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  1. Awesome track as usual! xD Keeeeep it up! xD
  2. Awesome... just awesome.... xD keep it up!
  3. Amazing work mate! I agree with Aeros, upload to soundcloud so we can follow you! xD Keep up the good work!
  4. First of all dont ask about the name.. I just wrote something when i was gonna send it to a friend, and now i cant think of a better name! So about the track... A track i made some months ago, and now i thought "what the heck!" would be nice to know what people think.. xD its kinda an experiment with some sounds. oh and btw.. i thought about changing from "Xevated" to "Octonion" grew bored of Xevated... Cheers!
  5. hehe nice to hear people enjoy my music! maybe i should start making some music again, having been doing anything serious for some time now.. children.. wife and all have been taking up my time!
  6. Great track! Love the gated pad in the end! :posford:
  7. I dont think you can force yourself to continue being creative.. if I dont feel like creating i cant.. I just take a break and continue when i feel that i want to. So i dont think there is some special "cure" for it. Just take a break.
  8. Thank you! always nice to hear people enjoying my music! Btw.. Uploaded "Rise Up" (Mk.2) made some changes and extended it with 2 minutes.. Thanks to Synogen for the inspiration to "Rise Up" (Mk.2)! :posford:
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Great ideas! Gonna play around some more with the track and see if i can evolve it some more! :posford: Stay tuned for "Rise Up Mk.2"!
  10. Hi everyone! :posford: Well i have been away from music for some time now. Hopefully i will have more time for my music now! :drama: Anyway here is my new track "Rise Up" Genre: Goa (I hope... ) All feedback is appreciated! www.psytracks.com/xevated
  11. Well.. This track is a bit darker and faster than my previous track.. Started this track in the middle of the night while playing around with som sounds on the synth.. Im thinking of working some more on the track but right now i dont even like it.. So i would really appreciate some feedback on this track also because its my first more darker track. Link: www.psytracks.com/Xevated Thanks :posford: btw the track might be on the first page.. otherwise its in the section "our songs"..
  12. Listening to your track right now.. Great track! :posford: the only thing i would change is the bass.. i would make it darker maybe lower it an octave.. but its all a matter of taste.. Otherwise great track! :clapping: keep it up!
  13. yeah.. i use vanguard alot.. i try not to use factory presets.. but sometimes im just lazy.. anyway.. Glad you liked it! felt i needed to go back to the main path before ending everything.. trying to get the same feeling i had in the end for my next track..
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