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  1. very nice brotha! good indian vibe + outer space props
  2. dude... your pretty fucking dirty! what the hell did you use? cubase? reason?
  3. Ok I was doing some thinking and I wanted to record my sets. I have ION ICDO3 CD turntables. (Ya I know cd's are bad and all that junk but o well im having a blast and it works well for what I want to do) ive plugged in all the right connections from my output on my mixer to the back of the computer. (i had to give an arm and leg for the right cable) and I did 2 15 min sets one GOA one PSY the mixing is chill and songs are good. I used Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer to record it. Its nice but its a lil to fuzzy and the bass scratchy & grungy if you will.... sooo do you recommend any other solutions? Also when I save it saves it into wav format. No problem I thought so I tried a converting program and when I convert it cuts off the last 1/4 of it wtf? does anyone know a good program for wav to mp3 conversion? Thanks a lot and also when the quality is good how do I post my mixes and give them to people like upload it on here? Thank you for all your help ^.^
  4. Hey everybody! sorry its been a while. well Xmas is comming up and that means mor monay for me! so i wanna start producing again. (its been a while and im getting tired of crappy Dance Ejay 7 lol omg it sux)so my friend got Reason 3.0 on ebay for like 90 bucks and ya its legit i messed around w/ it and we made some EPIC trance on it. but im more of a GOA head myself. so anways hes give reason to me for X-mas and i need a keybord. ive heard a lot about the Oxyogen 8 and im wondering if theres anything better or can i make some good GOA-TRANCE w/ it? (considering i have the talent aherm) and ya i want to get Cubase for Psy and GOA but nope, no $ just got a Xbox 360 (OMFG ARGGG ITS SICK) so im gonna stay with a free Reason for now. but just wondering what all you guys think with your glorius wisdom woot thank you for your imput PLURR & HUGZ (i made HUGZ up its Harmony, Unity, Gratfulness, and Zelousey for raveing) GOD Bless GOA
  5. kick ass man i like it. what do you use. ive been trying to make music like this for a while and fail miserably. i want to make this type with out spending a lot of money
  6. hey thanks for the info dude. but its harder than cubase and reason???? wow i guess im in for a treat. ive been using eJay and thats just a drag and drop. and i heard that cubase is all hard ....soooooo hummmmm well when i download it can i come to you for questions about it cause i dought that i will be able to make anything w/ out help thanks again PLUR
  7. Hey there my fellow GOA Heads. Ok Renoise Tracker... someone told me about this and i come to find out that i can get it for like 70 bucks. i want to start making Psy trance and GOA (u might know this from some of my previous posts) anyway can u make psy and GOA trance with this thing? and like more than just a couple of good songs and then its all crap... I currently have Dance Ejay 7 and it is all crap but I don’t want o spend a whole bunch of money on like cubase or Logic and be all lost. Please help me my brethren. Liquid Phantom PLUR GOD bless GOA
  8. really?? you have intreaged my intrest..... can it make uber GOA? how much.? details... thanks bud
  9. lol ya no shit theaes high end programs are like 500 and plus and i dont have a job. arggg
  10. LOL not really bro (i wish) i used ejay and made some ok songs but NOTHIN close to PSY trance or GOA. right now im using Dance Ejay 7 and its ok but more dance and trance than anything else. u can make your own meliodies and mess with them with a bulit in crappy synth. but its just not it.
  11. ok so i downloaded soulseeek like you recomened buddie. (execpt i dont have to pay 24 buck for yearly access cause im ninja too) anways i can download the full version of cubase and logic? what do i need to do?
  12. humm i want to hear it but i cant i clicked the link but i took me to a blank page for about 10 min....... how is Cubase SX? im thinking about getting it. can you make pure GOA trance? is it easy? how much? what do you need? ect ect ect... thanks. and let me hear you song bro
  13. Sweet guys thanks! but i still have a couple of questions. 1 how much $ are we looking at here? 2 what are vsts? 3 why couldnt i go straight to cubase? 4 where can i download them? thanks a bunch guys
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