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  1. oh yeah, and a very nice track to play in a psy party, considering you can make good transitions from trance to electro, would be Prodigy - Girls
  2. yeah its a nice idea but I disagree very much with many things there
  3. I havent heard any remix from it that I remember.... but since I like prog house stuff, I can imagine that it could be made into very very good material... I really disagree with this guide, to tell you the truth.. too much opinion from the guy instead of a bit more of objectivity.. and some wrong things
  4. I like it.. cool for making funny stupid dances haha and its PERFECT remix material
  5. hehe yeah thats a very trancey track indeed
  6. the antix perfect cd was released this year, so its impossible that its the worst year
  7. there are some good djs indeed there (max graham, luke fair, satoshie tomiie, andy moor, gabriel&dresden, tiga, nick warren, michel de hey etc)... but there are some very shitty ones too (astrix, yahel, im, erick morillo, and some other really pop stuff) and many lacking.. d-nox should be there imo... great dj.. or maybe not, cause his ego would get even more inflated than it already is
  8. yuckkk much better the original or klein and juergens rmx
  9. what should be played? hmmm.. most of what I would say would be in the border community (penton, subsky, chable, absolut, beckers etc) but, some that are obviously not normal psy trance and that I would play (and who knows, maybe even WILL play in the gathering if I learn to play good till then: ) martin h - sounds reviving martin h - leia chable and the dirty fours - tokyo (nubreed rmx) inkfish vs martin h - eye am (david west rmx) don ramon - freak frogs some tiefschwarz tracks some martinez tracks etc very well said
  10. I like it very much ... though I dont know midi miliz, logic bomb and 2pm track
  11. yeah I agree its not the end of the world... but its quite a bit annoying, if I post something in one place and I think it should be in that place, for someone else to move it without any general consensus or even talking to the person who made it (but enough about this... im done with this moderating talk, I said what I think about it already)
  12. I dont have anything against you at all, obviously.. I just find thread-moving to be some quite annoying unnecessary nitpicking behavior... (I made a poll and so far 70% of the people were not bothered with the threads you moved before you moved)
  13. yeah, and if you're going to listen to the likes of martinez and trentemoller, dont forget checking out redanka the track 'waves' and the 'faithless - why go (redanka dub)' are special ones and back to the prog house whatever, 'beckers' is always a definite gem.. there hasnt been one single track from him that I disliked.. If you dont know him, check him out without a doubt
  14. gonna check them out.. I know the infusion and the mfa track and they are great indeed how bout luke chable and the dirty fours - tokyo (nubreed rmx) ? did you check that one out yet? its one of my favs for a few months now
  15. wow thats awesome! gotta check it out heresy!
  16. there´s something very interesting.. it´s called ´joke´.. you know it? im super excited for ott´s new cd.. hope it is released soon... best chill imo
  17. just started listening... ´fortune and fame.. you play the game... ´ hehe good choice lets see how this continues edit: the choice of tracks is still going strong.. though the mix between the Infusion track and Switch was a bit rough, but ok ;
  18. yes it is.. antix = best of 2005.. no discussion, case closed exactly.. this 'oh this is not psy' discussion is pretty stupid imo... to me antix is more psychedelic than anything else I heard this year, any of these so called 'psy' whatever.. to others im sure gms is super psychedelic... so lets just quit this 'hidden bashing' of music when we are not into smt
  19. for gsh: how do you play promo tracks if you only know how to play vinyls? what about tracks that are not pressed on vinyls (and no dont say this is only for psy trance because there are quite a bit of prog stuff that are not released on vynil.. like some martin h tracks from the last album, or others)? If I was a dj I would surely play both.. some tracks I love are only on vynil and some only on cd... got to learn to play both to be a good overal dj imo
  20. I dont like THOSE samples.. I dont mind samples in general, just those and in the way shpongle uses... Like the carnival sample from brazil that shpongle uses.. bah.. thats so.... annoying and pretentious and.. I dont know.. Some ppl will disagree with me though Im not a fan of them, never got into it... From twisted I preffer a million times Ott over them...
  21. annoying cd imo... I tried and I tried listening.. some occasional good parts and elements (like a nice bassline here and there, whatever) but never even a whole track that was good... and samples, yuck, always so annoying sorry thats just my opinion
  22. furthur... your eyelids are getting heavy.. you are getting sleepy. sleeeeeepy... and now you feel bored with your chill and prog collection.. you feel like giving it to someone.. you want to give me your cd collection.. yes you do... YES YOU DO
  23. amazing outdoor locations.. cool freaky people lots of ppl that are open to meet others (I always meet someone new, and just one new cool person in my life is already worth a lot) awesome music ocassionaly (just have to search what you like) the psychedelic culture (yes, me likes) sensorial trips (from lights to music to food to backdrops, etc) keeping the fake social games to a minimum in the right parties..not affraid to be myself being able to dance with my eyes closed without ppl thinking im weird beautiful ppl and so and so
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