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  1. chill> Kaya Project vs Nada Vibrasphere vs Ott Gaudi vs Angel Tears upbeat: Antix vs Andre absolut Emok vs Tobias Penton vs Beckers Chable vs Chab Klein vs Martinez
  2. This album simply ROCKS listen with good headphones amazing... after this, it established itself in the second position for favourite chill artist in my list, just after ott.. (and vibrasphere would be added to compose my top 3 if they had release some full cd... ) so this elixir cd, beautiful, amazing basslines, perfect percussions and acoustic guitars, catchy vocals, etc It doesnt ´take out´ the first one.. both are amazing in their own way.. 9.5/10 for first 2 listens
  3. nice thread:) so for me, it didnt have much to do with my parents.. my dad always liked some jazzy stuff (which only much later I learned to like), and my mom, god knows what.. never heard her listening actively to music.. it started with me with basically punk rock and rage against the machine and late punkish counter-culture type of things... I was always kind of a rebel... Society and rules had too many horrible disadvantages that I saw everyday, living in a 3rd world country (whatever that means)... I´ve always been attracted to non-usual stuff... then came weird prodigy and chemical brothers and beasty boys for me... parallel to that I got into bob marley, reggae and weed... those fitted me well because I felt cool just enjoying some slower groovy sounds with thoughtfull lyrics, just chilling, and being against the norm in a way and from then, psy parties started happening in rio (maybe 2000, or 99? dont know).. and after that, I was ´magnetized´.. This whole different sub culture where people were a bit more free, where each one was free to act in his own crazyness... the moments of escape from crushing society attracted me a lot... and together with that came the acid, and many answers, together with many doubts.. so thats more or less my roots.. reggae stuff from my early weed days of relaxation, which lead me to a lot of dub chill, and the counter-culture and psychedelic influence, which got me into the parties and culture (but since im more of a slower trippy dancing/personality instead of a jumping power dancing/personality, instead of goa and psy I turned to the progressive side of music)
  4. bastard ! I want those (specially kaya) I made a decision not to buy any cds anymore while im in brazil.... fking post lost already 2 out of my last 4 orders!! Ishq double cd, ishvara, wider horizons are in some fucker´s hand.. and I cant do anything about it.. not only that but the 60% taxes make it unbuyable for us with weak currency.. now Im only buying while in europe or just before getting to europe I order cds to tash house... bastard politicians.. If at least the cds were sold here, then they could argument that I was giving money to other countries instead of supporting local economy... But no, they just make taxes even if I cant get the product anywhere here and they dont lose anything with my order... fuckers!
  5. man, you´re insulting the progressive gods Antix rocks and has 2 awesome cds out.. dont know if its much of this style you look for, but you should still check it out. and yeah, check out tracks by d-nox and beckers ... they are awesome party stormers
  6. from first 2 listens: its nice... has some nicer tracks (2, 3, 5, 6 ,8), some others not so much I say listen before you buy... not as good as symphony, and not nearly as good as Antix - TCD.... but nice.. later I see if I post a bigger review
  7. yeah ticon always rocked... only saw them live once, in moonflower 2003 in sao paulo, and it was great! they played recently here and ppl said that everybody loved it, from the full on people to the progressive people to the house people.. they sure know how to rock the dancefloor.. wonder if the sounds are fast or if there is anything a bit slower (since im a slower music person myself hehe), but in any case im sure its top quality
  8. listening to the new phony orphants cd... currently track 3... till now its nice but nothing so special
  9. damn, I thought people did a Hit and Run on skazi..... and recorded on dvd
  10. excellent album im soooo curious about the new one.. but no money to buy, bah.. will have to dnwload it for the meanwhile, if I find it.. np - shiloh and luke chable october 2005 mix
  11. " imagine how it would be..........." that track Girls from the last cd has veeeery cool dirty electro style!
  12. silicone soul - under a werewolf moon (martinez remix) oh yeah
  13. yeah, nothing to do with ott, but I like it a lot too... though 2 or 3 tracks in the cd could have been not done hehe
  14. nothing I have heard yet gets to ott´s level, unfortunately... all the rest of the chill stuff I listen is dubby too but not really like ott, so I dont know how much of it you would like... do you like more happier summer-feeling chill? If so, check out abakus and nada, v.a. wider horizons and v.a. butterfly dawn.... do you like more mid-eastern arab feeling? if so, check out kaya project and angel tears 3... do you like darker night feeling? if so, check out phutureprimitive.. do you like colder electric melodic feeling? if so, check out bluetech
  15. progressive and tech house music kicks most of psytrance´s ass and yeah, very few blacks in trance scene...
  16. check out everything released and mixed by d-nox and beckers luke chable antix
  17. saw them twice, a bit dissapointed too... though minilogue kicks ass in an amazing way haha and yeah guys, this is what has been happening in brazil lately.. a party with lots of killargh full on, and then one or 2 famous prog acts.. I just went to a party that was playing deedrah, gbu, dimitri nakov, blablabla and all that full on shit (imo, sorry) , and last djs were antix! then soon there is a party with lots of killarghs from israel too, and then last acts are vibrasphere and andre absolut... what I do if I go is just get in the end of the party... but this party that thebadtripper went was incredibly stupid, separating the prog so badly one advice for foreigners coming to brazil: try to avoid commercial 1-day parties, try to go to festivals like universo paralello or smaller private parties.. at least you see less of incredibly ridiculous looking people on ecstasy that are dancing to anything with beat and bass of whatever quality, acting in shamefull ways...
  18. curious curious.. lets see when it comes out, this and ticon
  19. come on, everybody know its: antix - twin coast discovery and a few others
  20. No need, we can make it a 'naturist' gathering why not? they gonna kill you? sew you? sold your soul to the devil?
  21. what seems to be the problem? very nice track, beautiful melodies, cool bassline....... much better than 99% of the psy out there
  22. well, there you go... Im a lot into crossover things, prog, house, tech house, etc... and this track I mentioned has a very nice dark atmosphere, very cool bassline and catchy looped samples... very psychedelic in a dark way imo
  23. proggy top 10s are always nice, to get to know different names so 10 tracks that have been a lot on my playlist lately, no order: andy moor - halcyon chable and the dirty fours - tokyo (nubreed rmx) petter - these days (sasha´s involver mix) Stef Vrojlik & 16 bit lolitas - Between U inkfish vs martin h - eye am (dont know if I preffer any rmx or original) minilogue - little sisters (d-nox and beckers rmx) antix - forever changing (this track fucking rocks haha) martin h - leia martin h & tony price - Believe (martin h remix) ty tek - filthy naughty little beats (ty tek remix) EDIT: add subsky - rainman... just heard it, and fking nice daytime prog house
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