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  1. he he he !! Your neighbours are gonna love you !!! he eh ! Today I have been mostly receiving in the mail a Drone CD, a Magnetrixx CD and a Sensient cd. All fairly new !!
  2. Oh yes - same style - very distinctive .... CD 1 is more upbeat CD 2 is the more chilled style ..... I guess you would enjoy it then ... very good music and a good introduction if you dont own anything else by them ... I was happy when I bought it anyway ...... listen to CD 2 quite alot !! Nice saturday / sunday morning music !!
  3. Yeah - I have the Banco de Gaia album ... I like it ..... I suppose you would have to a be a fan of them really. CD2 is my fave ....
  4. england ...... www.psy-forum.co.uk
  5. whoa !! looking good there for £530 - a wise move taking up the offer I think ..... SATA Drives are the way to go for Audio as well ........ very fast !! I honestly think think you are making the right choice here .... good luck with the "install" weekend coming up !!! James.
  6. hey psychocell ...... yeah - the card is a few years old but the drivers were last updated a few weeks ago ....... It uses the same technology that alot of the m-audio cards use - even the expensive ones !! It is just a cut down version with fewer inputs & outputs. Considering this it is ideal for a home pc - the 'out' on the soundcard plugs straight into your dj mixer / amp ......... The issues are really as follows ..... Does it do the job ----- Yes. What is the sound quality like - Good. Does it have up to date ASIO drivers ? Yes. Man - if it makes you feel any better I just spent £1300 on a new audio pc. I went and bought a Audiophile 2496 for it for £60 ..... it does what I want it to ..... ie. lets me monitor the music I am making and has a stereo pair in for recording synths if I choose to ...... it really is a great solution for a home computer ..... I mean a professional quality card for £60 ? Can't go wrong mate ..... IMO the soundblaster audigy was designed for playing games with ..... the Audiophile was designed for making music with. I hope this helps
  7. I dont think the Audigy is a good card for music production - it is more like a glorified soundblaster card for games / windows ..... You asked what soundcard everyone best thought suited your needs ...... I suggest you look into buying a M-Audio 2496 ...... I have one in my pc and it does the job I want it to just fine ....... I have spent £100's of pounds on soundcards in the past and wish that i could have found a card like this one for home use years ago .....
  8. ok - get yourself down to turnkeys or soho soundhouse and buy your self an M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 card .... Stero pair in / Stereo pair out + spdif in/out + 1 midi in out ........ Thats it - but it is cheap at about £60 ....... voted best sound card by computer music ...... and dirt cheap
  9. I'd look for samples of dolphins rather than a synth patch to emulate the sound .... You could whack the samples into a sampler and play about with them to your hearts content ... Just an idea
  10. yeah - the m-audio audiophile series are just fine ........ cheap too ....... no fancy features but good d/a convertors ...... all depends on your set up really. Do you use outboard hardware or are you software based ?
  11. It is on the new Cosmosis album - called trancedance ...... The track itself is called re-order
  12. it should drop on my doormat any day now !! <looking forward>
  13. hey - for sure !! Will have to get our heads together and sort it out a bit nearer the time !! I cant wait !!
  14. I voted forest with this in mind totally .......
  15. good weekend >? Couldne make it this year ..... Was there on 04/04/04 ...... it was my birfday Hope you had fun Heva !
  16. yeah - dont worry - the voov is big enough for everyone !! c ya there !!
  17. I belive there is a "rmx" of this track by X-NOISE - its called Anjuna Beach for some stupid reason !!! On some crystal matrix album I think ( dont own it so could be wrong ! )
  18. Its by Wayne Gee .... "I want cocaine on a breakfast tray ......" "Excuse me - but do do you fuck as well as you dance ? Are you as hot in the bedroom as you are on the dancefloor?" Dodgy record - good for a grin the fisrt time its heard I suppose .....
  19. man - look in HMV on oxford street. I lost my first copy 360 years ago - then ended up bying a sealed original from a market trader selling cheap cd's for £5 each .... result ! wicked album btw !!
  20. Tox - re: Phoney's - I thought Voov had a policy of never booking the same act twice ? I wouldn't mind seeing them again though ....... Frogacult live would be sweet - it would have to be on sunday though !! ( something for sundays ....... ) So - looks like we are gonna be driving from good old blighty then !! Should be interesting !!! Cant wait !!
  21. I just bought Orion - Futuristic Poetry (2005 Avatar Reissue, original 1997) Shakta – Feed The Flame (Dragonfly 2004) VA – Retrodelic Vibes (Avatar 2005) (oldskool) X-Dream ......... we interface ...... ( for one tune !!! doh ) for £20 off damion psyreviews ...... Could be worse
  22. The tickets sold out hours after going on sale .... ... loads of people having a nightmare because they were not quick enough off the mark .... oh well - I'm there !
  23. seriously - that looks like a quality night out !! Cheers for the photos man !!
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