will be released worldwide 9.Oct.2009 check more at: www.antiscarp.com/ANSCD-06.html
  11. Snyper - Bulletproof OUT NOW !! Check more information at Antiscarp website http://www.antiscarp.com/ANSCD-05.html Snyper - Bulletproof available from Antiscarp Webshop ' http://www.antiscarp.com/catalog Worldwide Distribution by Saiko Sounds http://www.saikosounds.com Antiscarp Records http://www.antiscarp.com
  12. Snyper - Bulletproof will be released at Beatport on Tuesday 9th June 2009 ! www.beatport.com Official release date for CD is 12.June.2009! You can pre-order Snyper - Bulletproof from freshly updated and more easy-to-use Antiscarp Webshop - www.antiscarp.com/catalog !
  13. preview clips added :: www.antiscarp.com/ANSCD-05.html www.myspace.com/antiscarp
  14. Antiscarp Records presents: Snyper - Bulletproof (ANSCD-05) This time Antiscarp records from Finland brings you Snyper debut album "Bulletproof". After several web releases "Bulletproof" is a manifesto of the diversity Snyper stands for, a blend of tempos and styles, listening music rooted firmly in dance music, with the consistent dirty yet clean production quality he is known for. One of the originators of free outlaw forest-parties in Finland surely knows the style you all been waiting for. 2009 will prove to be an even more interesting year as the album finds its way to listeners worldwide. An album-release tour is to be expected.Enjoy! tracklist: 1. Stoneheart (Intro) 2. Payload 3. Lullaby 4. Chinga La Bamba 5. Beach Bondage 6. Offline Clip 7. Stadifunk Rmx 8. Sona 9. Herostuff 10. No Problem 11. Hot On Wheels 12. Cut Me Loose OUT NOW!!! More information: http://www.antiscarp.com/ANSCD-05.html Snyper - Bulletproof available at New easy-to-use Antiscarp Webshop !!! check more at: Antiscarp Webshop http://www.antiscarp.com/catalog Worldwide Distribution by Saiko Sounds http://www.saikosounds.com Antiscarp Records http://www.antiscarp.com Freestyle Psysounds & Dancefloor Pumping Beats
  15. V/A Garlic Shake (ANSCD-04) Fresh compilation cd from Antiscarp Records is OUT NOW! more information about V/A Garlic Shake @ www.antiscarp.com Order Garlic Shake from Antiscarp Records Webshop Disribution by Saiko Sounds Also check official retailers Compilation will be also digitally released 24.october.2008 on download stores like Goatracks, Beatport, iTunes, + many other download stores
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