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  1. Label: Chillcode Music Artist: Galaxy Title: Everlasting Tone Cat.No: ChillCD013 Release: September 2010 Barcode: 4250250401249 Style: Ambient/Chillout//Downbeat/Lounge Format: CD Tracklisting: 1. Everlasting Tone 2. Introspection 3. Where the Elements Meet 4. Including This 5. Flight Of The Phoenix 6. Subharmonic 7. Toksin 8. Insine 9. Walking On Clouds 10. Highlight Diver 11. Wavemode Galaxy is the chillout and downtempo project of Boris Blenn, the German composer behind psy-trance project Electric Universe. With his fourth Galaxy album he produced an absolute brilliant album, an ambient music milestone, a true chillout classic. This album is a goldmine and has the potential of becoming one of your most favorite albums ever! It's a splendid, richly-textured, fascinating melodic excursion where classic ambient landscapes are enriched with absolutely gorgeous and mesmerizing melodies. Think of it a kind a slow-mo space ambient for armchair traveling ... an incredible, deeply impressive acoustic journey that's worth taking many times over. This album is definitely a true chillout classic ... a big star on ambient sky! The previous album "Science of Ecstasy" on Chillcode Music made number 1 on the Deutsche Chillout Chart within weeks of release and remained on top for three months Soon on Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/chi/chi1cd013.html --- Review from Mike G. from "Ambient Music Guide", also Moderator of the Radioshows "Chillzone" on 96.9 FM Sydney and "Ultima Thule" 102.5 FM Sydney about the previous album "Science Of Ecstasy" CHILLCD002 on Chillcode: This all-instrumental opus is nothing less than one of the best electronic albums of its kind released in the past 30 years. This is a pure form of 21st century spacemusic, a psychedelic strand of electronica that can be traced to late-60's Pink Floyd and several of the Krautrock pioneers of the following decade. It made number 1 on the Deutsche Chillout Chart within weeks of release.
  2. The releasedate for the Zero Cult album is in a few days on the 26th July Available at Psyshop.com: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/chi/chi1cd012.html Dont miss it!
  3. Label: Chillcode Music Artist: Zero Cult Title: Where Rivers Have No Name Cat.No: ChillCD012 Release: July 2010 Barcode: 4250250403694 Style: Ambient/Chillout//Downbeat/Lounge Format: CD Distribution: Psyshop Tracklisting: 1. City Voices 2. Where rivers have no name 3. Dont look back 4. The sea and the rain 5. Eve of Morning 6. Orange Mood 7. Missing Polarity 8. Cosmophobia 9. Insight Chillcode Music proudly presents the new long-awaited Zero Cult album ... here comes the new album from the israelian artist zero cult who has released already three successful albums before on the greek label Cosmicleaf Records. The 4th studio album on Chillcode Music is an amazing, chilled and mellow journey through gorgeous atmospheric ambient landscapes. unique, warm, deep and colourful ambient and downbeat. A fascinating collection of nine brandnew, high class chillout tracks, dont miss it! http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/chi/chi1cd012.html
  4. We reprinted Galaxy - Science Of Ecstasy - CHILLCD002! It will be available in a few weeks on Psyshop and a bit later on the other platforms. If someone is in a hurry ... we have already a few copies in the office so you can order direct from us.
  5. Preview and soundsamples already available on psyshop.com ! http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/chi/chi1cd010.html
  6. Label: Chillcode Music Artist: Kuba Title: How The Future Sounded Cat.No: ChillCD010 Release: June 2008 Barcode: 4250250401249 Style: Ambient/Chillout//Downbeat/Lounge Format: CD Tracklisting: 1. Freak Controle 2. Stop That 3. Shining Rage 4. Something To Say 5. How The Future Sounded 6. Kailash 7. Thousands Of Armys 8. Give It Time (Indian Summer Mix) 9. But Your Dreams May Not 10.Moksha 11.Try To Forget 12.Wood Is Good Here comes the follower of the extremely successfull first Kuba album on Chillcode ... Multitalented UK artist Kuba presents more of his unbelievable musical diversify. This album is fresh, innovative and a good deal more bold and experimental. The result is an excellent and outstanding production! A wonderful, multicoloured and experimental mix of high qualtity chillout and n dub music as its best! Another Kuba classic, perfect chillout music music for the coming summer! Enjoy!
  7. dear friends and mediapartners, we proudly announce that our new release "kuba - through a lense" entered position 6 of the german chillout charts in march 2008 ... click here to see detailed informations : http://www.dcoc.de/album.php thank you all for the support! :-) thomas
  8. "Chiller Vol. 1" has topped the German Chillout Charts in Dezember 2007 today! Position 1 ! Click here to view the charts: http://www.dcoc.de/album.php
  9. The Kuba album have been released before a few minutes! http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/chi/chi1cd009.html Enjoy!
  10. "Chiller" has entered Position 2 of the German Chillout Charts November 2007 (DCOC) yesterday! Click here to view the charts: http://www.dcoc.de/album.php
  11. The release preview is finally online, click here for details: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/chi/chi1cd009.html
  12. "Chiller" have been released before a few minutes :posford: Click: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/chi/chi1cd008.html
  13. We┬┤ll show it very soon ... in a few days. Its shocking beauty art!
  14. Kuba - Thru A Lense - CHILLCD009 Chillcode Music Label: Chillcode Music Artist: Kuba Title: Thru A Lense Cat.No: ChillCD009 Release: October 2007 Barcode: 4250250400853 Style: Ambient/Chillout//Downbeat/Lounge Format: CD Tracklisting: 1. Doves On My Window 2. Young Leaves Flutter Faster 3. 2 Say Goodbye 4. Cruze Controle 5. My Snitchcomron 6. Blind 7. Lifes A Beautiful Beach 8. The Road To Find Out 9. Dawn Chorus 10. Through a Lense 11. Drop The Pain 12. Us In 50 Years The long awaited 2nd album from kuba is completed ... and the result is exceeding all expectations. Kuba is back. Back, better than ever with an abolutely gorgeous album. Colourful, tropical, organic and ethnic chillout in the typical inimitable and unique Kuba style ... fresh, positive, high quality chillout music at the highest stage. This album is another highlight in the Chillcode release series and have enough potential to become a true chillout classic.
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