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  1. yes I really like all of them too but I guess abakus and butterfly dawn have beat and stuff, and he wanted more beatless... ISHQ is the way to go, man... I recently got this ´quality relaxation´ cd, and maaan, ishq´s track is a masterpiece!! beautiful visuals.. ishq is actually one of the only beatless ambient I can really enjoy.. it never gets boring, and its so colourful and well done I agree completely.. huva network is boring.. who was it, who very perfectly described it as: Yawnbient haha perfect description.. at least imo (sorry for those who really like it)
  2. and on which side do you think soul surfer is? since he is a full on artist (chromosome), prog artist (andromeda) and prog on, or fullessive artist (soul surfer) his tracks are not really my style, under any of those projects, but once in a while I find one or another nice track under andromeda and soulsurfer projects...
  3. I agree, soul surfer has some full on basslines... though some tracks are more into the prog side... so kinda cross over ´full prog on´
  4. my vote goes for..... ott shpongle sucks, highly overrated.... entheogenic nice... shulman nice...
  5. cds? well... antix - lull antix - twin coast discovery phony orphants - symphony ticon - aero vibrasphere - lime structure buzzmonx - toms n jerry krueger and coyle - randy expander vision and canedy - another world haldolium - vanity and hapiness haldolium - be real freq - strange attractors... nowadays I find it too similar to most of his releases, but freq was a bomb, great stuff at the time, so this album deserves the mention for sure.. V.A. LimeLight V.A. Revive V.A. Irresistible meltdown 3 for sure some more I cant remember... and there there are many many releases more on vynil, or stuff thats not so much in prog trance but maybe a bit more in the house area...
  6. fack!! lots of proggie goods and me with no money
  7. I admit I havent been listening to chill for such a long time, but I heard quite a bit by now, at least of the stuff from 2001 till here... there is only one cd till now that I give 10/10 in the chill genre, and that´s Ott - Blumenkraft... some come close, but not totally, like Kaya Project... so I´ll give it a try to this one (np - 15 mins video with ott´s live in trancendence ´05, 2 new unreleased killarrrrrrghs playing)
  8. correction: some others like haldolium and krueger and coyle are also of my taste and have evolved, though I still choose antix, if I have to... but I dont know how that will change after I hear their live... ppl said its not very different from the cd, and haldolium and krueger and coyle have very nice lives that are different than the cds
  9. I voted for antix.. freq was nice for making party stormers and stuff, but his music got a bit too similar, so he doesnt deserve my vote... some in the list are boring, some are too 'normal', etc.. I felt that antix was the only one of the list that really continue evolving without getting worse, and at the same time continued reaching to me... now, if the list was to include some of the more housier side of music, then it would be hard to choose
  10. I say get both antix cds hehehe Twin Coast Discovery, the latest one, has as highlights track 3, 6 and 8 imo... check those ones first if you dont want to get it all and also get Lull, which is their cd from 2003 on the same year another very good cd came out, which was Phony Orphants - Symphony ... at that time I rated them both in more or less the same level... (though nowadays Im not such a big fan of P.O. anymore... emok has excellent taste, but jeppe's more dark and 'old' aproach doesnt reach me so much...)
  11. ok so, you mean tracks or cds? they (they are brothers) released these 2 full cds, and a few tracks on comps here and there... are you at all into prog stuff?
  12. antix fking rocks Hard to choose, really... I mean, I voted for TCD because I was a bit bored of prog trance, was getting too much into the housier side, and suddenly they release this cd which renewed my hopes... another 'plus' side of TCD for me is that it was tested under all sorts of different set and settings, and it was great in all of them! I totally disagree its not or less psychedelic! Man, track 3, come on, thats fking great psychedelia imho! Just look at those visuals that come up in the end, the atmosphere, the whole deal... not to mention its a perfect party stormer but lull is also great too I still have to see them live.. october in brazil I will
  13. ordered, waiting for it to arrive
  14. I just ordered this, but it will take a while to arrive... hope its good
  15. do '1-page cover / no booklet / no info and tracklist in booklet' complaints fit here too? ott's cd has that problem.. fking pisses me off, to spend so much on a cd and not get a propper booklet, not even a tracklist in the cover, and all this from a big label.. cheap bastards.... do they think I will cary the jewel case everywhere I go? Abakus cover pretty much sucks too, and no nice info / tracklist inside either.. I could definitely make a better cover than that, and my skills are not very good.... hmm what else? oh yeah, daytime compilation.. fuck man, only 1 page cover? sucks... oh, v.a. inspirazzia cover... wtf, thats so ugly.. but at least they made a dj case sleeve, thats pretty cool you guys gotta learn from tribal vision records and son kite's cd and aleph zero releases and and and... fking cheap bastards (I know, im tense now, time doesnt seem to pass... hahaha)
  16. you missed the ´hahaha´ when quoting me that´s one very important part of the whole trip...that particular trip was experienced with a big look at the darkside, aided by the music, but all with this powerful ironic laugh in my face that balanced things, making possible to enjoy it a lot
  17. scariest track I heard when I took some acid... from the ones I remember, was Cujorious One - Alien Snack Bar... I ´saw´ some huge alien tentacles crushing on the dancefloor, people´s faces going bezerk, world domination about to happen hahaha but then also on my first psychedelic trips I heard many scary tracks that I didnt know who were playing since I didnt know any names at the time...
  18. oh, so erez as in erez and duvdev in IM? ok so I do know him Im so tired I cant even read the topic right
  19. smoke da joint man.... I have no idea who erez aizen and dj jorg are, sorry I gotta smoke a joint myself, but gotta finish some uni work first
  20. so do you disagree with the rest of what I said? let me quote myself
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