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  1. My friend saw them play live in London a few weeks ago and says they were terrible. Apparently there is only one member of the original line up left. Not really Ozrics anymore.
  2. That is encouraging to hear. I love Beatport and don't want to fall out with her.
  3. The first I knew about it was receiving a receipt into my hotmail account. £4.98 for two tracks. I can only assume that I have been billed in £ if that is what the receipt states. If it is a mistake they had better fix it quick !!! I'll report back once they have replied to my e-mails.
  4. It had occured to me. I really hope you are right.
  5. Yeah. But they tend to be illegal. No money goes to the artists.
  6. Is it the new tracks that show as $1.99 ? That is the price I am used to paying. The slightly older ones were $1.49. Is the .wav handling charge still $1 ? £1 for that option is the last straw. That is $1.90849 for fucks sake ! I have been looking at trackitdown.net and the new djmag.com download sites. The latter looks very nice (although down for maintenance at the moment.) I can't believe they are prepared to loose all of their UK customers. Oh well.
  7. Exactly. Here's the e-mail I sent the buggers earlier. I am eagerly awaiting their response. "Hi Guys, Am I right in thinking that your prices have just gone through the ceiling? I am used to paying either $1.49 / $1.99 / $2.49 for tracks, which I felt was fair. Now I have noticed that the tracks purchased below are costing me £1.49. Using todays exchange rate this works out at $2.83998 ???????? Why am I paying more ???? Did you make your intention to charge more public? I don't recall reading anything. Old tracks used to cost me $1.49 ( £0.781899 ) now they cost me £1.29 ($2.45757) AND a charge of £1 instead of $1 for wav handling. So If I buy 5 tracks the cost to me is going to be over £5 more. I am absolutely disgusted. I am a very unhappy customer at this point in time. Do you value my custom????? IMHO you have just priced yourself out of the market. ONE VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER. I expect a reply explaining what is going on. It is now cheaper for me to buy vinyl and cd's again - good move on your part (not). AND I want a refund for the tracks I purchased this morning before I realised I was being ripped off. This will end up being a very bad move on your part. There are plenty of other download stores popping up / labels supplying the music directly. We DJ's are used to hunting good music down, after all. James"
  8. Hey. Thanks for checking. It looks like they are taking the piss out of us Brits then. Anyone else?
  9. What !!!!!!!!! Beatport v 3.0 has loaded. But the prices have changed and are fucking stupid. I have to pay £1.49 or £1.99 a track now + £1 wav charge. YES thats right !!! STERLING. Over £5 for 2 Wavs. Used to be $1.49 or $1.99 + $1 for wav charge. The prices for me have nearly fucking doubled ! Twats. They have priced themselves out of the market. It now officially cheaper to buy cd releases than buy music digitally via Beatport. ---------- Obviously, I am based in the UK - the site knows this when I connect and shows the prices in UK Pounds £. I am very interested to hear if the prices have gone up for you guys in mainland europe. Please log in and let me know! And if there's any one here from the US can you log in to see if your prices have gone up too. I would very much appreciate it. 10 tracks now cost me over £20. If this is intentional I hope Beatport rot in hell !!! I have sent them an e-mail. I'm not happy. I bought two tracks earlier without realising how much I was paying for them. They made no effort to advertise a rise in prices. I hope its all a big mistake. Any other good download sites for prog / minimal / electro that do .wav's? Sorry to rant. Please let me know of your experiences. James 23
  10. Ey up, Heva !! Hope you are well !! Apparently Allaby is playing as well !! I am there like a bear !!! FREQ !!!!!! BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!
  11. mmmm .... if you can, work out which key your tracks are in .... and then make sure that your mixes are tuneful / harmonic ..... stuff the "beat mixing" element .....
  12. its a great dj tool .... not so good for home listening .... the tracks rock on rig and fit really well in the mix with other stuff in this genre .... I cant listen to it all way through myself ...... but still think it is a really good buy / cd ..... hmmm
  13. I have to agree .... whats up with the production / mastering here ?..... sounds weak and transparent ....... no shine on the higher freqs ..... Says mastered at high hat studios ..... they usually do a stellar job .... hmmmm ..... I wonder if its a "style" thing ..... Techy music with psy progressive production values please !!! Still I do like a few of the tracks on here ...... perfect stranger track is great .... as is the mammoth hunter mix ....
  14. I use soundforge ...... just hit record and thats it .......
  15. omg !!! who let red five on here !!!???? *runs and hides*
  16. still not out ? *hoping I havn't missed anything* *only hassling you becuase I know its gonna be another wicked album*
  17. hiya heva !! long time no see !! Gauduim rocks ...... takes a coupla listens ..... Could you let me know what Frechbax sounds like? .... been toying with getting that one for a while ....... take care - prolly see ya in wales ....... yeah !!!!
  18. aha ha !! Wotcha Biggins !! Yep - this album doth rock !!
  19. there are no skips on my copy ......
  20. today i recieved in the post. Grooze Zone V/A - Aerocruz. High Voltage House - V/A - ACDC Avalanche of Sound 4 - V/A - Avalanche Recs Martin H - Another Download ... V/A - Levitation - Candyflip recs ....
  21. shaft dude ..... a midi file has no sound ...... it is just information on how to play a sound. That sound can be anything you want ....... ie ....... you cannot convert a midi file into a wav file ...... sorry mate ... I guess what the El-g means is that he wants to get a wav file of the sound he is currently playing with a midi file .... What you are referring to is "general midi" which is a bank of ( usually crap sounds ) bundled onto your sound card ..... Piaona , Viola ..... etc ... If El-g is playing one of these sounds via midi he basically wants to play it on its own and then sample it ....... hey presto he will have his wave file ......
  22. yeah - i bought this ...... as compilations go its pretty shit really (sorry!)
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