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  1. oh no, not 220v please.... I kill myself if I hear that and one of the guys there has such an attitude of ´I know whats up with trance, i´ve been to europe´ that I almost puke to death wrecked machines? well, their tracks are nice until 0:47... then it goes downhill, mount everest speed (ok ok I gotta stop criticising so much... the evil Critical Alien is taking over me today)
  2. different from the first one, you mean, or from other chills in general?
  3. where´s the Frontier Psychiatrist option?
  4. obviously I meant with certain limits... if a party is called GMS SPUN party, I wouldnt expect any progressive there.. but I mean in big festivals that are supposed to include all different styles, I think its kinda obvious that there should be a bit of different styles, some prog, some full on, some dark, some oldschool.... as for ´enduring ours of fullon to hear one prog artist´, what Im doing lately is just arrive in the party in the time the prog artist comes, and leave after that.. or stay in the chill out if its good, or just walk around in the nature if its in a nice outdoor place...
  5. brazil: too much shit hahahah ok the one thats worth saying: Oxyd
  6. yes we need more tops in this forum haha so my ones for the moment, hmmm... probably (chill) Ott Kaya project Vibrasphere (proggy) Antix Beckers Chable
  7. my friend almost had a fight with banzi in a festival in july... but like, almost almost almost.... SBK was playing, and banzi kept going there to tell Krueger to stop playing.. (banzi was one of the organizers of the festival).. every 5 mins.. and it was still in schedule that SBK should play another 1 hour.. then banzi after complaining once again to SBK, came down to the dancefloor (probably to sniff some cocaine or take some mdma or smt.. he was definitely high on smt), and my friend, who´s a prog freak like me, was very pissed with banzi´s attitude, and went to him and said: LET HIM PLAY!! and then banzi was like (with this very fucked up attitude): Why you talking to me? and my friend was like: Yeah man, let him play!! Why you going there to annoy him all the time if its still 1 hour left?! and banzi was like: Im not annoying him!! You´re crazy! (and at the same moment, riktam appeared there on stage to annoy SBK) and my friend was like: SEE MAN?! WTF? You guys think you own this shit, people want to hear some good music, let the man play, go away, stop annoying him! and then some stupid ecstasy lollypop dude came to ´kiss banzi´s ass ´, saying how good he was, etc.. and banzi was like: See?! They want to hear my music! and my friend: Yeah these ecstasy retards! SBK is playing good music and still on schedule so just let him play and the discussion continued for another minute or so, but getting very very heated.. and then another friend of mine who had just arrived got this friend of mine and pulled him away.. My friend would probably have kicked banzi´s ass at first, but then all the security would have went to take him away, and all the vibe in the party would be screwed... but I can understand my friend´s anger... Not that I think he should have punched banzi or anything, but we´re all sick of this full on mafia that takes over the parties, basically only full on playing all the time.. and when a prog act comes, the organizers are full of shit, many times putting in a bad schedule, or getting very few prog acts, or taking them out before it´s time... and the dumb ecstasy people saying to the prog dj´s: "make it go faster!!"... Come on, if you dont like the music, go the fuck away, but stop ruining it for people who like it.. and shame on organizers who continue this stupid diminishing of other genres and put commercial full on 99% of the times.. I dont like full on myself, but I think there should be full on in parties, because people like it.. but it should be more divided, more ´democratic´ if you wanna say that... Im sick of this division already.. sorry to be so off topic hehe
  8. I dont know much of what was officially released by minilogue, except that leloo and the little sisters (which I find very different from each other and very nice both).. but I tell you, their live in UP last year was amazing! They sure know how to make those prog trance/house tunes.. I enjoyed it muuuuuuch more than the 2 son kite lives I´ve seen..
  9. good list tox! but as ppl said, I really cant make a top proggiest of the prog list.. there are just so many, and so many that are crossover between trance and house, that it would be hard to name them....
  10. exactly! we got very similar tastes it seems... also think those tracks you mentioned were the best in the cd, and appart from that, its nothing sooo amazing.. hypnostatique and peter pan syndrome, though, were quite good indeed hehe
  11. freq and antix? wow, these are on totally different categories imo... Freq was nice in the beginning, party stuff, but then became too much of the same.. good productions though, cannot deny that... But as I said, very different than antix.. its fast ´stomach twirling´ progressive... antix is much more leaning in the housier area, much slower,and definitely not predictable and quite different one track from the other... at least thats what I get when listening to it.. Tracks like ´forever changing´, which begins with nothing and build up to one of the best breaks I ever heard in my life, perfect for party, awesome atmospheres, and then we got this hollow clubby vocal track in ´le lascard´ with very subtle sounds and not so much ´in your face´ like others, and the beautiful vocals and feeling of ´hiding place´, etc.. there´s no mistake there, no weak track.. as for phony, yeah they did something very nice.. and im a fan of electro dirty underground kinda stuff for sure.. Emok is actually one of my favourite djs.. I guess jeppe is the one I dont like so much.... for example the ´going down´ track, its nothing special, some dark aspiration but kinda annoying somehow.. and ´house for my spouse´ is an average track for the house world imo... and rise, who´s melodies dont touch me at all.. but yeah I do enjoy the other tracks very much as I said.. awesome vocals and mixture of dirty and clean housy sounds in ´I want to feel´, dirty and powerful party stormer in ´sex drugs´, dirty electro tech feeling in ´party´ and ´got what it takes´, and slower tripper in ´mi corazon´... its just not a perfect cd as I found antix cd to be... The fact that the cd has variety is a plus for sure... but then again, we will return to the fact that you see them as predictable and phony as different and I will see antix as not predictable in its thousands of inner details and constructions, visuals and soundscapes, and phony as very nice too but lacking a bit of smt... I know you are not wrong or anything, and im sure you dont think im wrong... so yeah, taste
  12. and imo, antix rocks a light-year over phony... beat ya no but really.. as I said, I think phony orphants have some very nice moments.. but it lacks a certain something that I cant define.. oh well.. opinions opinions
  13. names? easy.. genetic spin, tegma, echotek (of today.. they used to be good), liquid soul, gaudium, xibalba, symphonix, audiomatic, etc etc etc its sooooo boring hahah yeah if they sent me some promos I would be happy .. but really, I think they deserve this promotion from me because they just rock.. on cd and live and dj set...
  14. to tell you the truth I didnt even listen to these artists you mention.. except for gaudium which I found boring... just another of these prog-psy boring fashion.... the only really really REAAAALLY good prog (trance) release that came out lately was Antix - TCD.... that was a perfect cd for me... amazing stuff, very well thought out the phony orphants cd, well, its ok, has some nice parts (sex and drugs, I want to feel, mi corazon and party), but it doesnt make my mind go wild like antix the things that have been released and are very interesting are the ´crossover´ stuff... like d-nox and beckers.. all of their tracks are very good.. and then there are others like luke chable, andre absolut, etc... but yeah, once again I say: im sick of these prog-psy that have been released lately... fking boring no-imagination stuff
  15. oh, and appart from antix, 2005 has been gifted by many releases from beckers... definitely not the worst year
  16. true, echotek were good couple of years ago or so.. now they are indeed dog poop... im sick of this full on - prog fashion
  17. lets hope that bastard ott and the turtle-slow twisted recs make it possible for us to hear the next ´blumenkraft´ before 2012 its definitely the album I expect more of all
  18. good news! these guys sure can produce some nice music and andre absolut, no need to say anything
  19. not blt? my mistake then (still remains that its nothing special... yeah schatsi is a bit better... but doesnt stand out in the electro world imo)
  20. second time someone mentions yotopia, but I dont agree I find that to be more like full on with some prog influences than prog with full on influences... not at all my style.. yeah ace ventura (ex-blt)... though also nothing special imo... mostly israel prog artists are making this mixture of prog and full on which I really dont like.. its like (once again nasrudin haha) neither a candle for the angel neither a poker for the devil
  21. igal m makes some melodic prog tracks, he's from israel I dont know many others from israel... I know there are djs.. but artists, thats the only israeli one I can remember right now
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