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  1. Merry Christmas to you all at PN. A brand new start for Psynews, best of luck to both Insejn and Mars.
  2. Yes, yes, YES, YES, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS. Silent night must be the best version evargh.
  3. If you're interested, you can order a hardcover of New kind of world cheap here
  4. Like'em both equally. They both have their distinguished style of producing. I still love AP, still enjoying their live shows. Can't wait for the new album.
  5. Great. Can somebody tell me which track is being played in the video. Thanx.
  6. Zot van A? .... hehe ;-)

  7. This. Nice review. Didn't like the Laughing Buddha album btw, it lacks the depth that this album provides.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B267zOYEq4Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvys7k5jBec
  9. Indeed a great article. You're doing a great job Richpa. Keep up the good work!
  10. That's a good notion, they would be quite complementary. RTP has his IT skills, Insejn his long experience as a mod.
  11. Surely, you can't be serious. :
  12. Maybe it would be useful, in order to vote for the right one, to know what these three possible new administrators are planning to do with the site. I guess they all want to approach this in a different fashion. It would make it easyer to vote, at least for me. edit I posted this at the same time as Ouroboros, more or less the same as his question
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A-TCEaZfyg
  14. Only one way to really find out what happened is to start it up again, no? If it get's hacked again, well... Like Ouroboros said, lots of other forums with OT seem to do rather good. Psynews can really benefit from an OT forum, people can get to know each other better etc. I hope the one who takes over Psynews can take an OT-section into consideration when he tries to revive it.
  15. Took this one out of my collection, it has been a while since I listened to it. One of my better cd's in normal trance. First cd is the more mellow side of trance, second is more dark, heavyer with a twist. Both excellently mixed by Judge Jules. If you like good trance, this one is recommended.
  16. Nice reply, money ruled the world back then too, inevitably creating crapy copycat groups. But sometimes there were some pretty good bands too who tried to create something more original. These were the bands they still play today. The crappy bands people just forgot, so maybe it's a false assumption to state it was better in the old days. I just wanted to point out it's not all commercial that is crap. But I think we'll agree on that.
  17. +1 I'm interested in this for reasons that have been mentioned before, not really into darkpsy, but the exceptions make up for it.
  18. So, you're not kiddin'. Went to have a look at the normal trance thread and saw you did post some trance tracks.
  19. The Beatles were as commercial as commercial can get, with I don't remember how many nr 1 hits. The Beatles wrote some damn good music imo. I agree, especially these days, there's a lot of commercial crap out there. In the old days you had to be a good musician more then nowadays when it's all about image. Still there are people who make good radiofriendly music imo. And I'm not talking about one specific genre. Good and bad music is all about taste ain't it?
  20. Noticed a while ago that the poll is gone.
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