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  1. I would be interested in this as well, there seems to quite a lot of overlap between the subgenres in the darker psy category. From what I gathered in previous threads on the subject, this style has a strong presence or perhaps originated in the UK, and South Africa? Of course these styles are now widely adopted throughout the world. I myself haven't quite learned to distinquish this particular style yet from the others in the domain. So I would also like to do a deep dive into the genre and labels as well, anyone has a list of labels focused on the Twiligt style on bandcamp for example? I did hear some really great tunes in this genre at an outdoors party a year ago. I appreciated how light-weight the composition was. Very atmospheric and mysterious. Somehow a bit more "spooky" than the classic Dark Psy, which to me at least in general was bit atonal, and focused more on the FX sounds/FM-noises. The Twilight I heard had nice pads and even some horror movie inspired melodies. So a bit more harmonic in that sense.
  2. Very nice artwork/colors. The background and combination of abstract 3D style render, reminds me of UX-Ultimate Experience. Hopefully the music matches the artwork.
  3. Clean artwork and nice fonts, I like it. I remember his old tracks beeing kind of ”underground” hits on youtube and probably old sites like mp3.com or similar. Very well liked by many Goa heads for sure. He did some collab or remix work with Artha I think? I need to take a listen to this!
  4. Arronax has a featured track on this fine compilation from 2006 as well: I’m always happy to see the return in some form or other from Goa trancers. Hope he makes some new interesting Goa or some other style. What genre is the new EP in the OP? Best wishes!
  5. Quite a cliffhanger you left us with huh? Maybe NSFW tags could be added?
  6. I adore the artwork, extremely well made scandinavian fairytale vibe, with a nice The Matrix type color scheme. The track Trollskogen seem to have become somekind of psytrance meme here in Sweden among shroom heads or psytrancers in general. The samples can grow old quite fast though. And I can certainly understand if does even more so, if one don’t understand the language. The samples are taken from the Swedish cartoon Bamse i trollskogen. I started listening in random order to the compilations of this label. So coming to this one from some of the latest releases, makes it sound a bit rough around the edges in comparison. Which is expected considering the tracks on this debut compilation were produced between 2004 and 2011. From the compilations I’ve heard so far from this label, they seem to have a really good blend of styles. Which has become their signature. Ranging from funky darker forest sounds, to hallucinogenic sounding Goa tracks, all the way to some funny Suomisaundi stuff. But don’t be fooled by the cartoony veneer. Even the Suomisaundi stuff here often have some seriously warped psychedelia under the humoristic wrapping, all in a typical shroomy fashion. Fav tracks: Katastrof - Oiije, solid dark hallucinatory track. Trance-Ingvars - All The Answers, dark with a slightly goofy vibe and very funky. RotSystem - Uven, quite a chunky track which delivers a very characteristic Scando Forest style. This is what they usually play at the night here in Sweden during the summer outdoors months. Overall some good tracks and lots of variation, and a solid debut compilation from this label. However they really took things up quite a few notches with the their later compilations, thus creating some fierce competition within their own catalog. If you found this one even slightly enjoyable, you will love the other ones, as they provide this same concept, only more refined. I highly recommend the following compilations from the same label. https://trollnroll.bandcamp.com/album/va-trolls-s https://trollnroll.bandcamp.com/album/va-tales-from-the-north https://trollnroll.bandcamp.com/album/va-trolldom If you haven't yet, check out their youtube. And the music is also available for free on Ektoplazm, consider supporting the label if you like what you hear https://www.youtube.com/user/TrollnRollRecords https://ektoplazm.com/free-music/freaky-forest
  7. The Hallucinogen vibes.. Talpa and some Pandemonium vibes.
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