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  1. Any feedback much appreciated. Download
  2. I've done a compilation album of my favorite chiptune artists, there's a couple of trancey tracks but mostly cracktros(crack music) Download "Absolute Chiptune"
  3. I love psydub Here's my favourites: Dream Lab - Suspicious Minds (Easily Embarrassed Remix) Gargoyles - Evil Do'ers International Observer - Welcome International Observer - Vale Bengali Kuba - Making U Sadly Kuba - Serious Bug Situation Kuba - Road To Find Out Kuba - Give it Time (Indian Summer Mix) Kuba - But Your Dreams May Not Ott - Scilly Automatic Pitch Black - South Of The Line RND - Morose Dub Shpongle - Around The World In A Tea Daze (Ott Remix) Umberfold - Neon Tetra Vibrasphere - Fuzzy Vibes Check out Easily Embarrassed - Idyllic Life album too, great album with a couple of great dub tracks.
  4. Erez Aizen Simon Posford Talpa James Newton Howard Vivaldi
  5. i know what you mean, i dont get this music either exept Dark Tranquillity - Character this album rocks ! (death metal ) i think i like it because there is some classical instruments in it and some melodies.
  6. Nirvana - Even if it is You (Skazi & Irritante Remix) hahahahah dis is killargh :''''D
  7. thats one ugly biatch you got on your avatar ormion !
  8. jarle

    Menog - Emotions !

    mmm mums ! i like this ! nice melodies, better than the first album
  9. i had this one before too, it's not infected mushroom maybe someone knows the real artist ?
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