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  1. Comments are welcome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHXypK3V88Y
  2. Event page on FB http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=145813942167722
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sITY6Bnv2fw
  4. I love Burial ill try others too. cheerz
  5. Question may seem to you a bit stupid because i dont hear a lot of dubstep but is there any which is realitvely more atmospheric?
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4yj4Gl-cEU
  7. We will go to the destination point by bus from Tbilisi, Georgia. If you have any questions please contact us on facebook or pm me. Some picz from the party place:
  8. good one. there is not much darkpsy in fact. sound to render the true essence of natural fractality blabla. BUT i would have said same about Enichkin. real Dark psy is yet to come.
  9. Sunshine Group presents. in the mountanious forest near Tbilisi, Georgia: 2kija – Freestyle Psychedelic ze – Psychedelic Trance Fluoro Wizard – Forest/Dark Psytrance Varsqeni – Spiritual Goa Obrigado – Dark Psychedelic Trance Eucalipt (2kija) – HiTekk/DarkPsy BigCrow – Morning Infest – Suomisoundi Bus will take you to the place (and back) Free food and hot coffeee included Price: 10 GEL ( 7 USD) meeting Place : 18 th of july, Tbilisi, Digomi district, Davit the builder statue (Davit agmashenebelis dzegli) Boom!
  10. style: ethno/ambient/goa/downtempo/psy/brrrr http://rapidshare.com/files/250189736/2kija_-_om.mp3
  11. 2kijad

    Lost city

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NnTKWN9HYI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nibg6eLRJrA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZfIEw_4VVo http://vimeo.com/4927373
  12. Thanks a lot :clapping: but what about accesories and psy art? `
  13. hey guyz. I'm gonna visit munich and berlin this week. Couldn't find out in google. could you ppl who live in those cityes tell me if there is any shop there where i could buy psychedelic closes, paintings, accesories et.c
  14. Sometimes i want to discuss psychedelic rock or psyfolk or other psychedelic music but dunno where to open the topic. it doent suit anywhere. Don't u thin psynews needs the forum like other <<psychedelic music>> or smth ( its logical as it alredy has the <<other electronic music>> forum ) it will enlarge the segment of forum btw. people who like psychedelic music but are not very fond of trance music gonna register here
  15. You know i like all of the albums. can't rate tham like: uh this one is not very good. but De-Classified is my favorite one. and if someone tald me to take all theyr albums with me and leave only one ofem i would leave Back to the earth
  16. Nice topic. I think that psychedelic trance is not kind of <<selfdeveloping>> thing,but on the other sude, it's like a tree which needs a conditions to be grown. guess psytrnace in portugal is popular due to goa being colony of portugal for many years. It's just an opinion. I mean weather there is psytrance scene or not depends on the culture. because psytrance is a culture itself. I don't think that the lot of icelandic or norvegian people would like the idea of being psytrancers, while Russia or ukraine or other postsoviet countreys BEING ON THE BORDER of the easter and western culture, can see psytrance as something that is like theyr own. I don't want to talk about why uk has so strong stage, because uk has always been (last 2 centuries (20-21)) as the center of the world music. About fineland and sweden, those guys created there own culture, we have suomisoundi and swedish trance which was the begining of progressive sound in psytrance culture, those guys are more individualistic, and in my very humble opinion - guys from ANOTHER CULTURE based on psychedelic trance culture, i'm not actually informed about what people listen on that peninsula but i guess that regular psytrance is less acceptable for them (i mean sweden and norway because finland has totally different culture and we could get them in the list of the guys being on the border of cultures) Germany has always been one of the best in every kind of electronic music but it could be explained more in a <<technological way>> than cultural. I guess eastern european countreys will form the best psytrance scene in the future and the western guys would transform on something nonpsy.
  17. Sunshine Group and Psy.ge presents Open Air party in mountains of "Lost City" 30.05.2009 Dear friends we invite to celebrate upcomming summer and open the season of open air parties in Georgia and dance all night with positive vibrations in magical place of "Lost City". It's time for your dreams to come true! 15 hours of non-stop psychedelia! In "Lost City" you will hear different styles of psychedelic music: goa/psy/forest/dark/suomi/fullon. Djs: Obrigado 2kija FluoRo WizaRd Varsqeni ॐ ze ॐ Justbeika* Yvava* *not yet confirmed Lost City is located in mountains about 15 km from Tbilisi, It's a former soviet city which used to be a children's holiday place, but now, having a crushed infrastructure - noone lives there. its probably the most mystical place i'v ever seen, seems like everyone left the city because of some kind of disaster or smth. The bus will transfer people to place. More info comming soon Party Place: Ticket Price: 15 GEL Tickets are limited! PM me to get one! City gates open @ 21:00 / closed 12:00 Contacts: +995 71 604 604 fluorowizard@gmail.com BOOM!
  18. Check out Solyaris, I think you'r gonna like it
  19. actually i didn't like it too much too i just mentioned it because the main idea of the film is the psy trip ))
  20. heya guyz check out this one : http://rapidshare.com/files/228457371/2kija_-_Lhasa.mp3 comments are welcome :posford:
  21. I just looked through the topics couldn't find none of those. The holy mountain Easy rider Hair The Trip let's talk about such movies and advice each other to wathc the films we think are the real psychedelic
  22. 2kijad


    nice soundtracks. especially dead can dance - host of seraphime
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