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  1. like said above its good production and well made , but nothing special imho that goes for highcosmos and cosmo aswell... i would go for mubali if you have to choose...
  2. v/a-Trauma Trance (mistress of evil rec)
  3. Dark Industrial Melodic Trance: Ghreg on earth-Sigilweaver
  4. Bare with me as I try to express how I feel about the compilation.... 1#Tsabeat & Optical Human We start off with Tsabeat&Optical Human - Madbeat, and get a "little" sense of whats coming up during the next hour!A pretty decent track with a madbeat for sure, but it didnt quite didnt catch my attention compared to the other tracks featured on this compilation! Maybe I need to listen more ? 2#Quasar-Brief Psychotic Disorder Quasar is picking it up from here, and taking it up a notch causing brief psychotic disorders in 150 beats per minute!Every time I hear a new track from Quasar I get blown away by the hyper drumrolls and twisted melodies often heard in his music. Funny and psychedelic as allways, exelent track! 3#Alien Mental-Sychoshift Are you ready for Alien Mental ? Well after probably a hundred listens ,if not even more, I have come to the conclusion that this has to be my favorite track on the compilation! The flow of funny sounds and hard leads fits very nice together imo,and the powerful bassline doesnt make it less lovable!! About the recycling of samples, I dont mind at all, I find it quite refreshing to hear one of the coolest samples ever used being recycled like this in such a mental track! 4#Amanda-Meltdown Sequence Initiation Ever since Amanda's first track on Lhiannon Sidhe ive been nothing but curious of what else she had up here sleeve, and no surprise here, this is by far even crazier than expected! Extremely deep and mirky bassline rolling away in 150bpm, sounds to shake and stir you up emotionally, a rather hypnotic and traumatic track!Personally I really really really like it, but can understand that this could be a bit too much for some people! Meltdown Sequence Initiation Complete! 5#Horror Place-Children Of The Night Horror Place is another project by Zik/Matutero and the keyword here is "Spooky"... The tweaked out evil sounds in Children of the night suits the trackname perfect ,loads of creepy samples manipulated in a way to give anyone the shivers,and offcourse a very powerful 150bpm bassline to back it all up with drummrolls going up, down sideways and whatnot! A very tasteful and original track! The upcoming album makes me wonder what the hell we are in for, but anyways , im prepared ! 6#Xyla-Cyrene's Ghost Xyla's debut release was like a breath of fresh air to me, and im glad there is more female producers writing disturbing music like this! We are now cruising in 147bpm with rumbling bassline somewhat similar to the metallaxis style heard lately! Metallic and traumatic noize flows thru the entire track with a lighter melody on top which makes it a little easyer to swallow!Im really looking forward to hear more from Xyla and the Xylamanda project! 7#Ghreg On Earth-Unrealized Reality Next up is Ghreg on Earth, and if you havent gotten enough from his recent album Sigilweaver here's more goodies to digest! I find Ghregs music highly professional and well composed,not like everything else on any other menu.Like most of his previous tracks released we get here also Industrial ,psychedelic and techy sounds with dark melodies .very trippy and hypnotic, maybe a little slow compared to the rest of the tracks here, but still very very good! 8#Mandrugorrah-Lulla Bye Mandrugorrah is a sideproject of the hungarians Para Halu, and this is a nice way to finnish the traumatic experience we have just been thru, non the less this track is probably more crazy than all the other ones put toghether and that should say most of it! Bloody overdrive , pounding beat and disturbing sounds pushes the limits to what we can call psytrance or traumatrance in that matter! But all in all a sweet Lullabye track for late nights,it will be interesting to hear more from the Mandrogorrah project in the future! So okay , In my oppinion this is possibly the coolest compilation released in 2005! I see some people find this a bit too hardcore ? Well, for me Im glad something like this finally happend, and that the M.o.E gals had the balls to put it out there for all of us to enjoy! Its not everyday we get music like this released, but I feel this is a new day so im quite exited to see whats coming the following months and year! I had some time to properly digest this compilation, and it has rarely left my cd player since I got it! It has been an intense listening experience from beginning till now, and the more I listen the more I love it! Fun ,disturbing and psychedelic traumatrance from the sunny westcoast! Keep it up M.o.E , this brings true meaning to high quality underground ! Favorites: 2, 3(!!!), 4(!!!), 5(!!), 6(!!), 7, 8 Love&Light Frode
  5. Look out for 3 new Catatonic Despair tracks coming soon on Nabi Records' new compilation v/a- Deep Mental Trauma! Catatonic Despair - Skin & Salt - 148 bpm Catatonic Despair - Flicker - 148 bpm Catatonic Despair - Rusty Edge - 148 bpm Higher Tempo
  6. The Pressing By Sony India didnt go as planned, so the overall quality of this compilation is rather poor, several tracks has missing outros and the volume is way below normal! Sony india is fully responsable for this , mastering by chromatone is exelent and the original master copy is just as it should be! I was told next time will not be a failure! The highcosmos album was also with errors and they had to do a repress! Otherwise a very nice compilation,
  7. Oh man this is so friggin good theres no words to describe! So grab your creditcard and go buy it!
  8. Here is a few twisted tracks i really really like Scozbor-Its all goa to me Scozbor-sliplines Scozbor-Normal drugtaking Pseudo Stereo-Move on Duckoff-Mozart Firefox ++
  9. And here's a permanent download location!! http://dalien.mati-zemlya.net/Alter%20Egon...error%20Mix.mp3
  10. Psykovsky Pondscum Psyside (first contact album) derango ++++
  11. Im glad you enjoyed it! I use denon cd players and pioneer mixer!
  12. Mainframe Terror Tracklist ------------------------------- scozbor-sliplines (devic craft rec) pseudo stereo-move on (demontea rec) gow-24hours full power (dejavu rec) kinjahjah-what has begun cannot (parvati rec) mussy moody-megnetic fx (parvati rec) dronebixie-zo moth (trishula rec) hokus pokus-zimzalabim (parvati rec) duckoff-we are closed (manic dragon rec) zyzygy-zodiac (sanaton rec) derango-secret suroundings (gi'wa productions ) gow-lir (apoxina rec) highcosmos-rimming (right now music) metallaxis -noise reduction (trishula rec) scozbor-its all goa to me (devic craft rec)
  13. Its no problem, ill post the tracklist when get back home from work.. I just wanted to see if it was requested before i post it!
  14. Twisted Sounds I thought i'd share a recent mix i did.. A permanent download location will be available a little later on if requested... http://s40.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=32GVM87...0L3L614G0GSIKSQ Music from: Scozbor Psueudo Stereo Grapes of Wrath Kinjahjah Dronebixie Hokus Pokus Duckoff Syzygy Derango Metalaxis and more... Want Full tracklist? jusd send me a msg:) Enjoy
  15. FrO


    wirikuta is all great people and very service friendly! However.. i was thinking exactly the same and i ordered va-refused about 9 days ago now and i still havent seen it.. also the same with derango i ordered from wirikuta the other day.. so i hope it will arrive sooner or i might have to go back to psyshop... I simply cant wait 1-2 weeks for a cd to get delivered! Lets Haul Assss
  16. I feel there is mixed experiences with the dejavu shop... I have ordered 2 times in the last period. Both times i had to request a confirmation email because i did not get it until i asked. They replied both times and both shipments arrived after 6-7 days. Now their website in not online so i dont know whats going on with them but iknow my friend has been waiting for a cd for about 3 weeks that has not arrived yet and email has not been replied. just my 2 cents...
  17. I really really really love this one from parvati!! Top notch! After psychedelically yours 3 this is a long awaited taste of Aarhus heaven! hmmm...Snap Crackle&Pop -Where is the pop , Red i jedeye-mind Expansions and Strangers-Moruka just didnt do it for me... But after reading all the positive comments about theese tracks i might have to give them another chance... Favorite moments: MUSSY MOODY-Magnettic FX Hokus Pokus – Zim Zalabim Jahbo – Chronic Mnemonic GRAPES OF WRATH-Goa til helvede KinJahJah – What Has Begun Cannot Be Stopped… DERANGO-The Arm
  18. FrO


    They are currently looking for new spaced out music for a new compilation.. I cant say anything else but i am a really exited about this..
  19. Dont trust saikosunds with their release dates, i saw a release date on this album a loooooong time ago.. way more than 2 months... possibly a year even! But now finally!! Woo hooo.....
  20. recieved my copy yesterday... from what i can tell so far is that penta is still penta!! cutting edge production and full of energy.. .... Theres a cpuple of tracks i didnt like, but i might change my mind after a few more rounds with funraiser.. so thumbs up for this anticipated release
  21. try Pizz Dozz - Another Side of the Hysteria http://www.dejavushop.biz/search_res.php?a...2&catid=1&id=55
  22. I think xenomorph did a good job in oslo sometime back with his combined live and dj set... I think i allmost swollowed my heart and spit it right back up there at some point (under the influence) .. Scary stuff indeed (from time to time).. .. did you attend that evening psytones? And i can mention 1 other person that has been able to actually scare me on the dancefloor under the influence... (i love the feeling) and his name is Captain Ifan Freakout! Enjoy
  23. Let me second that, Neuron Compost is da funkadelic psychedelic!! Fresh sounds to get jiggy to!! www.mikseri.net iknow there used to be several older tracks on his site on mikseri that is worth checking out , but IzILop Pop is a true classic imho!
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