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  1. too bad for me!supergroover you said :but i dont think i have seen you in any of those yet.. but i can be mistaken off course. do you know who i am my friend?:)i am not the real hujaboy:Pi just use his nick...
  2. i hope the dvd will include video pictures and stufa from full moon fetsival 2005 not only from full moon fetsival 2006 because i was at full moon festival 2005:)is the dvd going to include memories from fmf 2005?i hope yes...
  3. really?i cant smoke weed in public places in holland?i am very dissapointed.too bad.i heard that you can smoke free in holland in most places.you said only in parties,cofee shops and private locations?i hope this is not true.i have heard other things about holland but know you tell me that...
  4. i will work to hagen in a greek restaurant for a month.can you tell me if i can smoke free in hagen everywhere i want?o i will have problem if i do that?can i smoke weed in the restaurant free or is it forbidden ?i heard that marijuana is very cheap in holland and also that in some places you cant drink alchohol free but you can smoke weed free:)a little strange for me!anyone from holland or anyone who knows to answer my questions.i hope that i can smoke at work i mean in the greek restaurant without any problem...
  5. if i only stay for one night in sarleroi my friends how and where i can find marijuana?too difficult i think.damm i will come to belgium for first time in my life and i will be very dissapointed if i done smoke some belgium weed and the problem is that i will stay only for one night in sarleroui and the other day again back home
  6. so sarleroui isnt a good city?fuck!this town dont doesnt have "night life"?i will smoke weed if i find in the parks.i dont think that i will have problems with tha in saleroui!sarleroui is the mist fucked up city in belgium?what excactlyy do you mean my friend?are you from sarleroi o r do do you kow someone who lives in that town?
  7. i will stay in sarleroua for two nights and i want some informatios. can i find easily marijuana in belgium?is it legal or illegal?the situation is the same like in holland?i hope yes:)are there any cofee shops there?does belgium has good weed?i prefer marijuana because in my opinion marijuana has quality and nice taste.can i smoke free in the streets or i will have problems?i just want some gramms for me to smoke.i hope someone can help me especially someone from belgium and especially somenone from sarleroua if this is possible:)i think that the town spells sarleroua or something like that:
  8. in my opinion guys shakta- lepton head(deedrah rmx) belongs in this category
  9. this cd is one of the best ever released! it is part of my psychedelic education as an artists. Go get it now. Visitors and psyko disco RULES!!!!!!!!!
  10. hujaboy

    X-Dream - Irritant

    My favorite cd for 2002 so far. Griding tech-trance, a mixture between the old x-dream sound and the new techy,bit-crushery, industial german style.8/10
  11. Both trax are on my list of all time favorites!!! Ace of wands and beings from another world were "The new sound" of those years hahaha. Maximum respect!
  12. hujaboy

    Wizzy Noise - Cyclotron

    Nice one!!! good production good music!
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