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  1. that Loopus cover is an instant classic. shweeet, can't wait to hear this album!!
  2. Sundance was supposed to put out the new Prophei album, afaik. They always take forever between releases, so i wouldn't count them out.
  3. The upcoming Quasar album should do it for ya... should be out this month or the next.
  4. dmtree

    Derango :)

    their compilation tracks are superior to the album, imo. the music is great, but i don't see it as a new direction - forest psy has been around for a while.
  5. i don't know any full-on artist whose every track is consistently good. some have a few good tracks out there - hux flux, logic bomb and artax, rinkadink, hujaboy, some dynamic and bizzare contact, nomad, cosmosis, orion, some eskimo collabs, psysex, random, tikal, error corrective, kybalion, evp, hydraglyph and u-recken (with the exception of those godawful albums).. there are plenty more - and again, i am talking about occasional good tracks and/or albums, not the whole body of work. I think v/a Assasi-Nations from TIP World is a good indicator of how good the genre CAN be, though it rarely if ever reaches those heights anymore.
  6. it's eh.. or maybe ..meh.. or is it ..beh ?? can't quite figure it out.
  7. damage has never been 'darkpsy', imo. before they broke up, i liked their sound better, but it always had that oldskool techno-rave sound, just not quite as bad as the recent forays. but artists like Azax, Winter Demon, many SA artists, etc etc. have been making this rave shit for at least 1-2 years.. add Neuromotor to that list also.
  8. i stopped playing SA full-on a long time ago 'cuz it started to bore me.. and this album isn't doing much to change that. though that first track is really funny, just wish it had a bit more to it than just the dum-- dum-- dum dum-dum-dum...
  9. dmtree


    been really digging Sutekh as well. More on the minimal techno than ambient side, but really really good stuff. Check out his remix album.
  10. Psychonaut's first album is killargh.. imo.
  11. very dark and aggressive stuff, pretty well made.. but not all that interesting, imo. Cosmo new album is much better, imo.
  12. I saw him play live in Oregon in 2003 - nice melodic, very goa-ish and trippy set, but he was having some technical problems, his laptop kept crashing which kinda killed the flow. I think it may have had something to do with the amount of moisture in the air, it was really wet.. I also seem to recall seeing his name on a party flyer from California sometime last year.. so he is still around, possibly. If you really want to know, you could ask in the North American section on [that other forum].
  13. actually it'll be more funky.. less crazy. just this time..
  14. kinda a last-minute thing, thought i'd let you know... 10pm Mountain Standard Time US, should be around what like 5am in Europe? hehe.. i'll post it online next week too.. http://www.kgnu.org/ht/listencomp.html
  15. haha, nice pic we also call it shoes in a dryer..
  16. you mean you are not really mixing the kick-drums from the two tracks at all - just waiting for the second track to kick in before you bring it in? I think that's more like fade-mixing if I understand correctly. what I mean by beat-mixing is cueing the 2nd track on a beat where it kicks in and starting it somewhere within 1.5-2.5 minutes of the end of the 1st track, so the two kicks are going simultaneously for a while. That way you can't really get rid of the trainwreck by cutting out the EQs since the frequencies of the kick-drum aren't contained in the single pocket, usually they are spread out between the low and low-mid EQs (also helps when you're bringing in the second kick to have the mids turned on also to get the full spectrum, not just the low woof-woof).
  17. that's not true, if you're off-beat it'll be painfully obvious, since you never cut the EQ out completely BEFORE bringing the other one in - always do it smoothly to continue the flow. There are really no cheats or shortcuts to avoid having properly beatmatched tracks, sorry.
  18. not sure what you mean.. when i mix, i usually start the second track (on the first beat, matched with the 16/32/64sequence of the first track) and slowly bring it in with all of the EQs cut, then gradually bring in the EQs - usually the mids and highs first, while simultaneously cutting the EQs on the other track. Other times I switch the bass first, letting the kick from the second track go while the mids/highs of the first track play out, it really depends on the tracks and my mood, the first method is smoother, the second brings more energy, it's more like dropping the bass. With more minimal progressive tracks, I often let the two tracks play together or fade between them for fun.. Usually (though not always) I try to avoid mixing the basslines and/or mids/highs together at full volume, but there are some DJs who do it all the time, really all your personal style, whatever sounds good to you is what you should do.
  19. like the cover, don't like the name. 'Deadly Alliance' taking the whole killargh shtick a bit too literally. edit: though the music may be very fitting..
  20. There are quite a few tracks that are not set on a BPM, it's something like 147.3333 or 146.5, and some of them even change.. what do you do in those cases? not play them at all? or trainwreck if the track doesn't fit the 0.7% holy grail? no, you mix it by ear. and what if you want to mix some breaks for a change? The experienced DJs here - I am sure they can beatmatch anything without having BPMs written down, they just use it to help them and save time. Try to learn without using BPMs, only then use them if you think it's helpful. Train your ear, young Jedi.. it'll come in useful.
  21. dmtree


    Murcof - Memoria (Sutekh Trisagion rmx) is one of the best electronic tracks ever made, imo. It's on the Utopia CD, worth getting just for this one track.
  22. dmtree


    very beautiful music.
  23. Vinyl.. anyway it's a silly poll in a forum full of old codgers.
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