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  1. oh guess what, this is where i saw it.. new Mindfunk records release v/a "Complex Cosmic Creation: 01. Hux Flux - Post 100
  2. my bad - there's only one track from last year, and that's on v/a Propaganda, called Equivalent Equations. I thought he was releasing on Detox' Exposure label, but that's Logic Bomb, I guess I confused those two.
  3. what exactly do they have planned in the near future? they've released some quality morning psy in the last year. anything on the horizon?
  4. lol those are good, i agree, but if you read the original post... >>Not the usual delta/midimilliz/x-dream/spirallianz/opsis kind of acts,i´m looking for something else.
  5. for me it'll most likely be for playing with Ableton and perhaps Traktor. possibly with an outside chance of actually starting to make my own music.. heh. I've been looking at this mixer: http://www.djdeals.com/eclerNUO4.htm it's nice, but the price is a bit steep... any other suggestions?
  6. anything on Horns and Hoofs, esp. Weird Walker and Fuzzion Sensient Bigwigs anything from Japan - Yamabikaya (!), Charm, K.U.R.O., etc. there are a bunch of compilations with those artists on them, mostly pretty good stuff. check B.P.F. and Psyristor labels for example.
  7. fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give to me babeeeeeeee..
  8. i like some of the tracks on here, really tripped out morning music, with a somewhat goa-ish feeling to it. though a few tracks are just too goofy for my taste.. ..worth checking out, imo.
  9. eh.. not bad, not great. kind of... average. i liked one of the Sandman tracks and the first Biotonic track is interesting, but overall, nothing really special. it's a promo for upcoming TIP artist albums, no?
  10. dmtree

    V/A - Play Way

    Blues Mystery is prolly the best pure-dancefloor hands-in-the-air killargh track of the whole last year, at least in the dark-fullon style.. Tsabeat vs. Optical Human is a nice track. DMT vs. Kreven is slightly strange, but not bad.. and of course the Mario Bros. one of these days I'll have the balls to cheese out like that.
  11. I think Audio Technica makes wooden and aluminum headphones.. there's also ear canal headphones.
  12. well, I thought maybe since DJ headphones are built to be abused, they'll withstand the cold as well.. Sennheiser HD-25 are pretty sturdy too.
  13. maybe consider some DJ headphones like Sony 900, there's only one cable and it's thick and coiled.
  14. $19.99 for 2 year all-inclusive replacement warranty from Guitar Center.. @ Lauryn Sony 7506 are nice, but the mids/highs are shrill, I played an insane dark psy set w/them once, almost went deaf from all the tweaky sounds. But they work well for almost any other type of music, I think.
  15. okay, so I went to the store and listened to Technics 1200 headphones, Sony MDR 900 and Beyerdynamic DT770. ended up getting the Beyers, they had by far the best sound.. not really 'DJ' headphones, but they'll do. link the 80ohm DT770 Pro..
  16. Rinkadink and Broken Toy are actually psychedelic and produce well-made music, if with some rave bits thrown in.. could say that about some Eskimo as well. This track however, with the exception of the melody, is crap.
  17. I can't stand Sony 700s, Pioneer 1000 or Technics phones.. or any other 'DJ' headphones. The sound quality is usually terrible, with the bass over-amplified to the extreme. And overpriced to boot. 2 cents.
  18. I've used HD25 (both regular and cheapo versions) several times, and I like them, they work great for mixing, and everything comes through loud and clear. The only thing I don't like is that they're small and I'm used to headphones that can envelop my ears completely. Maybe I have a big head.. hehe. But also might be just a matter of habit. So how do they feel after you wear them for a few hours at home?
  19. My Sony MDR-600 are falling apart after 3 years of heavy use. I might get them again (cheap, durable, good sound, but sometimes not loud enough at indoor parties/clubs and a bit heavy to wear for extended periods of time @ home).. But was also looking at other headphones, like Sony MDR-900, Sennheiser HD25, or Ultrasone HF-700 or DJ-1. Curious what people here use, and what they would recommend. I need something for DJing and home listening/studio monitor use, not just DJ. Thanks!
  20. I've had a Behringer mixer (500DX) for 4 years, and it works fine, but the sound quality isn't as good as, say, Vestax or Pioneer mixers, not to mention Rane, Allen & Heath or Ecler. I'd go with Vestax, they make decent inexpensive mixers that are good enough to use with midsize sound systems. Or maybe one of the new all-digital Numarks? dunno..
  21. Peak records compilations have nice chill intro tracks, I like those.
  22. Being able to buy single tracks in lossless (FLAC or WAV) format for a reasonable price ($1-1.50) would help, imo. People would still be able to d/l mp3s in vbr for free, but vbr don't sound as good as 320mp3 or FLAC or WAV, and I know a lot of DJs who would pay to have tracks in lossless quality.
  23. killargh job Moni. congrats to Suntrip. cheers
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