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  1. ok man ill check it out seens like something else, and i means its not only laziness or not wanting to play directly the melody on the keyboard, i am lot more a guitar player myself.... but the idea and the sounds coming out from artificial inteligence , and creatiing this outter world riffs and leads id never could do by playing with my fingers on the keyboard.is great . is kinda the electronic beats and percussions sound so wicked differrent than live drumming and not so much becasuse of the sounds itself but on the 4 note polyphony restriction for real drrummers. but that doesnt mean i wont play anymore, or even learn the most i can every now and them, but right now i can combine as many methods to get the track kill right now, cause thats only thing i want allso lsd is good for choosing all ur sounds for track.. and weed is a great tool for mastering
  2. im loving the midi generator program hyperciclix is like an arpeggiator but on Lsd.. great also getting into something called generative music, which is something that isnt recorded neither live music is really cool concept,, imagine u could have ur favorite music, lets say ur favorite halluciogen trackm, but each time u listen to it on ur player from the future , the main mellodies always be different, but not that different... ur kids would go.. dad u used to listen to the same exact track every time???? im learning the program noatikl for this stuff,... i think is great or maybe i am too lazy to learn how to play.. well wateva i do play some melodies with one finger on each hand.. :drama: Ahhh and drugs are great for making music., crack makes great leads and heroin induces the best atmospheric pads ever,...
  4. all the synths and mixers or any outboard or soft gear wont be enough without proper monitoring, dont know whats ur case but anyway , even a good mix will sound weaker compared to commercial cds as said cause of the mastering-volume.. also what bit depth and sample rate u using?. try always mix and render in 32 bit floating. also the quality of the analog-digital converters is very important factor. as they say your sound is as good as the weaker link of ur signal chain. hope that helps
  5. cubase doesnt have a piano roll. that sounds like a kids toy. it has a midi editor, and if u say thats a feature i dont need to use or any other in cubase then u got no idea how i make my music. i wouldnt use fruity, even for a simple loop. the mixer sucks, the arrenger looks like a toy dj thing and its fine for starting out, but ull get to the point ull wanna grow. then u get logic or cubase. for psy at least... carefeul when riding a bike u might just get run over!
  6. i dont really have any experience with the korg triton, but i have experience with nord lead 2, virus c and waldof q. I think that for psytrance its better to have an VA synthetizer like nord or virus than a workstation. These synths may not have a percussion or sequencer capabilities (and yet they do have some). but i really prefer to use other devices, like a software sampler (Battery, Kontact) within the sequencer. same thing with bass, because of better sync u are better using a vst. In the end , ull be using the synth mainly for leads, pads and fx. and either the virus and the nord are awesome at it. it u can afford andromeda. man go for it! anyway thats my 2 cents.
  7. yesss.. i forgot to tell u they are not that easy to install, i had to get a system freak friend of mine to install them for me! but they are good!
  8. Is Asio reliable??? Man in which world have you been living on? Of course it is, even the best audiocards like firewire motu or RME use them. they are what u need to get low latency. I think that if ur asio drivers messed up, that is most probably the source of ur problems. I think that creative soundcards are not a good choice for producing on pc. there are way better audiocards for the same price (like some of maudio - audiophile) ok since u already got it, i can give u some and advice as i owned a audigy myself some years ago. Dont use the Creative drivers! they suck! There is a company that makes asio drivers for creative cards like Live and Audigy Its called KX audio, look them up in google. This may sound strange , but these drivers are way way better than Creatives (dont ask me why) Check em out, ull be surprised how well they work. Cheers
  9. i dont know if u can make 1/32 notes on fl im using cubase sx
  10. make ur own loops! its not any hard at all get battery 2.1 and a nice single hit precussion cd thomas penton s good!
  11. hey have you got a language disorder? or is it something else? everyone has been a newbee, not everyone can learn to make music themselves like you , man. this is a forum where people are supposed to ask questions about psytrance production. you can answer them or not. if people have the desire of learning to make music, i will always give them advice, if i can. because when i didnt know shit someone answered to my stupid questions. and if anyone wanted the easy way , they would be trying to mix cds. you clearly dont make a disctinction in your post from musicians and djs, they are asking questions on music production, and you answer "everyone wants to be a dj" maybe it goes beyond a language disorder. stay out of the brown stuff.
  12. hey calm down, im not a pusher or something like that,and i think its sure best not to mess around with serious issues like drug abuse. i dont want to get off topic but i was just a bit curious about a psy composer never once used psycodelics (at least for experimenting the music in its natural enviroment, i bet u must have another way to get high (not chemically) in order to have a better understanding and approach to the genre, let not forget its psychedelic trance. there are many ways to have apsychedelic experience not only with drugs. i listened to ur track and enjoyed it. its a nice old school goa style, including the acid leads and tribal percs. it gave me good memories and reminds me alot of the hypnotic records sound (probly never heard of it) but they was very good. overall i think its more on the goa trance, and not many elements of psytrance. which brings me back to the topic (at last), for a compilation it needs to be cohesive in terms of style, production level and a defined orientation which often needs a skilled, experienced and stablished dj that can put out something that is not just a collection of tracks, but a real VA. Thinking about the name maybe the last thing to pop out, once the whole concept is ore tangible. just an opinion
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