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  1. very strange stuff. for esample first track in the end contains lfo leads which may be like vibe tribe leads in some way )) also Edward To The Rescue <<< this one sounded like vibe tribe to (in some way ) its different, not the "omg one more shit" album
  2. great album, very different sound without ruining the structure. like it.
  3. brave one about the album. cover is stupid. tracks are not very good. last album was better
  4. thanx indeed for listening to my music and for your opinion which really sounded positive :up:
  5. Thats a very cool compilation :up: i loke it a lot especially : 7. Taichi Masuda – Butcha Bassment (4:33) <<< ths one p.s თოკა საჯაროდ გიხდი ბოდიშს )))
  6. hey sorry for bad link http://rapidshare.com/files/208822829/2kij...rm_mountain.rar here you go :posford:
  7. Artist: 2kija Title: Free Form Mountain Type: Album Label: Alienzflight Url: psy.ge Genre: Psychedelic Style: ambient/goatrance/fullon/techno Tracks: 7 Size: 51.1 MB myspace: http://www.myspace.com/2kijamusic Tnaks to NUMB for cover Tracklist 1. Abortion 2. The Art of waiting 3. Birth 4. Free form mountain 5. god at home 6. Smth more than just you 7. while it goes around http://rapidshare.com/files/208822829/2kij...rm_mountain.rar :native: if you'd like u can copy it anywhere you want
  8. ჰა რას დაძვრები ჩემს პროფილში :D

  9. 2kijad

    Etnica - Nitrox

    when the fuck you gona get sick of that lousy technoshit
  10. i actually think <green ants> is the best track from all of those what this guy has done recharge is cool track too :yes: simply great and of course holi live is one of the best and the strangest track i'v ever listened :up:
  11. 2kijad

    Hara gobi !

    One of the best psychedelic trance project, it's not about quality or smth else. The hara gobi is the music that fully contains the ideology of psychedelic trance without anything else :drama:
  12. 2kijad

    Prana - Geomantik

    scrab is probably one of the best tracks i'v ever heard
  13. Hey guys! Check out my new project - eucalipt and the first track - Aja Tribe http://www.myspace.com/eucalipt
  14. well i think that's not the best album from this guy ... but that may be it's difference from the style i like - what makes me think so
  15. yeah that's right, i think it's because of the same level limiter on the all chanells i'm not very good at mastering i think i could handle it, but making a composition is some kind of pleasure for me and mastering process is like a work someone makes you to do thanks for comments. i'll try to make the next track truly mastered
  16. hey, check outmy new track you can download it from rpaidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/170453205/2kij...an_just_you.mp3 or listen on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/2kijamusic your comments are wellcome
  17. i think it's sound is mostly like the infected mushroom -- bombat but i'm not sure what's the other part is like. well just check it out: http://rapidshare.com/files/168092883/2kij...ostics.mp3.html your comments are wellcome :drama:
  18. nice one not the "omg" album
  19. i'm going to listen to it today :punk:
  20. hey check it out style: psytech/psybreaks/psydub et.c 1. Tripitaka - Mootawinjee 2. The infinity project - Mortioso 3. Talpa - The first ray of light 4. Star sounds orchestra - Aruna 5. Saafi brothers - Sweet Sirenes 6. James ripas - k ride 7. Etnica - Vega 8. Eat static - Invasion 9. Children of the bong - Polyphase download: Rapidshare
  21. thanx a lot mate, that "males voice" is mine. i'm gonna delete the first 4. maybe i'll add some psychedelic reverse distorted speech or smth thanks for suggestions
  22. smth mystic all kinds of comments are wellcome chechk it out: http://rapidshare.com/files/149028805/2kij...untain.mp3.html
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