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    Running To Psytrance! And I hope to be able to do this until the day I'm dead!

    And drinking Whisky.

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About Me

When I can say something about my "musical development", then it shall be, that my understanding of music is expanding and ever expanding like the universe itself - and I hope that it'll never stop because there's nothing as ALIVE as discovering new sounds, new artists, new horizons, new worlds of sound.

One of my best nights out I was headbanging at a FINNTROLL concert and then moving to another party to see SOLAR FIELDS live. 

From the colorful electronic realms such as Psytrance, Trance, Techno, Drun'n'Bass, Ambient, Dub over the icy plains of Dark Ambient ascending up to Ritual Industrial, but also ordinary EDM I also listen to Metal (Scandinavian Humppa Metal being my favourite), fast and slow, going already into Gothic ... but you also can throw Power Noise at me, I won't care.
And in the nooks and crannys in between there hides all kinds of playful stuff. 

"Psy-"trance artists that I really like are: S-RANGE, ATMOS, MATENDA, ETNOSCOPE, MAGNETRIXX and SHIVA CHANDRA.

I am addicted to running and I hope that I will never stop.


In memory of my old profile text:

Former member of "MAKE SKAZI HISTORY NOW!" foundation, oldskool proghead, fan and supporter of Panzar Produktionz (PUSHERSTREET, MANTRA FLOW, IN YOUR PHAZE and many more)!

Plus, I enjoy drinking whisky ... because "if a man drank the right amount of whisky every day, he'll live forever", as legends go.

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