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  1. I love this new Entheogenic, my favorite to be honest.
  2. Try Entheogenic - Dialogue of the Speakers - you get the best of the top producers
  3. I am with SkeletonMan on this one, great release from Entheogenic. If you havent listened to their first two albums you should, both classics. This one is different from them but real great, if it werent for Entheogen spice I would give it a 10. 9/10 .
  4. so when will it be available in all the shops?
  5. Cant remember the track, was by Entheogenic in a movie about the first spanish explorer to Chile. .
  6. Dont know X-dream is New wave - Punk, full on, and they were just about the best, way better then most others. In their period.
  7. If you can hear the cover and see the music then it is the trippiest ever!!!
  8. Read somewhere it will be released 28 of march, not that close ;
  9. Cant find that album anywhere? Anybody, where can I find it?
  10. Yes, I am waiting too for the new Entheogenic album, hope it is good! :posford:
  11. Highly listenable album. Great work from all the artists featured. Tops my 2005 chill list. 9/10
  12. Entheogenic - Dialogue of the Speakers
  13. Btw one of my favorite albums in the moment 9/10
  14. And i would add Zero Plus great track !!!
  15. Very good chill compilation! All quality tracks my favorite probably is Altitudes : Altitude II 8/10
  16. VA. - Relaxed Journeys [Chill Tribe records] Very good chill compilation!
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