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  1. Just got a flyer today, pretty funny, though I probably didn't get it right cause it seems a bit "tilted".
  2. I loved the old Pleiadians, one of my favorite goa bands ever actually, but I think I'll skip this album, as I don't wanna ruin my view of them... Like many other bands, it seems they have jumped on the full on-trend. And I still ask the same question that I asked back in 2000: Why? WHY DID THE OLD GOA DIE? NP: MFG - Why
  3. Goblim

    S-range - Space

    S-range - Space Artist: S-range Title: Space Label: Spiral Trax Date: 2003 Track listing: 01. Ten 4 02. The One 03. Freak Out 04. Test Tones 05. Space 06. Ilha Bela 07. Star Alliance 08. Dimension Jump Review: Second album from S-Range. Before this album I didn't like S-Range and I didn?t enjoy his last album 2001 very much, thought it was quite boring and low quality. But after hearing SRange live in December where he played these new tracks I changed my mind. This is a very melodic album, some mixture between 2001 and melodic/morning
  4. Lime Structure. Track #1 I wouldn't call a real track; it's more like a long intro and it suits well as that. It's just preparing you, a beat every now and then; you can feel that something is coming. And at track #2 it does. A beat begins, and an already a melody in the background. It's soon replaced by a build-up though, a beat and some sounds. You can notice this very excellent production. A few almost not hear able and incomplete melodies are heard and at 02'42 there's a sample "This is about the ...great stuff" (I think) and a wonderful melody begins. The beat has stopped, and it’s
  5. V/A - The Delta Force Artist: Various Title: The Delta Force Label: Phonokol Date: 2003 Track listing: 01. Der Interpret : Wechselstorm 02. Authentic : Vampires 03. Spirallianz : Battlejuice 04. Midi Miliz : Aeromoda 05. X-Dream : Thorazin 06. The Delta : Low Level Format 07. The Delta : Send In Send Back (Atmos Rmx) 08. Midi Miliz : Intermediate 09. The Delta : Standby 10. G4 : The Final Conflict Review: I heard about this comp a long time ago, but only now it was released worldwide. That's maybe the reason that it has 4 already release
  6. Goblim

    Spirallianz - Stereopark

    This is a long awaited album from Spirallianz. Since their last album 'Blast Food', released 2½ years ago Spirallianz have only released three EPs - the Silver Edition series. Not to forget though, that we have seen a lot from their other projects - The Delta and Midi Miliz - Midi Miliz last album released only one month ago. With Stereopark Spirallianz continue their special style, often referred to as tech-trance. #1. Hide and Seek begins the journey restrained. You can just slightly hear an aggressive sound in the background. After three minutes it gets the upper hand, which makes me
  7. Goblim

    Dark Soho - Combustion

    How nice with some combustion in this arctic temperature. :-) Dark Soho sure have their unique style, full on / tech gothic trance. The ablum starts well with The New Age, there's a really nice melody 03:22 in the track, but unfortunely it doesn't last long. Why? DMISH (strange name) is a bit techno-like track aided by guitars. The 14th is the best track on the album but it's also already released (VA - Digital Tribe). It goes out hard and evolves to a real gothic stomper! Kerberos also starts techno-like until about half the track when the gothic strings comes in. Noise 6 is just... no
  8. Juno Reactor - Luciana Artist: Juno Reactor Title: Luciana Label: Inter-Modo Date: 1994 Track listing: 01. 61'33" Luciana Review: Probably the darkest album ever made. At least I can't imagine anything darker. This album tells us what it's like in HELL. Seriously. The album is only one track, 61 minutes long. A 61 minutes long bad trip. The music is something like dark ambient. No beats at all, but you can't say it's any melody either. My advice is, don't listen to the whole album, then you will probably want to kill yourself. But put this record on if
  9. Morphem - Ambrosia Remixes Artist: Morphem Title: Ambrosia Remixes Label: Zillion Mental Anarchie Date: 2002 Track listing: 01. 05'26" Ambrosia (AM Synaptik Rmx) 02. 08'43" Ambrosia (Prisoners Of the Sun Rmx) 03. 09'43" Ambrosia (Son Kite Rmx) 04. 07'05" Ambrosia (Bitcrusher Rmx) 05. 06'44" Ambrosia (Midi Miliz Rmx) Review: The well-known track from Morphem, Ambrosia is here remixed by 5 different acts. Well I guess it could be good to start with the original track (from Morphem's album Monitoring) so we know the source of this stuff. The original t
  10. This album Amen starts with the track Amen. Suits well as a first track, builds up good and have a good melody. Then it's Chaos, with a taking melody and groove, typical Astral style. Infinty Justice is a very melodic track, too much for me. Pure club trance. Nexus is faster (and better), builds up to a climax in about 4 minutes. Sticks and Stones begins with some indian (?) vocals and then reminds me of Life on Mars, no real melody, it leads nowhere. Techno Drome is a cool name and a dark track. Not much melody here either, but a driving good track. This track does not sound like the u
  11. This is the album of the year. I LOVE the track names and theme of this album! If you dont understand the track names, search for 1200 Mics at Saikosounds where they explain. All tracks have samples explaining something about the drug. The theme is kept through the whole album. There should be more albums like this one, with themes. Not compilations of some tracks by that artist... Anyway this album is full-on style. Evolving from the GMS and Alien Project sound, but this one has a little more melody. I hope melodies can become more common in psytrance, that's really a big part of a tra
  12. Evolution - Oscillating Phenomena Artist: Evolution Title: Oscillating Phenomena Label: High Society Date: 1996 Track listing: 01. 09'32" Riding High (Bullet 350 Mix) 02. 07'47" Fifth-Dimensional Craft 03. 07'53" Flower Of Life 04. 09'59" Water Spirit 05. 08'07" Genetic Engeneering 06. 06'38" Alien Phenomenon 07. 09'06" Warriors Of Light 08. 14'45" Akhunathon Review: Here's some old-school Goa/Acid Trance. Repetative bass and sounds, very much acid sounds and lots of melody. Already from the start you realize what kind of music this is bec
  13. I saw this album first in the Mushroom magazine, and I thought "Aztechno Dream", what a cool name, and I was glad to find out that it's a killer album aswell. Best album of 2002 so far, I must say! Together with GMS, this is the best full-on you'll find these days. But I like this album even more than the latest GMS album, because it has more melody and power. First track is actually the remix by Astrix, it's not the best track on the album, but still powerful. Track 2 (done with GMS) is very good, you'll notice GMS style here. Track 3 I like VERY much, it has a strange sound that sound
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