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    Metal,Goa/Psytrance, Guitarplaying,Producing,
    Motorcycles,good partys,Woman,Astrophysics,Sience,my 2cats-the psycotwins(did ya ever wonder why they can stare at ya for hours without any reason?).All a man needs to be happy....i guess....
  1. https://youtu.be/lFFshVFo73k This is brutal and heavy as fuck......
  2. Yeaah, I am total with you. To mention some of my faves, Relativ Avalon Sonic Entity make me headbanging the same way like Metal does.Cheers
  3. Man, and I really thought the Metal Scene with it's many many more Subgenres is having some problems when it comes to classify paticiular substyles.Now I know better.Can please anyone explain me why and what is goin' on when ''Full on'' enters the game?I don't get it.Yes, I am a Metalhead ever since, but Psytrance is the only other style of music that drives me total insane like Metal does.I really love that stuff, but I never put any thoughts on what specific style I prefer most.Cause who the hell cares?I always knew all startet with Goa, I was around in the 90',but I always called that whole genre Psytrance, just to keep it simple for me.Honestly I never knew which Style I loved the most cause I even didn't know about all those classifications within that genre.And if I had known, what difference would that have made for me?None.What sounds good to me sounds good.Period.Today I know ( and I hope I am right), that this modern or new Full on Style is that one wich always blows me when I hear it.For me, that is no surprise 'cause that kind of music has got so much in common with Metal, just done with other instruments.It's heavy, it's brutal, often dark and evil, you name it.And there are absolute no 'cheesy' things to hear.Must be something else.The word Full-on explains itself, and so this is the Metal within Psytrance.Simple or?It's funny to see people going wild wenn it comes to talk about different styles and stuff.Makes no sense to me at all.But it's very entertaining.Com on, it's just music.The best thing ever.There is no right or wrong.And anyone who has those borders in mind is somehow 'cheesy#???I don't know and I don't give a fuck.There is no 'the best music' but Metal.....(lol).....Have fun, life is short.Cheers.
  4. I always discover some new stuff I didn't know before.And a good Set is like writing a good song.There is always an idea behind it.
  5. Avalon Imaginarium/Sonic entity Electric universe E-clip Vertical Mode Sonic Species Ovnimoon Outsiders
  6. https://youtu.be/tR6SakBckUo Electric universe-Quasar
  7. Man, how can I put a video into my post?Ì don't get it.
  8. Yes.I really like this kind of dark and hidden evil atmosphere.The sound at all could have a bit more punch.But it's a n <iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/tR6SakBckUo"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> ice one.8/10
  9. My perseption on the new album is like:The way he combiened all essential psy and goaparts really good music requiers, is almost perfect.The sound is unbelievable powerfull and strong while any single instrument or sound is absolutely well balanced to each other.It took me from the first note without releasing me until the very end.All songs are great on their own, and together they tell a great psycodelic story.In my eyes, that release was the absolute highlight in 2013.With that masterpiece of psytrance I think he'd put the music to a higher level.And i guess that was the only logical possibility for this music to envolve.Without any doubt, that leads us into the future of psytrance.And this is great cause i think a new age of psytrance begins right now.And there will be no longer much space for all that damn cheesy shit the music had to struggle with in the past.Nowadays there are so many young and talented musicians out there, and i believe most of them will push the psytrance into the right direction.I am looking forward and i'm kind of excited for all the music to come in the next years.
  10. For really heavy atmospheric mindblowing experience try those: Ovnimoon - Transmutation of the mind Artifact 303 - Back to space Elegy - Imaginarium Ascent - Secret place Sonic Species - Unleash the beat
  11. All is fine and i got the weekend to come...

  12. http://youtu.be/jPEF14Vt6AY I really love the neverending powerfull atmosphere within that song!
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