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  1. Hoi Pol Loi The Black Swan, Stapleton Road, 5th March 2005, 10pm - 6am Filthy Full-On Beats: Scorb [live] (Ambivalent Records) (previewing his upcoming album) Red Five (Chaos Unlimited / 180Degrees) Morph (Phantasm / Planet Shroom) Lurk (BooM! Records / Hoi Pol Loi) Aurora (Psyforce Productions / Hoi Pol Loi) Dirty Progressive Grooves: Damion (Psyreviews.com) Jamez_23 (Fushion Sound System) Wicki (0rganic recs/Phar-psyde) Yellow Cake Breaks (Breaks n Beatz) Grubby Chill: Elko (Omni Festival) Hudbot (Omni Festival) Substance Gibbon (Hoi Pol Loi) Space Cake (Phar-psyde) Deco; Tim Smile & Tufty Damage; ₤ 7.50 B4 11.30 ₤10 AFTER No entrance after 2 many more details to come... all we can say is that we won't be using the house sound system for further info or presale mail us at hoipolloi@hotmail.CO.UK For the those who don't know, "Hoi polloi" is the ancient greek term for "the many" or "the masses"; in the 1930's it was twisted by posh types to mean "the great unwashed"
  2. he eh !! Nice one Astro - I knew they used someone's else's equipment, I could have sworn it was Eat Static's. Oh well, evidently my memory is not what it used to be ..... Perhaps this explains why it was their only ever album as Children of the Bong .... shame ......
  3. Wicked Album. Apparently, Children of the Bong are/were (?) friends of Eat Static, who kindly let them use their studio for the production of this album. It really is a good one people. I remember first getting this back in 95'. Wicked trancey breakbeat fuelled psychedelia.
  4. he eh !! yes heva !! As another brit I concur with you totally. Anti-World has lost all credibility within the UK Psy Scene. It makes no difference to them as they rake the money in anyway. London, historically, has a big hard dance / acid techno following. Anti_World really were coming from this direction musically in the beginning. They have jumped on the bandwagon and now employ big name trance acts to pull in the punters. I believe they have had virtually the same line up for the Psy Room on 2 or 3 occasions over the past year or so. Astrix, GMS, and IM. ho Hum. If you want to go to a good psy party in London DONT go to Anti-World. IMO When the site is back up, check www.psy-forum.co.uk and search on "AntiWorld". It should give you a laugh if nothing else !
  5. Good advice there !!! There are no rules to good music .... There are, however, rules, if you want to churn out GMS clone high energy psy trance music. Which I, personally, dont ...... I know E.P. knows what he's talking about ...... nice rmx for Frogacult there and nice colaboration with BLT recently ..... both get my thumbs up !!! Keep it moving forward !! nice spacey progressive ..... hmmmm ..... Oh & Spindrift - thanks for the welcome ! I hear what you are saying totally. I have two or three bass / kick combos that I keep using because they work so damn well !! ie. without eq or compression ..... they just sit well in the mix without trying to cram them into 'the box' at all !!! nice
  6. I sold most of my hardware last year to go to festies ..... to be honest it was all gathering dust .... Still have a Roland JP8000 and a Virus Indigio - both still used but fairly minimally.
  7. Hmmm . there are a few ways to skin this particular cat, IMO ..... You could drop the bass note on the kick as Mylo suggests ..... this does rather restrict the style of bass pattern that can be used and is not always necessary. Most "full on" basslines do follow this rule though .... Try a high pass filter on the bass note that collides with the kick. The upper harmonics of the bass sound will be present but the lower freq's will not clash with kick as they simply are not present. This creates suprisingly good results ..... the brain does not really register the fact that the bottom end of every 4th note has no bass ..... Try it, you might like it The issue here is headroom. Stuff mentioned that the problem could be solved using an analogue mixing desk. Yes & No. Analouge mixing desks all have slightly different "headroom". The issue of the freq's from the kick and the bass residing in the same space on the audio spectrum is the problem - its takes away any headroom in your mix and creates a nasty clashing "muddy effect". I have a multi out sound card and an analouge mixing desk and it still creates problems. The issue is that both the kick and the bass note are fighting for the same frequencies in the mix and so create a dynamic boost when both played at the same time ..... this is what you need to avoid. EQ can also be useful. Use a spectrum analyser to see where the main frequency response in the sounds are. Two different sounds playing at the same time should not use the same area of the frequency spectrum ..... well, not in pumpy dance music anyway ...... You could set-up a compressor on the bassline channel. Sidechain it to the kick channel. With the correct tweaking of parameters here it is possible to have the bassline "duck" dynamically whenever the kick drum sounds. Another good way to skin the cat. These techniques are more useful in the progressive side of our music where the groove has more importance ...... Oh - and hello by the way - I think this may be my first post. Have been lurking here for a while now ..... James
  8. Roland JP8000 or Roland JP8080 - good for Goa Sounds and realatively cheap if you can find them second hand anywhere.
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