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    V/A - Posse

    me likey !!! Only got it yesterday but the first listen was a pleasure ....... (even though I did fall asleep )
  2. he he !! yeah - bad planning on my part too ....... was back at work yesterday ... still, it feels like a tuesday - I keep reminding myself that its the weekend in a few hours - whoo hoo !!! ( thank god - fuzzy brain still !! ) Shame you missed sensient .... it always happens ...... I set my alarm to wake me at 10:30 sat night and managed to surface about 02:50 - lucky really .... he eh e ! Julz did go to see s-range ( i was sleeping !! ) He said he was good ! I'm afraid that its true though - he's gone all full on ... it is pretty good full on ....... I wonder what it sounds like slowed down .... hmmmm 3 1/2 hours to go !!! mwah !! I'm gonna sleep like a baby when I get home tonight!
  3. shitmatt dj scotch egg phil collins 3 all played at Glade festy in uk - the music is wrong .... very wrong ..... Think breakcore gabba with samples of whigfield ...... ooooof !
  4. yes - wicked time at the voov again !! as always ..... Got a bit wet when we arrived ....... he ehe ..... understatement .... But by friday morning our camp was all up and everyone started to relax ....... the opening ceremnony was cool .... stayed awake until daybreak then caught some more zzzzzz's ..... I reckon saturday / sunday at the proggy stage were the best for me ..... nice and cool weather for dancing ...... even had some sunshine at stages ( it came out when reefer decree were playin !!! wooo ! ) .... Sat night / Sunday has to be the best though ...... Sensient rocked - totally ..... wicked music ...... around about this stage we started drinking lots of coktails so things got a bit sketchy .... Reefer Decree were wicked !!! Loved that ..... enjoyed all the dj's during the day ..... Beckers / BaNEL / Thai guy with the phone ...... all fantastic !! D-Nox rounded it all of off with a wicked set which ended up in the realms of dirty elctro / acid house ........ lovely stuff !! I didn't really get into the music on the main stage ...... but the laser / light show was stunning - I spent quite a while there on sunday night just looking at the pretty colours !!! Pop stream were absolutely awful but there was smile on my face anyway ........ !!! Cant be bothered to go into it here but we had an interesting journey home ...... pulled by customs in Germany and again in France ( missed our ferry ! doh ! ). ..... he he eh ..... everything is cool though ...... I mean come on .... Do we really look that dodgy >>??? ok, dont answer that ...... Did have a quick look at the meeting board ....... didn't see any notes from psynewsers - it didn't occur to me to leave one .... I'm a bit stupid like that ... probably didn't have a pen anyway ...... he ehe he !! Good to hear everyone else had a good time !!!! I think I met you Koolaid ....... hope you had a good one mate !!! First day back at work today Heva >? Recovered yet >? he ehe h ... roll on 17:30 !!!
  5. its easy if you use logic ....... just program in a tempo change ..... I suppose you want me to tell you how its done ..... sighs ...... cant remember
  6. hey hey !! Wotcha mr ott^ !!!! Hope your having fun wherever you are !!! And OD - I'll see ya tonight fella !!
  7. bwaahahahah !! I brought it on myself .......
  8. oooh - looking forward to this one ... both albums so far have been really good ....... really .......
  9. toxic caterpiller .......
  10. i respect his tutfy goatee trimming skills .......
  11. post on the glade site too !! and psy-forum.co.uk If not just get the train / taxi ....... wont be a problem ......
  12. hehe !! I got a copy of Build your own reactor too !! track number 1 was written by me, my friend iain and Scorb - its our first proper release ! I hope you like it !! I recently received Jaia and the new set-5 comp from Iboga !! The reefer decree track on iboga is an absolute classic in the making - played it out at the weekend and it got nearly everyone on their feet ...... tghe reset of the album is quality too ......
  13. yeah - I suppose it could be quite restricting ..... Still a very useable bit of kit. There is an up/down octave button that you have to hit to take you up and down the octaves ..... Never seen it as a problem myself ....... I kinda play the basic notes on the keyboard then go into the editor and play around with them ....... If the notes need to span over a few octaves it can easily be achecived at this stage ..
  14. wider range ? What do you mean dude ...... like with more keys ?
  15. I use the m-audio Oxygen 8 keyboard ....... I have two now They have lots of knobs and everything ...... http://www.turnkey.co.uk/tkweb/stockdetail...EN8&context=WEB
  16. today I hav been mostly receiving in the post teh new Shpongle Album and The "Chilling Matenda" album .... Thought I would buy some summer music and its farking raining cats and dogs outside !!!
  17. 'fluffy' is a term that can be used very loosely to indicate that something is ..... nice, happy, undertanding, postive ..... Fluffy when used to describe music would mean that it is happy, uplifting - smile inducing music !! So if someone is happy and positive and loving and understanding etc ... you could say that they were 'fluffy' !! Like fluffy little bears or fluffy kittens ...... It is quite the opposite of 'spikey' ......
  18. *just think about Voov* *only 45 days now*
  19. Not sure about that. Go to the glade website - they have a forum on there too. Might be worth posting up there - probably get a better response from people. See you there !! http://www.gladefestival.com/forum
  20. Ady's Tundra is a wicked track ..... Good to see you are finally releasing it !!! Good luck with the album Chris.
  21. Subsonik ..... I know how you feel. In my opinion it all comes down to attitude. There are two different ways of looking at it. Positively / Negatively. Negatively: It is waste of time and money. It will lead to greater frustration ..... maybe even public humliation ....... ( playing live ..... ). I will never reach the same level as the pro's who have been writing for years. Conclusion - GIVE UP !!! End result ...... it will never happen ........ Postively: I seem to be getting better with each track I write. I enjoy making music it helps me to focus / relax etc ...... Conclusion ...... KEEP ON SLOGGING AWAY AT IT ! End result - with alot of hard work / time / money ....... it might happen. I prefer to side with the "it might happen" scenario ...... Your music will not get there unless you are actually trying. Which you are - you see, you are on the right path already. Good luck to all of the aspiring producers out there ( including myself !! )
  22. mmm are from england ... there is one track on Love Technology that is a classic, probably the one mentioned before ..... cant remember track name. When they get it right it is great ..... but have been a bit hit or miss for me over the years .....
  23. jamez_23

    LIttle Green PLanet

    yep - I'll be going ( if I can still function after tonight that is !!! )
  24. eh he ! Sounds like a plan .......
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