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  1. I just listened, its dreamy Awesome Job! Keep Pumping them out Cheerz
  2. ooooooooo me like already and its not even a minute into the track yet Merrow is the shit. I hope he'll release another tweaked album
  3. do you have a myspace or a facebook account perhaps?
  4. oooo this sounds a bit familiar but i am not sure where i have heard it if i ever have till now LOL nice job Afgin as always you inspire me so much Bo0M! :clapping:
  5. yes i had a small name change but i am working on it
  6. new track i was playing around with in Acid Xpress 7, midi and a few audio samples : http://www.mediafire.com/?rttmdw2trdm hope you enjoy! criticism welcome with any feedback thank you Bo0M!
  7. keep it up, your doing great! :posford: :posford: :posford:
  8. Awesome job! thank you for posting this to us :clapping:
  9. you got some nice lite simple beats going there, sounds good and clean. i must try to take a change in my writings at a cleaner level as such. i alway tried to load up too much and now its usually too little..... i shall keep checking back on your mysapce as muchas possible. thanks for sharing these i like that Cumulus Congestous track there too. Cheerz :clapping:
  10. i like much of your tunes and i am gonna like this. thank you :clapping:
  11. hey you know, if you were smart you could transpose these midi notes and use them for more than basslines, just a thought
  12. You Have Great Talent And Inspiration That Strikes Much More Often, Use It And Enjoy It! BoOM! :posford:
  13. Ah Yes Its A Good Track And Album, Hope There Will Be More Like Them Soon with their new work
  14. This Link Is Faulted Now, Just To Let You Know...
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