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  1. On Friday 20th April we will be celebrating a whole 3 years since our first party all the way back in 2009! Since then we've had some fantastic parties, welcomed a host a fabulous DJs to play and continually tried to showcase the very best in uplifting & energetic psy-trance! Our 3rd birthday will be no different and we've got a mouth-watering line-up which will tittilate your eardrums whilst you immerse yourself within the fantastic light & sound that Union offers. And all of this doesn't need to cost you a penny either, all you need to do to be added to the free guestlist is to ema
  2. Psy-N-Tific enters 2012 determined to continue giving you quality nights full of the highest quality uplifting and energetic psy-trance, brought to you by some of the finest DJs London has to offer! As always, we will be bringing this to you from Union in Vauxhall and the fantastical light and sound systems that this entails. Psy-N-Tific's ethos has always been about offering you an amazing party with a free entry policy. You'll be pleased to know that we have no plans to change this, although we are changing the way in which we offer it. You will still be able to get free entry all night,
  3. After our highly successful comeback in August, we're all ready to unleash another night of the very best in uplifting & energetic psy-trance upon Union on Friday November 18th. If you were with us in August you will have seen first-hand the changes that have been made to Union and how much they enhance the whole Psy-N-Tific experience! If you missed it then don't miss out again on the new lighting system, improved sound, club layout ...and overall experience all still for the princely sum of nothing. We know how important the music at a party is and we pride ourselves in making sure it
  4. We're proud to announce that we're now award winners, having won the HarderFaster.net 'New Party of the Year' award in their annual poll! With two of our DJs also getting recognition in these user-voted awards, we must be doing something right! Our March party will be showing everybody just why we won this award with a mouth-watering lineup alongside our usual horde of free sweets and 'Glowy Things'™. With the awesome Avalon sound sound system at Union and the colourful decor that always adorns our nights, come down and immerse yourself in the Psy-n-tific experience! Offering up their psyc
  5. Here are the set times for this month! 22:00-00:00 - Sarah Goodson 00:00-01:30 - Conrad Bruce 01:30-03:00 - Marc Antoine 03:00-04:30 - System E 04:30-06:00 - Ped
  6. After a fabulous opening party of 2010, we'll be keeping the quality at a high level for you going into February! Everything you have come to expect from Psy-n-tific will be there, from the free sweets and glowy things to the colourful decor and fantastic music. You'll struggle to find better value for money from a free party! Tickling your aural pleasure spots this month will be: System E: Production duo Sysem E aren't just dab hands in the studio, they're also masters behind the decks as they have already proved at Psy-n-tific in the past! We welcome them back with open arms and impatien
  7. A new year and a new decade, but Psy-n-tific is carrying on with doing what it does best: Delivering top notch psy-trance in a friendly club atmosphere for the princely sum of sod all! For this outlay you will be treated to free sweets and glowy things, colourful decor and aural pleasure all night. To launch us into 2010, we have the following great DJs: Andi Leppard (Jarred / Antiworld): Andi returns for another stint on the Psy-n-tific decks, and if he's as good as he was last time, you won't be disappointed! Kito (Freedom / Oneness): Serial promoter and resident of nights such as Onen
  8. It's the last Psy-n-tific! of 2009 and we'll be signing off with an absolute corker! On top of all you'd normally expect from one of our nights, in December we'll be celebrating not one, but two DJ birthdays - so the party atmosphere will be even more charged than normal (if that's even possible!). So don't miss out! Come along and help us kick-start the holiday season with aplomb! Ped (Birthday Set): The resident and driving force behind Psy-n-tific will be celebrating another year on the planet with his trademark sound. So you can expect a set packed full of presents of the energetic, upli
  9. For November we once again offer a plethora of talent alongside all of the things you've come to expect from Psy-n-tific, such as the free entry and sweets, the decor, and the smiling, friendly crowd! E303: The Antiworld head honcho is only recently back from Ibiza where he has been DJing and promoting all summer. Having lived and breathed the scene constantly for the past few years, we know he won't disappoint when it comes to his music and can't wait to hear what he's got in store for us! Conrad Bruce: Conrad has been appearing regularly recently at a number of events, such as Atom, Veno
  10. We've got one hell of a line-up for you in October where we'll be aiming to continue where we left off in September with providing you with top-drawer psychedelic music amongst a sea of smiles. With entry still being free and our usual decor and free sweets, there's no reason not to come! To aid your night musically, we have enlisted the help of the following talent alongside our resident, Ped! Nikki Sentience: Nikki has spent the last year in Australia and will only be arriving back in Blighty at the start of October. We're delighted to have her down and show us she has lost none of her q
  11. September sees the announcement of a new resident for Psy-n-tific! as well as welcoming 3 new guests to the Psy-n-tific decks for the first time. Other than that, you can expect the usual quality psy-trance from start to finish alongside our colourful decor, bowls of free sweets and of course free entry throughout the night! Caressing your cochleas this month with their record bags of musical wonders will be: Sutekh: Billed to play last month at our August party, Sutekh was unfortunately unable to make it at the last minute due to problems out of either his or our control. However, he'll b
  12. In August we're going to rock Union like never before as we continue to go from strength to strength following another great party in July. And we'll continue to charter new territory in time-honoured Psyntific fashion, just as Aldrin & Armstrong did 40 years ago. So pack your lunar shoes and space suits and get ready for lift off on the 21st August! As usual it's free entry all night, there'll be free sweets upstairs and once again we've got some of London's finest providing your aural titilation for the night! Sutekh: Synonymous with psy-trance in London and with good reason! We're t
  13. For July we've kept with the seasonal weather and we'll be having some of the hottest names around bossing the decks and providing a night of sizzling music for the pleasure of your ears. As usual, we're not asking you to pay any money to get in. We're not in this to make money, we just want everybody who comes along to have as good a night as possible! Couple this ethos with our colourful decor, lighting and lasers along with a superb sound system and the only ingredient missing is you! The DJs on the night this month are: Andi Leppard The Antiworld resident has played at jus
  14. Genre: Uplifting Psy-Trance Download Link: CLICK ME Tracklisting: 1. Volcano feat. Noa - Fresh 2. KromeAngels feat. Man With No Name - Blast From The Past 3. Vibe Tribe - Incore 4. DNA vs Melicia - Indigo 5. Poli - Spin Zone 6. La Mila - Upperfloating Fantasy 7. Hologram - Supernatural Spirits 8. Hypersonic - The Beginning Of A Story (Morfix Remix) 9. Save The Robot - What The Funk 10. Last Men Standing - North Shift 11. In Panic - Step By Step 12. Moby - Lift Me Up (Sesto Sento Remix) 13. Didrapest vs Indra - To Marry 14. Future Prophecy - Future Psycho 15. Domateck - Gimic
  15. Ped


    Only two days to go! Set Times: 10:00-00:00 - Marc Antoine 00:00-01:30 - Quantumluke 01:30-03:00 - Kito 03:00-04:30 - Pan 04:30-06:00 - Ped
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