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  1. are you sure your'e not drunk OD ? he he ehe !!!
  2. doh !! Mind you twas a bit warm that day !!! I seem to remember lying semi naked under the tarps with a t-shirt on my head for most of it !! i think I was lucky to see anyone play !! he he !
  3. Absolutely .... The Phoney's rocked the place in 2003 - that was great .....! Will have to arrange a meet for some people a bit nearer the time !!! Nice one !!
  4. nie one !! see you there Tox & Heva !! It'll be my second time there. Went first in 2003 - had a great time at the progressive stage. Johan Bley vs E-Chip live for the fisrt sunrise ..... wow .... what a way to start the day !! The proggy stage is where I wanna be Had my flight booked and everything last year ..... I just couldn't go in the end coz my girlfriend was pregnant and I had to buy a house <boring> ..... Nothing will stop me this year though !! Will have to hook up for a good old cup of tea at some stage !!!! James
  5. he eh !! Sound like fun !!
  6. In that case you should leave it alone for a while .... come back to once your brain is clear ...... Its possible to focus on a tune so much that its becomes impossible to get it out of your own head ..... time to step back ...... If you leave it a few days I'm sure the problems will easier to solve with fresher ears !!! Defo hook up at the glade though man !! look forward to it !!!
  7. I cant listen at the moment - will give it a listen when round Iains tonight .... ( he's going to Glade now btw ! ) I have to say - if it sounds nearly as good as your other stuff then it will f*cking rock .....
  8. hey unikos !! Good stuff man !! Will have to hook up for a cup of tea !!! Not too long to go now ....... meep !
  9. yeah - but it sounds slower ....... a strange comment I know, but it does !!!! I reckon that the sooner people realize that all boundaries are illusions we could all start enjoying the "good" music out there and ignore the "not good" music ..... 4/4 ..... breaks ....... whatever ....... as long as its good !!! God - I hope I'm not listening to the same stuff in 20 years ........
  10. yes - I like this one !! Funkeh !!
  11. He he eh ...... You will be fine - just dont forget April 27th ...... they shouldn't sell out straight away but dont leave it too long !! Hopefully see ya there !!
  12. ah - yes. People that went to the festival last year received an e-mail last week with links to buy "loyalty tickets" for a slightly cheaper price ( not much cheaper ) I believe the "official tickets" are on sale from 27th April ....... You could subscribe to their newsletter to ensure you dont forget !! http://www.gladefestival.com/subscribe.html
  13. hey i'm definitely going !!! Last year was mental - DJ AFX rocks !!! Snapped up two tickets straight away. Its Iain that needs persuading at the moment ...... <on da case> See you there for sure !!
  14. No - I think you have to e-mail them if you wanna take a bus ....... Got my tix today !!! excellent .......
  15. Check the link above. Also take a wander around Soho - there are plenty of cool shops round there. Portabello road market is pretty good too ......
  16. My 12" vinyl of Polynomial C on R&S recs is one of my most treasured posessions ..... he's playing at the Glade festival in Uk again this year ..... he was awesome last time .... DJ AFX ROCKS !!!!
  17. Go Colin !! Look forward to hearing it. I think Andrew may have been spinning some of it sneakily on sat night .. v.good !
  18. doh ! I lost both of these albums when I left a cd wallett on top of my car ...... idjut !! (EDIT :- ooops - sorry just read guidelines ....... I'm an idjut indeed !! he he !!)
  19. I shit you not. A a month or so ago someone played me a psy version of MC Hammers's "Cant Touch This" I couldn't fcuking believe it .... it was very well done and very funny. That bassline done in a 16th rolling style was just hilarious ........
  20. err ..... Good Israeli Trance ? I like Panick, BLT, Lish .... I could go on ........ As a rule I dont like the Generic Israeli sound though .......
  21. KAMOFLAGE @ Q-Bar Whitechapel Rd, London E1 Directions : whitechapel station, out of station and turn right venue is fifty yards on right hand side Sat 9th/Sunday 10th April Doors Open 12.30am (Sat night/Sun morn)-8pm (Sun Eve) Admission £5 The play list line up is as follows :- ASTRALEX - 1am til 3am (Symbiosis) MARCELLO V.O.R - 3am til 5am (Neurobiotic Recs) ANDREW HUMPHRIES - 5am til 7am (Organic Records / Voice of COD) LUCIANO - 7am til 9am (wireless FM.net) MADMANSAM + SATAN - 9am til 11am (Nemesis Records) FREAKY BOB - 11am til 1pm (Upfront, Atomic Energy, Kamoflage) JAMEZ 23 - 1pm til 3pm (Fushion / Kamoflage) JiMjAm - 3pm til 4.30pm (Fushion / Kamoflage) SPRAGGA - 4.30pm til 5.30pm (Kamoflage) RED FIVE - 5.30pm til 7pm ( 180 / Chaosunlimited / Phar Psyde ) GANDALF GREY - 7pm til 8.30pm (Indigo Children) This will be a blast people. Nearly 24 hours of banging trance music !
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