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    Ah nice so i guess i didnt miss too much afterall!! Thanks..Appreciate it!! And so does my wallet!!
  2. Ok, so i just bought and listened to the Filteria -sky input album and v/a-apsara from suntrip records, and what do i hear!!! ??? Brilliant goa sounds which i thought went lost years ago!!!! Ok, i have been lazy!! So now what im asking is this, what have i missed of this fresh out of a baby's ass goatrance like the ones i mentioned above? I really need to freshen up my oldshool collection if there's more music like this out there! (((????))) Have Fun In The Sun!
  3. Schlab007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also check out the new compilation from Manic Dragon - Multiple Personalities But there's soo much more! ---------> www.dejavushop.biz
  4. I would just like to add that the "outro" of DuckOff-Mozart Firefox is also just brilliant!!
  5. FrO

    Goa Gil

    I would definately go see him any chance i get!!! If you are a fan of the more darker twisted sinister psychedelic trance you should get a perfect dose...
  6. you better screw your heads on real tight for this one!!
  7. Top 5: Derango-Mushy Mystery OceLoT-Turn it up Polyphonia-Other Reality Procs-Jerry Här är din främtid Atishoo-Evolution Bonus tracks worth to mention: Pondscum-Output 1-2 Rmx Kemic Al - Smigle Derango-Implosions OhmGnome-Step away from the dwarf Procs-Aghast I could go on forever but i think theese tracks has done the most damage to my head!
  8. Thievery Corporation -The Richest Man In Babylon Hallucinogen In Dub Shpongle -Are you shpongled ? Pleiadians - I.F.O Hallucinogen - Twisted Prana - Psycloned Psyside-First Contact Grapes of Wrath & Meteloids - Tits On Fire Alot of others is worth to mention ,but not perfect.,so im not going to! Anyhow ,theese came out from the top of my head that i think is a perfect album "FOR ME" ... As for non electronic music the list is long so i'll just stick with theese for the moment! Cheers..
  9. this is funny... dejavu just updated their website, and to all our pleasure i see he has an upcoming track releasing soon on a new compilation. Psykovsky vs Deja vu - Only love (we will take) www.dejavurecords.com Cheers...
  10. Ok you want to check out theese labels... http://www.sanatonrecords.com >>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.nabi-records.com > psychiatric hospital ahead http://www.parvati-records.com >>para halu album very soon!! http://www.devilsmindrecords.org >> Debut release very soon.. Devilish music... http://dropout-productions.org >> Alien FM!!!! http://www.mistressofevil.com >> Heavy music indeeeed. v/a-Karmageddon (avatar records) has some serious Evil tracks! Be sure to check it out! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Cheers...
  11. Hehe... Weird Is Good!!! Oh and be sure to check out all Danish Aarhus music, twisted stuff indeed!! Grapes Of Wrath, Meteloids,Jahbo,Mussy Moody, +++ www.moesgaardmen.dk Enjoy! Stay Twisted!
  12. I have some dark homemade mixes if you would like.. just let me know..
  13. Psykovsky is an exeptional producer ..... I hear his live sets intend to be a bit too much for people around the world! hehe.. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar OUT! This is exactly what i've been dying to hear for many years now! Hopefully i will be able to catch his live set one day. I heard a roumor that the psykovsky project has seen it's last days, anybody know anything about this? I think the closest you will come to this kinda experimental style is like someone mentioned above : CPC and Procs.. Btw.. check out Cpc-Ueber Den Angst album (Deja Vu Rec) you will find tracks there that is quite similar to some of psykovsky's work. Cheers...
  14. Banoix - R2 D2 v/a-tales from the forest (spirit zone 2001)
  15. FrO

    V/A - Boldly Audio

    A true masterpiece from sweeden. By far the best stuff i have heard this year! Its hard to pick a favorite track here because all tracks is unique and special in its own way! GO BUY IT!!!!>>>www.sanatonrecords.com
  16. Its Mushy Mystery for me, no doudt... Theres few compilations where i actually love all tracks.. This time Trishula really did it!!!
  17. Kemic Al Claw Savage Madness Kerosene Club and the list goes on
  18. FrO

    Ned Flanders?

    Derang-Secret Suroundings>>Best Track Of 2004 in my oppinion!!!!
  19. Zik Matutero Horror Place Psykosvky Infect Insect Kemic Al Para Halu
  20. Best of luck Aldo... I know you will hit some spots with this one!!!
  21. Buy this compilation.... Best v/a of 2004 (so far) in my oppinion
  22. FrO


    No releases yet from theese projects of Zik/Matutero/Horror Place/Andrenal Glands you might find this useful http://www.goatrance.nl/artistinfo/view.php?id=1081173575 Killer artist indeed.... Cant wait for the Horror Place-7 Rooms
  23. I will be happy to pay 27$ for the next v/a too from Nabi Records!!! Just my cup of tea!
  24. Prodigy-Vodoo People (sienis rmx)
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