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  1. I totally utterly agree with you. I love this album. Ovnimoon knows how to get the best parts from different genres and creates master übertracks out of them. Beautiful created atmosphere, throbbing basslines, kicks, delightful melodies, it's all there in perfect harmony.
  2. Pure awesomeness! Melodies, build ups, atmosphere, sound production. Everything is A+. This album is on "repeat".
  3. Thanks for posting Secede. It's awesome!
  4. 2012 Uptempo: 1. Etnica - Live In Athens 1996 2. Mindsphere - Patience For Heaven 3. Various Artists - Space Of Power 4. Solar Fields - Random Fridays 5. Crossing Mind - The Inner Shift 6. Merkaba - Language Of Light 2012 Downtempo: 1. E-Mantra - Silence 2. Zymosis - Between Two Points 3. Koan - Argonuatica 4. Astropilot - Fruits Of The Imagination 2
  5. No offence taken IronSun. Don't get me wrong I love goa trance very much and it is still my favourite music genre. But there is a but. Personally I feel it needs something new indeed. Because I've listened to goa trance so much and for so long I feel it needs to 'move' on, add new elements, explore new territories etc..I love this music and I do not want to let it go if you know what I mean..The melodies might be different but the structure, build ups of the songs are almost all the same. It's like eating a bunch of your favourite chocolate too often and too much
  6. Maybe you should stop telling others what others should or should not do. (but let's stop going off-topic) I think giving (positive/negative) feedback can help the artists. I do not write stuff just because I don't like the color blue or something. I might be the only one who says maybe there are some changes needed. If 'new' GOA artists want to make the same tunes as ~17 years ago, who am I to stop them. Just one opinion of many.
  7. Richpa, yes the InnerSpace Shaltu track is the whole reason I bought his album. For me that song was the best on the Shaltu compilation and I still enjoy it very much (in contrast to his other songs on his album). E-Mantra, stop being analytical? If you are new to the genre then I think you would appreciate the album more but we've been listening to GOA since almost the beginning ('96). I think it's time that 'neo' GOA artists should come up with something new instead of copy pasting old work and/or continuing on the same road... But this is probably another discussion..
  8. I like his goa sounds but almost all of his songs are build up in the same way and have the same structure (one melody left one melody right). The melodies in his songs also go on for too long...It gets very repetitive. Structure/buildup variation and changes would have made the album more memorable...
  9. goakhan

    Etnica - 2012 EP

    Impact is the only song that is worth buying! The melody is very nice but why so short? More of it please.
  10. Nerso sticks out with head n shoulders..but I would call it more deep progressive techtrance music. My other favourite is Ovnimoon...but he is crossing the prog borders heavily...fits better under 'psy trance' Nice progressive is Captain Hook (funky n groovy) Excizen (Suffocate) techtrance System 7 (up) more technoish with psy elements Day.Din (Sync yourself) sometimes a bit cheesy but ok Older ones but good as well SBK (Dawny Darko). James Monro (Hyperdrive), Brisker&Magitman (Just another day), Tegma (Lo fi adventures)
  11. goa, progressive and chillout
  12. One Nr 1 is impossible in my eyes ...there are soo many good nr 1 songs and it depends also on your mood... Here are a couple of good ones..Enjoy Asia 2001 (Live - the whole album) Rahkshas Astral Projection + MFG The Sleeper Must Awake AP (Trust in Trance - the whole album) - Aurora Borealis Dimension 5 (Transdimensional - the whole album), - psychic influence Mindfield - Kishkashta http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz4F2YKH1qs Pleaidians (IFO - the whole album) - Electra Ra - Beyond Control and lots more but enough for now..
  13. Playing MW3 Kill Confirmed on Xbox 360...pff this game is sooo addictive though! Is there any psy clan I can join?
  14. Wow, this song of his rocks! I like the style a lot!
  15. @E-Mantra you are still in my eyes one of the best new goa artist I know (mysterious, deep, beautiful driven melodies and for always searching & exploring the universe). However I am leaning more towards Penzolines point of view on the new album..but I think that is because I really really like E-Mantra's style and I have probably have listened to his music a bit too much that the new album has a bit of a I-have-heard-this-before feel. What I mean is most of the songs have the same build ups, using same background melodies, and feel. Still his new album is of high quality and has
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