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  1. some styles are not garbage but all those with no ideology or deepnes do suck a lot especially minimal everything
  2. ok. i mean GOA Sound... i mean u can see that something entered trance, it was transformed and deformated and then goans liked it. because if they liked europiantrance, they would have some trance there. they liked THIS sound which had no name and they'v named goa trance and which was taken by a little group of producers from where? << to know from where we should know who was emigrating in goa. to know who, we should know when.... some posts sayd that israeli soldiers story - is just a story about how goa became popular in israel (according to this post indians opened theyr country for israeli citizens in the middle of 90th, but thats not the truth, the truth iiiis that it happened in 1988)
  3. nice post but the topic is about GOA trance. i mean if people who lived in goa were offered a techno and "they din't know what to do with that music" so it became unpopular. The sound which after was named goa trance ENTERED goa from somewhere. and i don't get why it couldn't be just one group of nonpopular producers from ONE country.
  4. tell him that psytance has high pitch kick, different bassline, it's acidy, tripy, has absolutely different synth leads. (i'm not talking about stereomatic muhahaha) well about mental difference there is also second way which i often use. tell him if he wakes up in the morning on the good mood and sees the grass in the park he maybe can feel trance but not psychedelia :D
  5. haha i never meant to say that someone sayd: let there be goa trance, and there was goa trance but there should be some historical reasons some of which we know very well but some of them are still unknown for us. i;m not trying to search were first goa trance track was writen. i'm trying to know were the tendence came from. because if it was the end of 80th it could be the beging of 80 th too. because all we have is the middle 90 th. i mena that's something that needs to be known and we could exgange sme information or smth to reach the consnsus that's all mate qould you plz paste that interview or just link us to it?
  6. well we should know the origins of goa trance. some people say it was created by hippies in goa. others say israeli citizens were often going to goa (because they didn't want to go in army) the album i named u there is mostly REAL goa sound. i mean trance defenetly entered goa from europe. there was one country were probably a little group of artists were creating goa trance. probably this country had been israel. because first goa trance albums that i know appear in 92 or 93. 90 and 91 are not goa (as i know and what i know) there are some ambient and low bpm goa sound things, or just beat, bass and other things mixed with indian cultural or religious elements (mantras and et.c). BTW the TB303 and Juno-60 which made goa sounds were created in 82. that means goa trance was much earlyer and much more than we know. now the whole week while i have a vacation and can't go anywhere because of war in my country i'm gonna join some info and after 7 days i'm gonna post all the things i find out in this topic. tell us everything you know bout the old goa. middle of 80. now about electronic psychedelia, those are probably made with guitar effects. and it is impossable to have goa sound well if you tell us what's the album that would help. well i think there's much we don't know about music we listen to
  7. Well it's abut the end of 80s. from that time i know only one album with goa sound made in israel: A. B Kazes - Out Of Space Trance (89) what was playng on the psychedelic partyes in goa that time? where was that music created? is it logical t think that goa sound was made in israel and actualised in india?
  8. My favorite: rob papen albino i use it nearly for EVERYTHING but mostly it's very efective for psytrance leads and tripy backleads :drama:
  9. Creativity, Ideology, Sound, Structure.....and then quality
  10. well some tracks are better then ever but i think other albums were better. they kinda...changed style or smth
  11. lsd is the best track eve writen. simply deep
  12. the last track is very strange to me
  13. i have no musical background at all. but i make psytrance. at least i try to and some people do like it :drama:
  14. central proccesin' unit :posford: :posford: :posford: :posford: :posford: :posford: :posford: :posford: :posford: :posford: :up: :up: one of these days is supermegajaga killa too and best i like from pf is - carefull with that axe eugene
  15. 1. Hallucinogen - Twisted 2. cosmosis - cosmology 3. green nuns of the revolution - rock bitch mafia 4. the muses rapt - spiritual healing 5. pleiadians - i.f.o 6. The muses rapt - you 7. hallucinogen - the lone daranger 8. etnica - nitrox 9. pleiadians - family of light 10. eat static - implant
  16. well i think that's the best album from pleiadians. arpegiated melodic tripy goa - that's what i call that album. it's very different, different sound, diferent structure. Well it's in my top 10 too my post in "etnica - plastic" topic
  17. Hey thankz a lot! that post was very important to me!
  18. http://rapidshare.com/files/135971356/2kij...ods_of_hope.mp3 My new track. plz rate it, every single comment and suggestion are important to me also you can listen the track on my myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/2kijamusic thankz
  19. sure here: http://rapidshare.com/files/129815611/2kija_-_Sea_Battle.mp3
  20. thankz for listening, commenting and liking :posford:
  21. My new goa track, can be listened or downloaded from here: http://www.myspace.com/2kijamusic or http://rapidshare.com/files/129815611/2kija_-_Sea_Battle.mp3 leave your coments plz
  22. Try: xyla but i think it's more hard goa than dark one
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