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  1. I had the same problem. I used to click SHARE and then copy pasted the link. That doesn't work anymore. I have to copy/paste the URL on top of the page.
  2. @reyu


    Welcome to the old new psynews offtopic. I hope you can hang out a little. Will you be my best man?
  3. New headphones for my pod:
  4. And you are losing with 20000+ posts ha!
  5. @reyu

    Filmz Update

    I'm back. Sobered up. There's something about Matt Damon. He has a strange effect on me, obviously I watched Daybreakers with Ethan Hawke, William Dafoe and Sam Neil: A vampire flick nothing out of the ordinary. The story is far to thin to really get to you. Some nice gadgets and gory scenes but that's about it. I'm already sorry I've bought the thing. 5/10 Then I watched Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson: That's more like it. Good ol' Mel playing a cop seeking revenge for the brutal killing of his doughter. While investigating he uncovers a big corporate cover-up his daughter was trying to reveal. Mel Gibson with nothing to lose...do you really want more? Entertaining. Recommended! 8/10
  6. Listening to Burning Spear. I'm a little hungover
  7. Yeah, nice and floating. I have his reissue DFTCB where this track is remixed, haven't listened to it in a while though. His downbeat stuff, well the stuff I heard is pretty good. I've heard people say Monzoon is his best album, don't know that album very well though. I'll check it out. Wait,...isn't Elysium a member of Psynews???
  8. Ding-a-ding DANG http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViJJf5LbfOI
  9. Ha lol http://www.politicalcompass.org/printablegraph?ec=-8.50&soc=-4.92 somewhere near Nelson Mandela. I like.
  10. @reyu

    Filmz Update

    Just bought myself 3 new DVD's rather cheap(20 neuros): Edge of Darkness with good ol' Mel Gibson. Daybreakers with ...,Willem Dafoe!,..., Sam Neil!,...: a vampire flick. Grééééééééénzone with Màààààààààààtt Dàààààààmonnn: a thriller with Matt Damon (by Paul Greengrass). Wanted to watch them tonight but chose to surf the internetz and get 1) drunk 2) high. Maybe later...will talk about it later...maybe
  11. Alwayzzz one click ahead of you, bitchez!
  12. Something your mom and dad have done, many years ago and probably are still doing.
  13. It must have been hard being Bruce Lee. http://youtu.be/YZHaV_oHhrg
  14. Yo Otto, it's me Captain Stidgin aka TheCkit hangin' loose. Welcome aboard!
  15. Just watched I'm your man, a documentary/tribute to Leonard Cohen. It made my day.
  16. +1000000 Another album is Earthling's Radar. I love that album. And Tricky of course, his earlyer stuff. Was there ever a trip-hop scene? I don't know man. I am used to listening to all kinds of stuff. I don't think I ever belonged to or felt part of a scene.
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