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  1. HAPPY electro house woth psytrance bass i think even though it is becouse of comercial aims penta makes it jst for fun. it's mmm kinda...secondary project
  2. thankz for responding guys, i'v learned much from your posts.
  3. yes i'v heard indian population has a problem withp sytrance partyes well here it's ok about that, but noone likes psychedelic trance national problem lol sure, but that doesn't make change fiery down, otory (ananta records) but they don't try to promote themselfves here because it's realy stpid to do that
  4. what makes problems with cops? i guess the economic development is one of the main elements but other kinds of electronic music are well developed over here. for example idm: nikakoi, tba et.c are all geos
  5. well Im from Georgia where psytrance is not populised and psychedelic trance culture is not spread AT ALL. only few people listen to this music. tell us how it is in your countrey? how does psychedelic trance culture express itself in your countrey? in clubs and open air we'v got only MINIMAL TECH and breakbeat patyes here because making psytrance party is full madness. no one should come so tell us YOUR experiance, what made psyculture spread over there?
  6. well i like some dark from russia for example: cpc great project. i would call it...symphonic darkpsy but i don't like kindzdza what they make is not good to me. but i respect others thoughts and taste and advice all of u to do the same
  7. kindzadza is good movie and bad project btw the director and writer are georgians george danelia and revaz gabriadze p.s about astroschnautzer. good project! i love theyr music
  8. the muses rapt third eye eat static (but this one is out of mystic sounds) also Astralasia
  9. i think forrest psy is psytrance with much distortet space in it goa is kinda...more warm, more natural and often it's more tripy
  10. the ancient sounds of god is my favorite track! it's so mystic and distorted.
  11. both morphic resonances rule. it's a goa with a "progressive trip"
  12. i would call it progressive fullon just like : Kalyug - Digital Chamatkar (2007) both sound progressive an look like fullon. i mean the structure favorite track: psyched! p.s great album, gotta mention it
  13. i have no words but my post should be here
  14. 2kijad

    KURO - Revolution

    great album. i love it, especially - zoa 1996 an the remix of this track is good one too
  15. 2kijad

    Etnica - Plastic

    from this EP my favorite track is plastic, i like the way they arpegiate it's the same style as: pleiadians - maia. reminds me of a start of a very high trampline...and than both albums make ya fly
  16. 2kijad

    Cosmosis - Cosmology

    Afterglow and sanyacid are having same leads that make me go mad! gread album IMHO the best one from cosmosis
  17. thankz for comments! that's gonna make some changes to my next track
  18. nop my skills are not good, i'm kinda...begginer, but i'd like to hear your opinions. I'll be thankfull. that would help me improve
  19. http://rapidshare.com/files/125267320/2kij..._of_waiting.mp3 :drama:
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