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  1. I you want to learn how synths work, I suggest you buy a midi controller and assign each knob on your softsynth to a knob on your midi controller. That would be a lot cheaper than buying a hardware synth The BCR2000 has a lot of knobs and is quite cheap too. Cheap second hand synths are: Roland Juno 106, Novation KS rack, Novation Nova, Nord Lead rack (already a little bit more expensive) Korg Poly 61(m), Korg Poly 800 etc. These are the only ones I can think of at the moment. If you really want to buy a hardware synth to learn basic (subtractive) synthesis, you should go for the Nova or KS rack. They'll fit your needs the most I think. The Nova even has FM possibilities, but they're a bit limited. But remember: once you go hardware, you'll never want to go back to software edit: if you REALLY want to learn synthesis, look for a Nord Modular You can find them for €500-700.
  2. It's ok, you can pm me edit: names of synths removed
  3. if you can speak dutch (english will do too i suppose) www.synthforum.nl what synth are you looking for? about the mwxt: do you know what's the best way to clean it? It's full of finger prints and dust... good luck with your search!
  4. hi you should consider the Saffire LE soundcard from Focusrite. I'm going to buy this one. I've read good stuff about it and it's not as expensive as the M-audio and Emu ones. What I've read too, is that M-audio doesn't always deliver high quality products. I myself have no experience with M-audio products whatsoever. If it comes to monitors, you should check out these ones: Samson Rubicon ...S-series Tapco S-series KRK RP-series Mackie HR-series Alesis M1 Active MKII These are all active monitors. Go to shop and take a cd with you. Listen to it on different monitors and buy those who you like most. Monitors are something you should buy the last, which means if you have a lot of money But the ones I mentioned are good for a while. edit: that pc has monsterspecs (compared to mine ) but you should have 2 hard disks: 1 for your projects etc and 1 for backups. But you have a DVD-writer, so it's not that necessary I suppose.
  5. hi spacer as far as i know, vst is the format of softsynths you use in cubase, logic, fl, reason etc and rtas in pro tools. with an vst to rtas convertor (or vst wrapper) you can run vst's in pro tools. rtas and vst softsynths work exactly the same way. you can see it as a word-document: you can save it as .doc or as .rtf. It are different extensions but it's the same document. I've heard that rtas is "better" than vst, but i'm not sure about this.
  6. I'm listening to it right now and I'm really liking it. Thanks for sharing
  7. true I got my MWXT for €343 (without shipping costs) If you want ethereal spacy pads, this is THE synth to have
  8. it has? tell me more! still a combination of hard and software
  9. I'm thinking of buying the Resonater from Frostwave but I have to save some money first. Could you tell me what a spring reverb is? I've heard about but I don't know what makes it different from "other" reverbs. Vermona seems to have one.
  10. huh? where have the other replies gone too?? weird
  11. @ reger: Well, I can't proove it's illegal. I know I downloaded it from a netlabel or something like that but I can say whatever I want to say right? I understand why moni locked the topic. I'll just have to do some research edit: there was a thread opened about the closure of the other thread?
  12. sorry, I'm not allowed to post mp3's
  13. 2 or 3 years ago I found a link to a website where you could download some acid trance / techno / house etc. I downloaded a few tracks of an album titled Atuiliqon Alchemy. Now I regret I didn't donwload the whole album 'cause I can't find the link anymore. 2 tracks on this album are: Mantis - Little grey subway Makara - Mantra I uploaded a track so you could ave a listen (wheep with me) Is there anyone on this forum who could help me? Please? Note: edited by moderator.
  14. good luck man I hope you can make your earnings this way. mustn't have been an easy decision...
  15. Hi Digi. That's very generous of you. Good karma +3!
  16. If you still have "Adham Shaikh - Journey To The Sun" I'ld like to buy it
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