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  1. hehe.. I wouldn't make such an absolute statement - a lot of musicians lived very comfortably - usually the ones who made 'pop' music for the wealthy patrons and/or the masses, be it operas, polkas, waltzes, big band, RnB, or club trance. it's the 'misfits', the real musicians, those that refuse to compromise their vision, who are usually poor.
  2. most of the EDM fans in my city (NOT the psy crowd) love Infected these days.. let's dedicate this thread to them.
  3. should be called 'singles and remixes' not 'album'. because it ain't an album. but some decent tracks on it.
  4. huh, that's cool, i'd like to check this out. when i was a kid studying music they'd make us learn the sound of different notes, keys, time signatures, and chord progressions, literally hundreds if not thousands of them. Then they'd play melodies and chords back to us and have us write them down in notation without seeing what was played.. it was really hard, but i guess it trains the ear pretty well.
  5. well, i tend to sit there doing my thang for hours, with headphones on. The Sony's i used to have would start to hurt after about 2 hours or so, as would any strictly DJ headphones. How comfortable are the 280s for extended wear?
  6. I found the 280s a bit heavy. suggest going to a store and testing them out before you buy.
  7. Dude, I don't want Penta to build my house or fix my plumbing or cook food for me.. why? because he probably sucks at it. People are good at different things - some people are really good at cooking, other people at fixing things, and Penta is good at making music. People figured this out long ago, that's why money was invented - to make bartering services easier. and if you don't think his music does something (or a lot!) for society, you're out of your mind.. reminds me of the original russian communist approach - what, he's a poet? well, let's make him useful, he can go work at a factory and build tanks or something. fucking assholes.
  8. anyway, there's a reason for existence of 'professionals' as opposed to 'amateurs' and 'jacks of all trades'. and that reason is, they do a better job.
  9. Greed?? Who's going to pay his rent, you? or maybe you'll just build him a house, that'd be nice and idealistic.
  10. yes, of course i see your point of view. unfortunately this isn't Idyllia and we aren't prancing around half-naked with flutes and lyras, picking apples off trees, drinking from rivers of wine, and singing serenades to the moonlight.
  11. Musicians are entertainers - it's a nobler occupation than many others - why deny them the right to be paid if they put all their time and effort into helping YOU enjoy your life? and whenever was it in the past that musicians worked for nothing?? in some naive strange vision of the middle ages? if you're just doing it to express yourself, strumming your guitar by the fire or whatever, you shouldn't ask for money. But if you're a professional with years of training and you put all your time and effort into making stuff that entertains other people, you should ask for something in return.
  12. oh gimme a break, he lives off his music - do you want him to go get a second job? do you think his music will get better if he has to work full-time AND make music? Most real psytrance artists and DJs don't do it for money, btw - but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be paid what they deserve.
  13. you are aware that, say, professional web designers and animators get upwards of $50 an hour for their work?
  14. maybe if the payment was higher, the artists would put more time and effort into making better tracks.. i remember Penta was saying that it's not worth his effort to put hours and hours of work into a track and then sell it for $200 or even less..
  15. if you replaced IS with USED TO BE, I'd agree.
  16. the original 76:14 is a masterpiece of ambient style. glad they remastered it. wasn't too thrilled with the 2nd cd in the pack, though there are a couple of nice tracks on it.
  17. some glitchy, leftfield, and idm chill stuff i like: Lusine Apparat Tipper Machine Drum High Tone Monolake Science Fiction Proem Four Tet - Everything ecstatic Murcof Brothomstates Burnt Friedman Kid 606 - Resilience Sutekh Matmos Plaid
  18. both albums by Woob are very good. Bonobo - Dial M for Monkey is excellent. and if you want recommendations for glitch-bient and dub, i'd be more than happy to provide.
  19. Sounds somewhat like Metalaxis and/or Polyphonia. Prolly unreleased though, like most stuff Gil plays.
  20. music that's neither psychedelic nor danceable?
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