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  1. I'm searching this genre 2 months now and here some producers Banco De Gaia (a lot of albums) Bombay Dub Orchestra Hol Baaumann (tech ambient) Tripswitch (one of my fav) Morphonix Enjoy
  2. After a couple of listenings I can say that is a good album (melodic,dance,progressive) :posford: Top quality and tracks that are born for dance floors. 8.5/10
  3. These first samples think that are different than usual of TF... :wank: Nice but not familiar (maybe?) with the old work. Waiting for complete listening
  4. I just get it and I still don't listening all...just a quick scaning... The 1st track "change everything" is... :posford: Later more...
  5. Igor Swamp - Stiff manure fresh stuff :posford: :posford:
  6. Nothing compares with the first listening... It's like sex. 1st time is super the 2nd is ok and at 3d starting thinking to find someone else... To understand if the track that you produce is good (enjoyable) you must listen it after a big break maybe or working with 3 tracks in the same period.
  7. Malic Trey - Sleepy Shadows :wank: Where can I found more from him ? Nice chill....
  8. +++ We have 20 degrees here with clear sky and I have mood for this : ticon - models on cocaine
  9. Hi Buzz Cool track pal. You put inside things from psy, prog and melodic trance. Very nice. For me the good point of this track is the continuing changing of the melodies and seqs that really drives you further and further...As for the production what can I say really? Nothing neg pal Bravo :posford:
  10. This doesn't mean that there are not people who listen oldschool goa trance in this forum. But the atmosphere that you mentioned is...old and things going forward Personally sometimes I'm listening Hallucinogen in my car when I'm travelling but after 2-3 tracks I remember Younger Brother and continuing with this. I mean fresh is always better... Cheers
  11. Don't decide yet.... Has a lot of psy elements that I can go in... cheers
  12. Hi ! You can ckeck also -authist and dub one -bubbledubble authist are very melodic and bubble mixing dub with the 70s.... nice thread.I start searching...
  13. Sorry for the cnt post... I'm listenning "happy birthday" :posford:
  14. Hi Otto. The others are right.It's so good! You create an atmosphere fool of images. This called inspiration...
  15. Good track :posford: I like the "breath" snare. Psy idea Chaotic goa sequencers. Like the old good time I would like some more "solo". But this is my personal taste. :posford:
  16. Hi bioshift. I like the mood and the idea of the track.You have dark style and this is smth that enjoy. The track needs work at mastering.Some sounds are clipping.If you fix it will be ok. :clapping:
  17. Hello Jeller. Owwhh! No mercy :posford: Some parts reminds of kindzadaza and this is compliment Quality man. I want to dance it under a huge speaker....haha Give us more dude.
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