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  1. Does anyone know any music similar to the track i posted at the beginning?
  2. http://soundcloud.com/talpator/talpa-an-accident-in-talpania I think i just had the most intense musical orgasm in my life (and im sober) THIS is the direction GOA/Psytrance should go. I also really like the use of claps instead of a snare. I will instantly buy this when its out. Best Psytrance i ever heard.
  3. Great Album! I love listening to it. My only complaint is the overuse of a sample in the first track which he used on other albums too.. But otherwise great stuff
  4. djt.

    Asura - 360

    This album is incredibly well produced. I'm just loving it and it still grows and grows on me. 10/10 Definitely! One of the best ambient albums ever.
  5. Wow, what a wonderful quote
  6. Omg, can't stop listening to this AWESOME Album!
  7. Great, great Album! This is one of the best - if not the best - chillout release this year so far..
  8. Hallucinogen did not start that topic ! Read the start post of it...
  9. He already started to work on a new track, just in case ^^ I think he wants to do one and the votes just motivate him to finally get started! So, gogo, vote!
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