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  1. Merzouga Dunes - MOROCCO Web site update! Visit our tickets section for booking info. www.nomadstribe.com Transahara will gather for its fifth edition, and from the four corners of the world, lovers of intense musical and visual experiments. This year, the festival is now planned to start on Friday April 10 at 21p.m and last until Tuesday April 14. Transportation in 4x4 will be organized on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 April for the departure, and Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 for the return. It will be possible to have access to accommodations in inns, all very close of the festival site, or to enjoy a traditional bedouin tent located on the site. Finally, more than 40 international artists, including the incredible D-NOX ( http://www.d-nox.com/interactive.html ), will come over and make sure to show us all that really, dunes can dance! For all details, often visit our site, because it is frequently updated: Click to Enlarge ~*~ LINEUP ~*~ Artist info and links. Click Here **MAINSTAGE** - 40 DJ's - Absolute - Musicall Box / Canada ADM - Nomadstribe Recs / Morocco Adrenaddict - Nomadstribe Recs / Morocco Amine K - SOM, Meds / Morocco Anya - Sonic Beating / USA Argonautes - Peak Recs / Sweetzerland Billy Casazza - Opulent Temple, Burning Man / San Fransisco, CA Chucky - Sick Recs / Portugal Daox - Nomadstribe Recs / Morocco DaRoom - Morocco DeepR - Nomadstribe Recs / Canada Diali - Nomadstribe Recs / Morocco D-Nox (from Dnox and Beckers) - Electribe, Sprout & Baroque / Germany Doog - Nomadstribe / France Dyno - Body & Mind / France Edoardo - Neurobiotic Recs / Italy G2 aka Bustrance - Nomadstribe Recs / France Garo - Etnicanet / Italy Goncalo - Musica Moderna, Amoeba Recs / Spain Hyperfrequencies - Mechanik Recs / France Ihy - Nass El Rahil, Nomadstribe Recs / Canada Kaa - Tribal Vision Recs / Lebanon Kairon - Kairoo Recs / Belgium Kobold Instinct - Wild Seven Recs / Morocco Korpora - Hommega Recs, Crystal Matrix / Spain Liquid Elf - The Little Green Planet / UK Liquid Ross - Liquid Recs / UK Mar 1 - Platinum Club, Underground / Morocco Miss Tick - Spin Twist Recs / France Olmo - Musica Moderna, Amoeba Recs / Spain Psyberpunk - Shaman Electro Recs / Sweetzerland Psychoz- Morning Star, Kagdila Recs / Germany Rikam - Neurobiotic Recs / Canada Rise - France Simon Baring - Twisted Recs / UK Steve - O - Gaian Mind / New York Unes - Nomadstribe Recs / Morocco Yann - Ultra Groove Recs / Canada Ygriega - Travel spirits, Pixie Dust / Canada **CHILLOUT** Avichay - Morocco Steve O - USA Zoran - Germany Yann - Canada Psysufi - Morocco Liquid Ross - UK And much more to announce soon We are very happy to announce that everything is going as planned. 300 of you have gotten their entrance tickets. We can't wait to meet you all on the dunes. Please know that there are only 200 event passes left. We do not hold reservations and we go by "first come, first served" policy. If you really want to come, please book your ticket ticket as soon as you can following this link: http://www.nomadstribe.com/restrans09/reservations/add **Transahara 2008 Video ** Visuals: Akarien - Main Stage Concept - Screens - Canada Cafrine - VJ - Canada DerkeinPrinz - VJ - Spain Kaa - VJ - Lebanon Le Carro - VJ - Canada Deco: Liquid Drops - Decos - UK Performance: Mystika - Dance and Fire Performance PooKa - Fire Dancer TRAVEL INFORMATIONS! feel free to email with questions To get to Morocco from anywhere in the world, check those web sites Atlas Blue : www.atlas-blue.com EasyJet: www.easyjet.com Jet 4 You: www.jet4you.com Ryanair: www.ryanair.com Fly to: Marrakech, Casablanca. Festival limited to 600 people !!! Sales close April 1st there will be no ticket sales at the gate !!! This year, we provide a Camping Area, a traditional Nomad Camp and a luxurious Oriental Camp. These camps are located near a Kasbah hotel within walking distance of the main stage. After experimenting many parties in the desert, we strongly recommend the Nomad and Oriental Camps in case of bad weather. The event on Facebook: http://www.new.facebook.com/inbox/#/event....9964&ref=ts PLEASE spread the word and share this event with your friends!! For those which are registered on FaceBook and who wish to help us to spread the word about our gathering, don't hesitate to invite your dearest friends directly on the site! There is absolutely no doubt that they will be grateful towards you for showing them the way to the dunes SEE YOU ON THE DANCEFLOOR !!!!! WWW.NOMADSTRIBE.COM
  2. VA - Soul Vibration#002 CD Release Date: OUT NOW !!! Following hot on the heels of the UK label Liquid Record's smashing success of a downtempo compilation "Soul Vibration" is the much awaited sequel, "Soul Vibration#002" In keeping with Liquid's tradition of eclectic genre fusion, "SV#002" contains a harmonious 10 tracks featuring some of the world's hottest new and proven acts in the downtempo sector. From Phutureprimitive to Nagual Sound Experiment to Slackbaba, This collection of Liquid's most stellar talent is sure to please the senses and slide you into that special spring groove.This album doubtlessly lives up to the high standards of the label and its impressive lineup of musical talent. Each track showcases nicely the divergent sounds of each of these artists. From the indoor urban clubs to chillout spaces in the middle of the wilds, once again Liquid puts a little something for every environment into this tracklist, as any great compilation should be. Give this album a listen to see what all the buzz is about. CLICK BELOW FOR SOUND SAMPLES 1. Terrey Davey - Karin 2. System 7 - Kupuri (Mirror System Remix) 3. Slackbaba - Tsentak 4. Nagual Sound Experiment - Completely Sideways 5. Mood Deluxe - Mercury Rising 6. Organismic - On The Air (Original Mix) 7. Capsula - Golden Orb 8. Phutureprimitive - Innerverse 9. Zubzub - Inner Marine 10. Terrey Davey - Liquid Soul Track by Track Terrey Davey - Karin A folksy acoustic guitar intro makes for an unexpectedly enjoyable beginning to this diverse chilled out odyssey of an album. So sit back, open your mind and float away on clouds of smile-provoking guitar chords. System 7 - Kupuri (Mirror System Remix) The intro track eases gently into an electro-acoustic blend of guitar harmonics, world beat drum arrangements and vocals, and warm, thick basslines. Minimalistic and benevolent, System 7 keeps the atmosphere light and spacious... sixteenth-note synth backgrounds get your brain waves in sync while the drum and bass progresses subtly and smoothly. Very chilled out and easy on the ears. Slackbaba - Tsentak Slackbaba definitely pushes the envelope of his Eastern-influenced, abstract dub style with this third addition. intricate sound patterns flit from left to right, expanding the boundaries of the sound while chopped-up, delay-touched filtering over electric piano adds a smooth, bluesy feel. The drumlines are simply great and never stay the same... you'll keep looking around for an invisible drummer you'd swear is sitting right next to you, playing along. Nagual Sound Experiment - Completely Sideways Nagual Sound Experiment, the side project of Brighton's Mood Deluxe, takes a stride away from his normally more "urban" sound to deliver a dubbed-out, locally grown musical piece heavy on triplet syncopation and psychedelic guitar. The name of this one fits so well because the masterful beat arrangement gives the music a very lopsided feel, albeit still very danceable. This piece highlight's well Cameron's expansive musical potential... check it out. Mood Deluxe - Mercury Rising Cameron follows up his downtempo alterego with a lofty epic of a breakbeat track combining the worlds of two-step with old-school melodic goa flavor. The bass is warm, thick and slippery and your feet are sure to glide right across it on the dancefloor! The trippy eastern female vocals add an emotive spice to the audio ether. There are so many noises that simply tickle the neurons in this one, and some insanely good percussive breakdowns midway... if "Mercury" can't get you moving, nothing will. Organismic - On The Air (Original Mix) The first track in the second half of this innovative compilation is a saga of a track... a safari that is a change of flavor to what came before. At times haunting and acid-etched, others retro and ethno-centric, "On The Air" has as much ebb and flow as the Mississippi River. The drums are well-filtered and pop at you in a front-to-back sort of way you simpl don't hear in more two-dimensional tracks. This piece is ten minutes very well spent. Capsula - Golden Orb Further down the spiral, "Golden Orb" by Capsula is the sort of track born to be played loudly, from deep within a mountain wilderness grove. Heady guitar, filtered trance melodies make the "meat" of this one... From the lows of the bass and kicks to the highest of the hats and echoed synth squelches, this track has a great buildup in intensity from beginning to end. This "Orb" will find its way into many an outdoor event this coming season. Phutureprimitive - Innerverse Open your mind to the unorthodox when this track starts playing... Phutureprimitive follows every musical tradition and none with this piece. Expect non-standard note timings that arrest your attention and force you into the details. The basslines are great, changing keys on you every so often while drum beats bounce about all around you. Spacey pads dissasociate you from your norms... and if you listen closely enough, you'll find that what's between the notes is just as pleasing as the notes themselves. Zubzub - Inner Marine Zubzub of the legendary Ozric Tentacles delivers a cloudy dubtrance track rife with harmonic synth pad resonance and retro old school spirals reminiscent of childhood science shows on television. Flutes from both the Old and New Worlds dance along with staccato electronic rhythms along a substrata of elastic basslines, causing an atmosphere of musical convergence created by a longtime veteran of electo-acoustic live music. Terrey Davey - Liquid Soul Davey's outro of feartfelt classical guitar brings this outstanding compilation around full circle and leaves you in a sense of contented spiritual relaxation. Davey's guitar art is intuitive and wholesome... the minds of Liquid were ingenious to have him begin and end their newest comp this way... by the ond of this CD you'll find yourself back where you started, and feeling a little wiser for your trip. Buy Online Direct from Liquid Records Psyshop Saiko Sounds Beatspace Exclusive worldwide distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesque.co.uk | mark.bedford@arab.co.uk | Related Links Liquid Records | www.liquid-records.com | Liquid on MySpace | www.myspace.com/liquidrecordsuk | Triskele Management | www.triskelemanagement.com | Triskele on MySpace | www.myspace.com/robintriskele |
  3. OUT NOW !!! And available at these online shops: Saikosounds : http://www.saikosounds.com/English/display...ase.asp?id=7373 Wirikuta : http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai...owDetail=199889 Beatspace : http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=4322
  4. Reon ~ Movement Release date: 07 July 2008 With over a decade and a half's worth of experience roaming the world as a psy-trance DJ as well as producing his own sounds for equally as long, Reon is one of those artists who exists beyond classifications and is truly on his own level. From London to Cape Town to Melbourne to the Ajuna beaches, Reon's music reflects his extensive career, with a unique sound that has been evolving along its own trees since a time before electronic genres began to be classified and quantized. Currently owner of Sweden-based 67Rec Projects, Reon's fourth album, "Movement", is close to being released amid much ado and eager anticipation as a pivotal release in the life's work of this dedicated and industrious artist. CLICK BELOW FOR SOUND SAMPLES [*]1. Phinal Enigma [*]2. Total Confusion [*]3. Wishful Thinking [*]4. White Fluff [*]5. Svartalfheimr [*]6. Reverse Engineering [*]7. Altlandis [*]8. Dandelion Seeds [*]9. The Nowhere Man Track by Track Phinal Enigma Resonant harmonic collusions of sound forebear a twisted, thumping tale of thick grooves clashing dynamically with grating, grinding synth bass and rolling melodies. Heavy duty percussion and corrosive saw waves slice through your cerebrum and surrender you to its thrall. Each sound is eerily rich, with a duality of light and dark rolling moods. Total Confusion A ramped-up tempo and a meaty, in-your-face bass greet you amidst nighttime atmospheres of feral synth squishes and squirts. Spontaneous changes in the lower frequencies warp the mood subtly yet perceptibly. The influences of the Anjuna beaches can be heard here, and crisp drum work and melodies keep this one fresh throughout the rotations. Wishful Thinking Reon takes us on a tour towards the dark side, and "Wishful" does not fall short... malevolent, full-on layers collide chaotically and whip up the dance floor into a feeding frenzy of trance energy, perfect for peak hour summertime mayhem. Freaky dissonance recall visions of scary dolls and vulnerable childhood frights and pummel the ego into mental mush White Fluff This ever-evolving musical masterpiece leaves little to be desired, save for wishes for more where this one comes from by the time the last kick fades out. No two loops stay the same for more than a couple of measures, and silky pads and effects caress against acid-drenched stabs in gracious dynamic duality of cyclical sonic energies. Svartalfheimr A deeply rich bass undercurrent is accented mainly by enigmatic percussive breakdowns. Plenty of cornucopiac lo-fi blips cascade from above according to unique accentuations. The percussion section is smooth and stellar throughout this track, whose two very different halves coalesce into a winding journey through the unexpected. Reverse Engineering Reon combines talents with Teknob in this original work which stands alone in a world of excessive genre classification. Deep, tribal, and organic, the housey beat chugs along lazily beneath currents of acid sweeps, glitchy stabs and dissonant melody. Reverse Engineering is music on its own level, as easy to enjoy as it is difficult to categorize Atlandis This ancient anthem of a place before time summons primordial pockets of energetic ooze. These slippery, slimy beats glide through the dance space beings from digital dimensions. From the low rumbling bass to the high resonance of sonar communications, "Altlandis" awakens animalistic urges and out-of-body spatial dance perceptions Dandelion Seeds Another example of Reon's shining versatility, "Seeds" has a killer groove with winding, nomadic trance arpeggio progressions which, quite thankfully are utterly devoid of any cheese. Minimalistic in nature, yet with every sound clean and clear, this track doesn't pass up on a single moment of high psychedelia, a real pick-me-up for sunrise second winds The Nowhere Man This track finalizes this album of superior sonic quality, technicality, and innovation with all the flair and pinache of a grand finale. Reon certainly doesn't slack off on his sound production diligence here. Diesel-powered bass beats, sharp stabs, and anthemic melodies all arranged and masterfully reworked to wind the tension up like a knot rope. Worldwide distribution by: Saikosounds | www.saikosounds.com | Wirikuta | www.wirikuta.at | Related Links Reon MySpace | www.myspace.com/reonsound | Mothership Mastering | www.mothershipmastering.com | Mothership MySpace | www.myspace.com/mothershipmastering | Triskele Management.com | www.triskelemanagement.com | Triskele Myspace | www.myspace.com/robintriskele |
  5. WOW, this CD is still rocking my CD player.... this album is full of groovy collaborations from some of the scenes biggest names and vocalists and really great sounding tunes... Im pleased to have been asked to work on this one with TUL... thanks x Be sure to check this one out if you have not already, it keeps getting better each time you hear it, and I recon youll be hearing it loads on the festival dancefloors! Check out a article from Mushroom Magazine as well: (June/July 2008 addition): http://www.mushlink.com/110164.html nice one! xx
  6. Tribal Tul ~ Inspired Release date: 30th May 2008 “Inspired" is ideal for DJs and listeners that look for high quality sound and powerful beats. A unique trance fusion of sounds and rhythms from all over the world and out of it. "…is a collection of my most inspired moments..." "Tribal TUL - Inspired" album is a very unique kind of trance, it is not the usual Israeli full-on, not the dark fast Russian trance, not the funky European progressive beat, not the Finnish psychedelic style, not rave, not techno, not chill out, not rock, or metal or samba... its is the fusion between all those styles and not as a mimic but as a new reference for the endless variations of trance that can be composed. Inspired also holds Tribal Tuls tracks with Eat-Static, Mottil, Cosmo, Hideyo Blackmoon and a Goblin RMX. With his new sound definition and the collaboration with all those special artists of this album, Tribal Tul brings a new kind of music... unreferenced, unblocked, free... you'll have to listen to understand. CLICK BELOW FOR SOUND SAMPLES 1. Tribal TUL - Puera RMX 2. Eat-Static vs. Tribal TUL - Bloater 3. Tribal TUL - Rock In Space 4. Tribal TUL - Awaking Rave 5. Goblin - Bad Trip (Tribal TUL rmx) 6. Cosmo vs. Tribal TUL - Papaya 7. Tribal TUL - Hallucinate 8. Mottil vs. Tribal TUL - Tazke Delo 9. Tribal TUL featuring Hideyo Blackmoon - 5th Element Track by Track Tribal TUL - Puera RMX Inspired by Tribal TUL's tour in Brazil, the original track will be released in the DVD of the Soulclipse festival in Turkey 2006 by "Indigo Kids". a mix of psychedelic trance and pure che samba. Eat-Static vs. Tribal TUL - Bloater Inspired by a Live Session Jam of Merv Pepler, Tribal Tul and a few more artists at Tribal records 24hours festival in Israel, followed by a day in the an Arab village in front of Tuls studio. Tribal TUL - Rock In Space This track had changed Tuls life, he had a "matrix" like vision that inspired him to program a space game of endless galaxies, space wars, mysteries and trade, the game "Rock In Space" is still growing and already being played by beta testers around the world. Tribal TUL - Awaking Rave Inspired by the big festivals and raves, made before the Soulclipse festival visioning thousands of people dancing, this is an absolute killer track that awakes a sleeping rave or even an awoken one. Goblin - Bad Trip (Tribal TUL rmx) Inspired by 10th's of times being played by Tul and many times by others in good underground parties, one of Tribal TUL's favorite tracks. Original version was released in "Tribal Maker" compilation in Tribal records. Cosmo vs. Tribal TUL - Papaya Inspired by a very psychedelic atmosphere under a festival, started in Cosmo's studio in Slovakia, continued in Tuls studios in Israel. A very dangerous track for the weak, but a good experience for the strong minded. Tribal TUL - Hallucinate Inspired by those massive dark tracks that take you on a journey in the night in parties, this track tries to light the atmosphere abit but keep you on that journey in the road to hallucinate. Mottil vs. Tribal TUL - Tazke Delo Inspired by Slovakia's festivals in the summer and made in Tuls new studio in Slizke Slovakia, a 270 years old house! a home in the forest that kept them in that tribulic mood. Tribal TUL featuring Hideyo Blackmoon - 5th Element Inspired by the soft chillouts of Hideyo, and her special voice just calling for an opera track. Creating this track, recording in the dark and producing its sounds were an inspiration of its own. Exclusive worldwide distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesque.co.uk | mark.bedford@arab.co.uk | SaikoSounds Psyshop Goa Store Beatspace HMV Teknasia Juno Tower Play Techno.to Townsend Related Links Tribal Records | www.tribalrec.com/ | Tribal Records Myspace | www.myspace.com/tribalrec | DJ Tul Myspace | www.myspace.com/djtul | Tul @ Solclipse | | Triskele Management.com | www.triskelemanagement.com | Triskele Myspace | www.myspace.com/robintriskele |
  7. Intermezzo is OUT NOW !!! Psyshop Saikosounds Beatspace
  8. Subconscious Mind ~ Intermezzo Release date: 2nd May 2008 Swiss label Fiin Records's latest release exemplifies their ground motto of subtle, sensitive, yet powerful music. Four ingenious morning psytrance tracks by Subconscious Mind, or SCM, Is bound to fill morning airs with crisp, clean sound that sinks into your senses and nestles between your neurons. SCM in his decade of musical production has already made a name for himself producing emotive audio odysseys of psychedelic trance music and these four latest works have been specifically engineered and tailored to soothe yet excite and inspire, and is already being talked about as one of the biggest up-and-coming producers in the European and world music scene. Here is your ticket to a sonic gateway which will enrich and fulfill you once you begin to travel through it. CLICK BELOW FOR SOUND SAMPLES 1. Hector The Dark 2. My Music 3. (Out-In) Side 4. iRembrem oGa Track by Track Hector The Dark This ten-minute track, minimalistic, melodic and upbeat, is a lengthy saga of beats and rhythms ranging from the subtle and gentle to the hauntingly angst-ridden. Subtle sonic manipulations, additions and subtractions go a long way to profound musical mood shifts, with myriad waves of high-energy tension and release cycles your mind and body will move to. My Music Touching and graceful, melodies and atonal, resonant frequencies ride atop foundational layers of bouncy bass lines and expertly arranged percussion. Rising rhythms and gated vocal stabs keep the dance floor vibe in constant ascension. An epic breakdown brings things back to a tranquil level before a complete metamorphosis of sound transpires, taking the music in a new direction. (Out-In) Side At once intense and incessantly angsty, the bass beat enters escorted by gutteral, squelchy pads and heavily affected saw tooth melodies. Groovy and danceable, yet energetic and rejuvenating, these positive vibrations make for a perfect soundtrack to summer sunrise audiences. Soft brass bells mark a soothing breakdown breather moment before launching the sound into a new spectrum of tension. iRembrem oGa Steel yourself for a fluid, synapse-startling series of psychosis inspiring wavelengths. Glitchy and very trippy leads headline an eerie sound scape of minor scale synth melodies and Eastern-inspired digital scales. A great set starter and second wind provoker, SCM's fourth track provides the sonic spark to reignite the fire beneath your worn dancing shoes. Exclusive worldwide distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesque.co.uk | mark.bedford@arabesque.co.uk | Related Links Fiin Records | www.fiin.ch | Fiin Records Myspace | www.myspace.com/fiinrecords | SCM Myspace | www.myspace.com/mysubconsciousmind | SCM Website | www.subconsciousmind.ch/scm/index.shtml | Triskele Management.com | www.triskelemanagement.com/ | Triskele Myspace | www.myspace.com/robintriskele |
  9. Free mineral water will be provided courtesy of The TPRF Thirsty Thrift Tent, and will be available to anyone who brings a vessel to fill... How good is that! Great for the environment and every Mineral Water Fanatics Dream Come True! TPRF are The Prem Rawat Foundation, who’s aim is to bring dignity, peace, and prosperity to people around the world through funding humanitarian projects. Sunrise Launched a new Website with Photo Gallery and reviews. Sunrise in final 4 for best Festival for Indy Awards Coming Soon Rising Stars Competition... Enter yourself or band/DJ in the comp and get your supporters to vote for you and you could win a slot on the Sunrise Main Stage and a live recording by Inside Us All... Will be launched really soon...will email when Launched...
  10. Tutankhamon 9000 ~ Lost in Luxor Release date: April 2008 The dark months of the Finnish winter seem to be the breeding ground for productions of equally dark, spiritual, frenetic trance music. In the heart of it all, Helsinki based Space Boogie Productions has been more active than ever, churning out killer releases from European and world favorites such as Troll Scientists, Astroschnautzer and more. Latest, but certainly not least, is "Lost In Luxor" by Tutankhamon, reincarnated nearly nine-thousand years since his latest life cycle to bring usancient rhythms interpolated through fast-futuristic musical technology. Eleven tracks fuel and inspired by the ancient energy of one of the greatest demigods Earth has ever known await you, each one a ticket to a different far-removed audioverse. Tut's supersonic, vibrational proselytizations will be engulfed be trance dancers across the globe and elsewhere this summer, and now is your time to clue in and ride the crest of this raw and relentless wave of trance dance ingenuity. CLICK BELOW FOR SOUND SAMPLES 1. Papyrus Paranoia 2. Lost In Luxor 3. Schkitzophrenic Sphinxx 4. Castration In Cairo 5. My Mummy Is A Mummy 6. Dong In A Bong 7. Jesus vs Shitler 8. Nymphomaniac Nefertiti 9. Rambomized 10. A Bulk Of Hulks 11. Tutankhamon 10000 TRACK BY TRACK: Papyrus Paranoia Dark, nighttime trance projecting ominously primordial energy dribbles out of the speakers. Thick pulsating bass grooves are the undertow for currents of twitchy, glitchy layers your brain can barely wrap around. Brilliant bridges and fills along with percussive ceilings provide horizons got this undulatingly mystically malevolent sonic atmosphere. Lost In Luxor Alternating bass and kicks jump right in leading you into a mind-twisting sweep siral which propels the energy immediately skyward. Groovy sixteenth note bass lines hit you where it hurts, and the acid-scathed saw tooth rhythms don't pull any punches either. Excellent bridges and transitions keep the vibrations in constant cyclical convection. Schkitzophrenic Sphinxx Pitch-bent percussive warbles usher in a raw, powerful trance beat. Explosive oscillations accompany gritty squelch rhythms which grind your ego into the dirt you're dancing on. There's tension and release aplenty for all. A drastically entropic breakdown before a complete musical mannerism overhaul, keeping your brain busy throughout its entirety. Castration In Cairo Expertly modulated drum beats fill the initial soundscape, while chunky, raw bass lines get you immediately jumping. The sample arrangements are precise and seamless, with each unique bridge arresting you and opening up for further tension development. Industrial warehouse sounds and more yet-unnameables paint a surreal sonic picture of frenzied abandon. My Mummy Is A Mummy This track with otherwise powerful elements eases into its development subtly, its layers introducing themselves from all directions, making for an interesting interdimensional experience. The bass gets jumpier as the rhythms grow more intense, as angry sounds rip and claw at your consciousness. Tut's stellar modulation talents really stand out here. Dong In A Bong This killer nighttime stomper will be a hit for peak-hour outdoor sets, from the monstrous bass to the crackling mids and highs. The layers seem to ride between the scales, lifting you up as others drive you down. The breakdowns which only make the energetic sessions stand out more. The track is as much of a wave as that which comprises it. Jesus vs Shitler These robotic bleeps and bloops would be sure to inspire short-order psychoses were it not for the expertly quantized drums and bass tethering you together. A squishy, sloppy sound which will be a hit on dance floors and trance spaces makes this piece. Liquidy, glassy sounds scare you and invert your senses in this mind-warper of a trance track. Nymphomaniac Nefertiti Robotic vocals and ethereal cirrus clouds of sound provide the backdrop of seismic bass as frantic musical code reaches you through imaginary tubes of questionably underwater origins. Both mechanically sterile and organically wet and dirty, there are enough musical dualities to appeal to energetic crowds for multiple rotations. Rambomized Malevolent and feral, the furious beats and aggressive leads paint portraits of ancient cosmic rituals and shapeless creatures of the night. With your ego as the sacrifice, these diabolical synths never sound the same for long as they execute inspirationally hedonistic rites upon the dance floor. This one hooks you and refuses you release. A Bulk Of Hulks Part swing beat and part thumping four-on-the-floor, Tut launches you into a synapse-spinning session of sweaty, selfless activity. Glitchy and chaotic, there is enough squishy slurps and acidic static to amp up the energy to higher levels. Drum beats and whumping bass spin off into liquidy, fluidic moments of mental rest before a final explosion. Tutankhamon 10000 Rising up from beneath, these sounds seem to have sprouted from the annals of an unhinges mind, or inimical sentience from unperceivable dimensions. Deep sonar and reverbed clanging and bleeping communicate inexpressible messages of writhing dance trance energy. Ever-mutating layers bear scary senses of detached humanity. Exclusive worldwide distribution through Wirikuta | www.wirikuta.at | Related Links Tutankhamon 9000 Myspace | www.myspace.com/tutankhamon9000 | Space Boogie Productions | www.spaceboogie.net | Triskele Management.com | www.triskelemanagement.com | Triskele Myspace | www.myspace.com/robintriskele |
  11. Human ~ Mystical Encounter Release date: 9th April 2008 There are oodles of independent record labels out and about nowadays, many of them little more than vehicles for solo artists to promote themselves, but few of them take the time to express their intent and vision of musical evolution as earnestly and forthcomingly as Human of Switzerland's Fiin Records. Human has long been known in his community as an artist that can express himself through multitudes of musical styles, and it becomes readily apparent in his latest album, "Mystical Encounter". A collection of ten tracks each tell a story of emotion and bring you face to face with what it means to be what, and who, we are. "Mystical Encounter" is a nebulous amalgam of backgrounds, sounds, and influences sewn together by the style of one of the electronic genre's most versatile budding virtuosos, Human. CLICK BELOW FOR SOUND SAMPLES 1. Mystical Encounter 2. Sunday Morning 3. Mystical Spaziergang 4. Kim 5. A Trip To Russia 6. Release 7. Back To Humanity 8. The Melody 9. Beauty 10. The Seeker Shall Find Track by Track Mystical Encounter Eerie Autumn nighttime thunderstorms and lilting, Draculesque minor keys usher us into a haunting environment of digital castle labyrinths. Synths duel effected harpsichords atop a funky hip-hop beat. Human gives the "retro" sound a whole new meaning, borrowing from multiple pasts and sprinkling in a few cutting-edge wavelengths in just the right places. Sunday Morning This track is a meaty, minimalistic triplet's based stomper that is jovial and catchy. The acid rhythms aren't too hard, with the whole being solidly musical and melodic. Vintage sawtooths, analog stings, and gossamer pads lift you up with peaceful feelings of love. An all around enjoyable track, fast enough for the dancefloor and easy enough for lazy listening. Mystical Spaziergang Spooky synth strings herald apparitional atmospheres leading into the onset of an antediluvian arrangement of kicks, bass, and low, warm frequencies. Atavistic, corrosive saws tickle your feet into motion. Amorphous bass pulsates throughout the sound spectrum as eerie organs enunciate their orchestration. This is a dark hearted pleaser for your shadowy side. Kim "Kim" picks up the pace and brings in a smooth, groovy bass and tops it off with all manner of gated scale arpeggios. The layers pile on for some nice tension and release moments while the percussion expounds upon itself. Constantly changing melodies and an excellent drum solo make a great breakdown before taking the sound to a higher summit. A Trip To Russia Human's rendition of an ingrained electronica classic gives the piece a refreshing makeover. This artist definitely shows his musical prowess and intuition by improvising upon the melody as the track morphs from an old familiar classic into something different, a bittersweet four on the floor stomper filled with sonic dualities of power, grace, and many others. Release Off-kilter, syncopated breaksy bassbeats inaugurate a session of electronic assonance. Smooth, crisp bass glide you along a funhouse of tuneful rhythm and melody, inspiring tensively conflicting feelings of discordance and well-being. Tear-jerking moments on the piano and rhapsodic arrangements adhere to your ear with an uncanny congeniality. Back To Humanity Dueling piano chords ride along a chunky analog bassline refereed by a Gypsy violinist. Simplistic synth waves stand out against cacophonic, heavily effected speeches expressing a gamut of humanistic aspects. Between the variety of samples and the intricate synth layers allow this track to define its given name with all due appropriateness. The Melody Uptempo and outdoorsy, "The Melody" is fuelled up by furious tribal drum patter and an energetic bassbeat. Metallic sweeps and other industrial sounds add to the mechanical feel of the early stages of the piece. However it's after the breakdown that the sounds really pick up and branch out emotively, playing off each other, pushing the mood further. Beauty This track is a true inspirer of joyous tears of admiration and realization. A great one for sunrise second winds, the musicality of this one lends itself well to the audio pick-me-up. Growing on you at an audible pace, the harder edged elements compliment the anthemy, gentler sonic aspects, all to a minimalistic beat that doesn't cease to bore. The Seeker Shall Find Human's album ends with all the flair of a symphonic grand finale, transporting your mind to imaginative realms of high epic fantasy in a musical composition that defies genre classification in its conglomerational mish-mash of styles and influences that really works. Exclusive worldwide distribution through Wirikuta | www.wirikuta.at | andrea@wirikuta.at | Online Shops Direct from Fiin Records. www.fiin.ch/fiin/english/eshop.shtml Psyshop. www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/fii/fii1cd003.html Saiko Sounds. www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=7183 Beatspace. http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=4079 Related Links Fiin Records | www.fiin.ch | Fiin Records Myspace | www.myspace.com/fiinrecords | Human Myspace | www.myspace.com/humanrap | Triskele Management.com | triskelemanagement.com/ | Triskele Myspace | www.myspace.com/robintriskele |
  12. Note to self *Must use search* Materia Musica Out now From Ajana Records. http://www.trishula-records.com/shop.htm#ajana Psyshop. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/aja/aja2cd009.html Saiko Sounds. http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7174 Beatspace. http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=3995 Juno. http://www.juno.co.uk/products/307932-01.htm
  13. Dejavoo ~ Future Shock Release date: 4th April 2008 FUTURE SHOCK, The Debut album from Dejavoo, Transient’s latest signing. Spawned from the deepest London underground, Khristian Vinales and Francesco Mura have exploded on to the global scene with huge dance floor killers. Focusing on a techier groove and powerful riffs the boys are now becoming international ambassadors for the newest London sound. Once again the world turns back to London to find why the hottest freshest acts are now emerging from the ashes of the long lost hero’s of the 90’s. This album is set to turn the focus from Israel back to the white cliffs and down into the sweaty clubs of Brixton and Shoreditch. If you havn’t heard the sound of Dejavoo yet, you certainly will have by the end of summer. Enjoy. CLICK BELOW FOR SOUND SAMPLES 1. Lone Ranger 2. Imperial Mind 3. Dessert Desert 4. Dragonflingz 5. Hide and Seek 6. Party Deluxe 7. Pacific Run 8. Gravity Affair Track by Track Waiting High-octane bassbeats and catchy, classy synth hits drive the meat of this track. With plenty of digital springs and atmospheric pads keep the energy building, "Waiting" doesn't keep you waiting for long. Plenty of tension and release amongst the many breakdowns, buildups and vocal manipulations, topped with writhing melodic gravy. Loud And Nasty This is one trance track with a bite. A high energy tempo winds the clock tight for a heavy diesel bassline layered underneath a matrix of gritty pads, steadily building blues-tronica melodies and masterfully filtered and phased highs and snares. This is great early peak hour music for when the dancefloor tension really begins to get palpable. Cyclone Expounding on the vibratory moods of its forerunner, "Cyclone is overflowing with intense drum segments and acidic digital squelchwork. There's massive buildup work done to the audio here, and the flow is superbly engineered. A short breather moment in the middle launches you into a thumping full on psy-trance-breaks corkscrew of sound. Versotran Robotic voices whisper through interdimensional sonic gateways as numerically encoded watts of waveforms wind up your mind tighter than a whole night of noncorporeal arboreal stimuli. The short yet sonically rich breakdown does wonders for mood changing and science-fictional aberrational amplitude. This track is a sure-fire wiggle inspirer. Screaming People This techy trance track has more than one touch of spooky horror slipped subliminally into a bouncy groove with plenty of disco-jazz synth hits amid a morphing, hilly bass. A powerful, sweeping melody fades in and out and travels about, taking you places on both physical and mental dancefloors, with a clever percussive breakdown making it even better. A Story This track develops itself slightly more subtly, however with each layer noticeably crisp and clean without a hint of muddiness to be heard. Arpeggiated synth melodies navigate through spectrums of filtration while the bass and percussion play off each other to create plenty of buildups and drops, keeping each element fresh and malleable. Future Shock Taking the music on a deeper, more tribally progressive turn, Dejavoo couples groovy percussive licks with cloudy synth pad strata and a heaving bassline as bouncy as a trampoline. A slightly more relaxed tempo creates plenty of sonic space to enjoy each atmospheric layer and neatly gated rhythm. "Shock" has plenty of pulsating dance flavour. The Preacher Retouching on this album's major motif of killer peak hour trance tunes, "Preacher" hallmarks subliminally eerie warblings and inimical, supernatural rhythms to create moods of uneasiness and distension. Added at the right time into a playlist may induce mass feelings of religious epiphanies by the astute listener delivered by a most unorthodox reverend. Diabolical This final track of Dejavoo's latest album allows for no sense of fatigue or laziness. This electronic sonic motivator provides just what you need to get that second wind into you and propel your feet across your dance place. Key changes amid wet, slippery synthesized squishiness from bass to melody hold the audience in collective trance unison. Online Shops Psyshop Beatspace Available for Digital download the first 2 weeks following release exclusively on | www.trackitdown.net | Exclusive worldwide distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesque.co.uk | mark.bedford@arab.co.uk | Related Links Transient Records | www.transient.com | Dejavoo Myspace | www.myspace.com/dejavoo303 | Transient Myspacewww.myspace.com/transientrecords | DJ Kristian Myspace | www.myspace.com/djkristiantransientrecords | Francesco Mura Myspace | www.myspace.com/kalimamboh69 | Triskele Management.com | www.triskelemanagement.com/ | Triskele Myspace | www.myspace.com/robintriskele |
  14. The Dance area is hosted by the Waveform Project, including a Dance Tent in association with Tribe of Frog and Archangel Records, and and Outdoor Live/chill stage from the team behind the Waveform project main stage. Lineup includes: THE ORB, EAT STATIC, SYSTEM 7, DUB PISTOLS and ANNIE NIGHTINGALE As well as: Trance / Chill: Zetan Spore, Dymons, Sinewave, Widescreen, ILS, Nagual Sound Experiment, Flooting Grooves, Subsource, OOOD, Illegal Audio, Cosmophy, JNR Hacksaw, Mirror System, Ma Hara, Tristen, Laughing Buddha, Psymmetrix, Scorb, Hopi, Morganism, Fromem Ory, Gacid, Pieman, Natzan, Geo, Psychosonic Friday Night Breaks: Subsource, Far Too Loud, Breakfastaz, Freshold, Agent Smith, Mr White, Hoffman vs 101, Zaidi, Drum Monkeys, Tom real Visuals By: Inside Us All ********************************************************************** Alternative Accommodation Options at Sunrise this year In 2008, Sunrise will host a range of alternative living accommodation options for the discerning festival-goer! No longer is it necessary to spend your days in a leaky (not that it will rain!) tent. Instead why not choose a life of luxury and book into one of our alternative options? At Sunrise Celebration 2008, we will have the following options available. More to be added soon. Pod Pads: - A real, stylish and unique alternative to traditional camping. Pod Pads are built from wood and come fitted with carpeting, interior lighting and internal and external locks. They are weatherproof, soundproof, secure, safe and cosy. Ideal for storage as well! Pod Pads can stand alone or as part of a terrace - so you can stay alongside all your mates! www.podpads.com Tipis and Yurts - The opportunity to try the Tipi and Yurt experience is available through Hearthworks, coordinators of the Global Tipi Village. Tipis and Yurts are traditional nomadic tents, that benefit from spacious interiors, an open fire or wood burning stove, and optional furnishings. Great for families or groups of friends. For details of booking visit www.hearthworks.co.uk Caravans - Caravans are perfect for giving you the comforts of home in a field. Those available will range from two to six berth, ideal for families, and will have the added option of an electric hook-up. These will be available to hire in advance of the event. For enquiries please contact simon@conceptproductsltd.co.uk ------------ We are currently looking at including Myhabs as well. Has anybody got any preferences as to what other accomodation options they may wish to see in the future? I have an inkling that people will be looking for increasingly more robust options than nylon tents to stay in. Hopefully the age of the disposable tent will soon be over... One option we are looking at is bespoke design cabins - either flat-pack build or based permanently on site with wood burners, beds, etc. Would you be interested in such accomodation? Do you prefer nylon tents or will you be looking for other accomodation?
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