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  1. Hairy female hippies... LOL... I can't think of anything more smelly and annoying.
  2. or at least trying too... 1 track, 5 minutes, 22 seconds, 320 kbs mp3. Difficulty downloading? Please try - right click, save target file..... This ones a little messy... http://soundwolf.net/sites/default/files/0...ace%20waver.mp3 Thank you, enjoy the day.....maybe I link new video later, if I get around to making one. See you laterz
  3. Ok, I have listened to new version of track..... This is a fantastic track. I like the ideas and LoFi so much. You have a few home' style, mastering problems you need to practice to fix. This is much better than before. Very trippy, very cool track Cheers Bro
  4. "I see now that I forgot compressor on master exactly as you said!" Ok, let me make just quick clarification. You forgot you left a compressor on your master bus, yes? I am not suggesting to put one there. If you have one there, take it off. Re-render, re-upload.. I will give a new listen. :-) Cheers Mate... ----------- Ok, edit -- I am giving new listen now... I will post again in few minutes
  5. Totally low fi, I liked the track, and the ideas: but!! Either you put a compressor on your master bus, during your mix render or: You made this far to loud when you did your "home style mastering" This is about 20 decibels, louder than a major label mix. I am not being critical, of you or your music. This is a very cool idea, the track you have made here. It is just too loud, to listen too. You should not have to add more than +6 to a mastering limiter, furthermore, and this seems to cause a lot of arguments on the world wide web, you should not have a compressor on your master bus while rendering a mix. Let me know, if you make a quieter mix, with less post production, digital clipping, I will listen again, and enjoy the track a lot more... Cheers Mate...
  6. Cool thing, Mate... That must have annoying, sorry 'bout all that.. Cheers :P
  7. Hi Reger, I'm so sorry. I totally misunderstood you. That is totally my fault, but people have said really weird stuff to me on other forums... Like " Why are you using pre-made samples?" And then ofcourse, I give a whole speech like, " I am totally not." I don't know why, so many people think: " Just take a synth and press a button, and you have trance." This is a complete track, the track is 6 minutes and 33 seconds long. I know Bioshift, Plasma Force, sometimes has a problem downloading my tracks. I don't know what that is about. Have you tried, right click - save target file as ..... Maybe you can try streaming the track, directly from this page... http://soundwolf.net/?q=node/20 Once again, I apoligize to you. I felt very bad all day, because I was not exactly sure what you were saying. I hope you are able to get your hands on the track. I am trying very hard to share, full, complete, and quality 320 kbs mp3s of work. This is cause, if you think track is nice enough to spin at party. Please do... :-) I hope you try again to listen, and I hope you enjoy, and I wish you a wild night Cheers Mate
  8. Hi Reger, No mate... I sound designed the track. I made the kick drum from a sign wave + white noise, the clps and hi hats out of white noise and polynomials, I made all the synthesizer sounds from ground up. pulse waves, sq waves, saw waves... etc... Its much more than a sample. I produced the entire track. mixed, composed. Totally my own sound design. This is taking me a lot of practice and a lot of work. ANd I am NOT using pre-made, store bought samples, from other producers. The vocals, are samples... They are in the public domain, I found them on web.... But, all the synthesizers, drums, bass.... Is sound design by me... Please read my website, and listen to my other work. http://www.soundwolf.net Thank you Cheers ( edit ) Sorry I sound so defensive, but trust me... The music I am sharing is a lot more difficult to make than it sounds. I know it sounds easy, get some synthesizers, blah blah, make some tracks.... Sorry mates, not so easy. Thank you again Cheers again :P
  9. Thanks Mate, I think I could have done the beginning a little smoother as well. I'll save the progress for the next time around though. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece. Thanks for the positive energy: Enjoy the day
  10. Practice, practice... I'm kinda happy with this. Hope you enjoy... http://soundwolf.net/sites/default/files/0...20Traveller.mp3 thank you boom...
  11. Hi Plasma Force, Thanks for the message. Guess whats... I'm working on a really cool track right now, and I am gonna post it on this web site in less than 48 hours. I hope you like. I will send you a PM Thanks again for the positive energy Wave
  12. I hope you like track... http://soundwolf.net/sites/default/files/0...us%20Sphinx.mp3 Peace Outz
  13. Ok, OK :clapping: took many hours, but we finally on vimeo=== you can see the music and quartz composition in much higher quality now if you like http://www.vimeo.com/1600532 thank you cheers wave
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