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  1. So let's hope that Avatar will release it again soon ! That's fu**ing difficult to get this gem now... even in 1999 I didn't found it anywhere... Cross fingers ! Greg
  2. Yeah... I should have thought to Tandu "New aura" too !! Fantastic track ! Thank you guys for your help ! Any tracks to add to the list ? Greg
  3. Hi guys, Well, with the venue of Episode III, I thought that it would be a nice idea to list all the trance/goa/rave/house tracks that have been inspired by the Star Wars universe. That may be tracks using some melodies or some samples (or even some tracks that make you think about it). Does anyone have any suggestion to start the list ? Thank you all in advance. Greg
  4. Hi guys, I would like to know what the differences between the TIT version and the Transient one of the AP CD "Amen" Is the sleeve the same ? The track listing ? Thank you in advance. Greg
  5. Hi ! Well, for me it would be the 3 CD's: POF: Electro Psychedelic trance 1 (1998) (2 cd's) THE SOUND OF GAIA PARTY javelin 1995(mint condition) TRANS'PACT CHAP.2 1995 (mint condition) Please tell me the price of each. Thank you in advance. Greg (platigreg@wanadoo.fr)
  6. Hi ! Well, the "Big In Japan" remix is very good... but I'm a fan of Alphaville, so... Nevertheless, I would really like to have it in full-lenght. Please let me know. See you. Greg
  7. Hi Guys ! Well, all the advices are good. But I think it would be more easy to start with: - C major key : C - E - G - C minor key : C - D# - G From these two basic examples, you can build almost all the usual keys, simply by shifting the notes (eg D minor key : D - F# - A) And once you get all these, you can try to improve them to add more things. See you. Greg
  8. 10x for the fast repply Trolsk !! See you. Greg
  9. Hi ! Do you have any playlist of these mixes. Thanks. Greg
  10. Yeah... I almost cried when I first heard this tune (without knowing reason of the title). And now the tears are ready to go each time I listen to it. A real gemm ! See you. Greg
  11. Platigreg


    Yeah... And these guys really "play" in their live performances. When I saw them 4 years ago, I found them very "concentrated", but I discovered quickly that they often had their hands on the keyboards, and not only on the mouse+knobs !! It's much more "authentic" when musicians play some things See you Greg
  12. Platigreg


    NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.................... You're killing me Nick !!!!!! It's awesome man. Do you have more info (label, date) for any further release ? By the way, I'm happy to have posted my message yesterday. Your repply gave me shivers today, and now I'm sure that the light will come again ! Just be patient. 10x, 10x & 10x again Nick ! Greg PS: the psysurfeur site is pretty good !
  13. Platigreg


    Hi guys ! Well, for me MFG represents the best compromise between melody and technique... I mean, listen to "Overload" and the crazy melody... But I'm very sad that they split (at least it seems to... because no official anounce was ever made) because their last album (The Message) was an impressive evolution of their music. They represent the DEEP FEELINGS & CLIMAX group. For example, "Have a nice day" (which is my favorite) is building, and building, and building... and floating in suspension in the air... and then..... BBBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAMMMM !!!!!!!!!! The melody + the crazyness + the technique !!!!! Pure joy ! And they are also the masters of the transpositions (or key shift) : for example "Dark waters" & "! Well, I love them so much that I'm not pretty good in telling my fellings. Please come back, guys, please.... See you. Greg
  14. Hi ! For me it was 10 years ago, with the french radio program "TranceMax/Cybertrance"... The tunes ? Art Of Trance "Gloria" (Platipus) and some months later the Hallucinogen "Angelic particles..." I will never forget ! See you. Greg
  15. Hi, Early '95 for me. With Max (Fun Radio, France), THE MAN who did it for many goa fans in France ! The tunes ? Art Of Trance "Gloria" (Platipus) and later Hallucinogen "Angelic particles". See you. Greg
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