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  1. Vishnudata http://www.transylvania-calling.com/festival/musicians/vishnudata/ Tom Cosm http://www.transylvania-calling.com/festival/musicians/tom-cosm/ Sienis http://www.transylvania-calling.com/...icians/sienis/ and Zartrox http://www.transylvania-calling.com/...cians/zartrox/ added to the line-up! _________________
  2. Calamar Audio - http://www.transylvania-calling.com/fes ... mar-audio/ Makadam - http://www.transylvania-calling.com/fes ... d-tourist/ Naked Tourist - http://www.transylvania-calling.com/fes ... s/makadam/ Para Halu http://www.transylvania-calling.com/fes ... para-halu/ Confirmed @ Transylvania Calling 2011
  3. Eat Static LIVE @ Transylvania Calling 2011 °°^♥^°° CONFIRMED http://www.transylvania-calling.com/festival/musicians/eat-static/
  4. meanwhile following artists have been added to the line-up : Grouch / New Zealand http://www.transylvania-calling.com/...icians/grouch/ Farebi Jalebi / Australia http://www.transylvania-calling.com/...farebi-jalebi/ Opsy / Croatia http://www.transylvania-calling.com/...usicians/opsy/
  5. pre line-up is out, check it here : http://www.transylvania-calling.com/festival/musicians/ :-)
  6. The Transylvania Calling Festival is one of Romania´s premier outdoor alternative lifestyle, music and arts festivals. Promoting a strong ethos of unity, the festival – is about connecting people from all walks of life throughout the world. At TC you’ll find people from all communities and demographics, joined together by a shared desire to celebrate life and to learn and experience new things. Running for 7 days in August every 2 years, TC attracts around 2,000 people from all over Romania and the world with it’s unique blend of music, workshops, activities, performance art, market stalls and mouth-watering food on offer. Festival goers can expect to see over 100 artists across a multitude of music genres, including progressive trance, electro, house, breaks, dub and ambient. Featuring some of the freshest acts from around the world alongside Romania’s finest talent. A truly magical experience the Transylvania Calling Festival offers a chance to escape from the pressures in our day to day lives and connect with like minded people in a safe and truly awe inspiring natural environment. Set in a beautiful location under the clear blue summer sky. 7 days of Wonderland. The TC Village area combines a range of creative activities, dance, theatre discussion, conscious sound and the latest healing modalities to provide a place for growth and personal wellbeing. In an increasingly fast and demanding world, the TC Village is a place to nurture oneself, communicate ideas, find personal power and increase wellbeing. Offering a variety of multi concurrent holistic activities designed to expand the mind, awaken the spirit and heal the soul. Add to all this amazing décor, roving artistic performances and workshops on a massive range of topics your biggest difficulty over the weekend will be deciding what to do next. http://www.transylvania-calling.com/ Boom! 輝いて笑顔
  7. hello there, we are allways looking for occasions to create...so if you are interested in having us set up smth for your party, festival, gathering, eco village, retreat, island, club, garden etc....pls get in touch!! here some examples of our work: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=219&id=100000576004714&l=077e1a2681 feel free to add us as friend ! cheers!
  8. we offer a bus from the ozora festival site directly to the tc festival site! if your interested pls check the tc website travell section.
  9. hello, i am thinking about speaking to faries while listening to classical music. any tips?
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