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  1. Apsara Festival is an underground festival dedicated to all forms of old school & modern goa-trance, somewhere deep in a Romanian forest! We can write a lot of promo talk here, but well, persuade yourself and type "Apsara 2018" on youtube. Watch the movies and you will see where this is all about! Nature, Unity, Goa-trance, Sunshine, Smiles and Happiness, far away from normal society! Main Valley line up: Producer sets/live acts: *** Afgin *** (Suntrip Records) - Israel *** Antares *** (Suntrip Records) - Belgium *** Artifact303*** (Suntrip Records) - Romania
  2. We tried so hard for Apsara... it didnt work out
  3. Dear Suntrippers! You are in this list because you ordered music of us in the past! If you don't want this mail anymore, just reply with "NO" 1.) New release: Hypnoxock 2.) New T-shirts and restocks 3.) Future releases 4.) Apsara Festival ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.) After the success of the 90s only album of MFG, the first release on Suntrip Records in 2020 is Hypnoxock - Beyond the Wormhole! This is his 6th album, and he delivers a perfect blend between goa-trance an
  4. A few weekends ago, we played a 3 hours set from 5 till 8 on Old is Gold in Belgium ! Expect powerful old school goa & acid trance, spiced up with excursions into old trance & rave! 1. Dreamweaver - Vishnu (Classic Goa Trax - 2019) 2. Etnica - Asian Code 7 (DAT Records - 2018) 3. Denshi Danshi - Southern Sign (Goalogique Records - 2014) 4. Cybernaut - Hydrophonix (Magick Eye Records - 1998) 5. Moonweed - Telepath Remix (Javelin - 1996) 6. Guidance - The Earth (Rumour Records - 2000) 7. Kai Tracid - Trance & Acid (Tracid Traxxx - 2002) 8. Bassline Baby - Altered
  5. Hypnoxock is Victor SolSona from Bacelona. And he's no newcomer: he has made the dancefloors jump for more than 10 years and has already released with plenty of labels! "Beyond The wormhole" is his 6th album, and he delivers a perfect blend between goa-trance and more modern psy-trance sounds with funky touches! 1. Personal Matrix 2. Wormhole 3. Big Crunch 4. Etnica - Microdrive (Hypnoxock Remix) 5. Gravitational Isolation 6. Heaven Can't Wait 7. Doubling Time 8. The Choice is Yours 9. Mutant Zone https://www.suntriprecords.com/shop/ https://suntriprecord
  6. I think I will be there, hehe Anyway, I hope to see many psynews-ers out there! Would be nice to gather the full old school crew... For sure the line up is attractive for people into that sound!
  7. Important update for all goa-lovers, producers and friends of producers! We have some interesting updates with Suntrip! We are working on 3, yes 3 new compilations! The first compilation is one with only 90s classic artists, making a real (new) goa-track for us! For now we have already some nice names comfirmed: Shakta, Oforia, MFG & Shidapu! More to come We hope to be finished by the summer The second one will be a real, typical Suntrip compilation: only the BEST modern goa-trance! So if you have promos, you can always send them on info@suntriprecords.com or send them to
  8. Like usual... Search and you will find I think 2019 was a REALLY good year music wise, much better as many years before... the times of only melodic new goa trance is definately over!
  9. Great music!!!! I listened 2 times and was completely into it
  10. Oh God, it only gives me the feeling i am old... i truly started young with this music
  11. Too early man, I'm still rating my releases! But I'm pretty sure Psylent Buddhi will get the highest score... the rest, lets see later
  12. The date is SO wrong, I would have done ALL to go there, but its exactly during exams
  13. Well, good question We can do the digital deals as well, but for that, write me in PM
  14. Released! Together with a lot of new special deals on the Suntrip site! Time for X-mas presents? https://www.suntriprecords.com/shop/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/
  15. ok, I never knew that... Sorry! So yes, for the next 3 days the samples only on the Suntrip website and our soundcloud!
  16. https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/track/pure-energy Can you enter this page and listen or not? As I can (but I made the page, so maybe thats why)
  17. True, but I think you can hear full tracks on bandcamp? If you click on the tracks itself you can hear them full
  18. This is the most succesful pre-order album we had untill now Thanks for all this blind trust! we hope it won't dissapoint!
  19. Actually, the reason why Psylent Buddhi never got any real praise is because his music was made at the wrong moment... These tracks were all created between 1997-2003. And when they were send to labels, there were no goa-trance labels left. Actually, it got a bit of praise because of psynews! He posted some of the tracks here and they became kind of legendary, that is exactly the reason why we went after him to re-release... His email was still the same as the one he used for registering here But yes, I agree, Convergent Images and Moksha are for me among the best tracks ever made!
  20. MFG aka Aharon Segal & Guy Zukrel need no introduction. Since the early days of goa-trance, this magical duo is spreading their Message From God! After more then a decade, Aharon Segal returned in 2019 to the goa-trance scene! Going through their old DAT tapes the duo discovered some long hidden gems. To celebrate MFG’s reunion in full force, Suntrip & MFG teamed up to release a compilation of those unreleased 90’s tracks, early versions, remixes & rare tracks…. MFG - Pure Energy tracklist: 1. New Kind of World Intro 2. Why (Demo Version) 3. Dark Horizon 4. Pure Ener
  21. Nice, you were a bit addicted after that Anyway, its on youtube as well now (but please, buy if you like!)
  22. Like all of you, I keep reading psynews, but I am brainfucked by other social media indeed... Somehow not posting too much, lets try to change that!
  23. Dear Suntrippy goa-trance lovers! 4 Years after their debut, we finally released the second album of Celestial Intelligence, Incandescent!! Their music is all about... melodies! Spiralling, euphoric, harmonic, morning-goa-trance to bone! Enjoy and please support the artist if you like the music!! <3 https://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD54/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/incandescent
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