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  1. Oh sad news.. He has been a cornerstone in the whole psy live scene for a long time. Very impressive that his music has been around so long, and managed to capture and amaze new festival goers every year. Hopefully as he says it will bring more quality time to produce music. I hope he surprises with some nice trippy music, like only he knows how to. And yeah I have no doubts about that. I'll keep my eyes open for those precious few gigs he might make. Maybe he just had a bit too much of the scene and needs a rest. I still remember vividly how I found his website when the internet was a new thing, he really has evolved with the times and the technology. Would be cool if he makes more live gigs online from his studio, and also would be nice if he could share some of his studio wizardry online, he should do some Psytrance tutorials. To pass on the legacy. I remember I read somewhere, maybe in a book about LSD/Psychedelics, how he and Raja Ram had a method of testing new Hallucinogen tracks. By letting Raja Ram listen to the newly made track or track in progress perhaps, in headphones on acid. So a real acid test so to speak. That always stuck with me as a very logical and funny thing to do, to make sure that the music passed the quality control, before any potential trippers purchased the music and used it, or experienced it live.
  2. *Edit it was a very old thread, and every imaginable angle was already discussed. So I don't see the point in resuscitating a thread from 2006. To properly answer this question would require a master thesis in som fitting academic field. Since statistics are essential to see the full picture. The answer probably lies embedded in the same mechanisms that has made Psytrance, Techno and related genres more or less popular among producers in different countries/segments of populations. Trends, exposure, what music is popular to produce among your peers, technological progress and early adaption of home computers and internet infrastructure etc. Maybe the Hinduism/New Age aesthetic scared some people of? Techno in comparison is more neutral in it's visual presentation in that aspect. However these types of discussions tend to always become divisive and polarizing by nature. So I think we should avoid this on Psynews, as there is already plenty of that on other platforms. And skimming through this thread reminded me of how toxic this forum used to be at times, and this thread was probably cleaned up by mods at some point. So yeah let it RIP, 2006 was a looong time ago.
  3. Reminds me of Gandalf. He should make a Goa project with Raja Ram and Goa Gil. Deck Wizards. https://www.discogs.com/release/223951-Goa-Gil-Deck-Wizards-Kosmokrator
  4. Magus Knight

    MFG - The Message

    Well put and I agree wholeheartedly. I’m always struck by how contemplative the works of MFG are. Their music is very introspective, mysterious and also of course dark. But in a good way I think, like the universe itself. Vast and dark but also full of colorful and brightly shining stars. Riddles of the cosmos. To me MFG are like Ridley Scott’s Alien and Prometheus movies equivalent of Goa/Psytrance. Their works are both characterized by a very particular sense for details and atmosphere. I think I need to revisit MFG’s discography again! It’s definitely that time of the year, a very dark autum and winter awaits.(In a lot of bad ways). We are closer by the day, to the dark cybernetic future I envision when listening to MFG’s dark scifi music. Perhaps this new dark era of mankind that we’ve entered makes this music feel more relevant than ever? MFG’s music and a couple of other of the old era, always had a strong message (to my ears atleast). I hope to find a similarly intriguing type of Psytrance some day, but I think it’s a rare thing these days. When I first heard this type of music it felt as if I had glimpsed into the future, it felt organic, synthetic, alien and weird. As if the music had a life of its own.
  5. Started reading The Witcher book series.
  6. @artifact303 Very nice with som background/insight into the process. Keep experimenting, we look forwards to hearing the results. You have a very good balance of light/dark, older inspirations and newer ones. Your music sure has progressed a lot since the Trip To The Sun and The Ancestors era. Nice tracks as well, obviously not as advanced production-wise compared to your later works. Btw you always had quite a distinct kick drum, very AP-Dancing Galaxy typeish, or Miranda-ish. Very big and knocky. Do you create your kick drums from scratch? Cheers!
  7. Whenever I think of the truly inspirational and powerful upcoming NHJO album, I’m reminded of these Eminem lyrics: https://genius.com/Eminem-and-steve-berman-steve-berman-skit-2000-lyrics
  8. Oh subtle are your ways great NHJO. This 15-year long PSYOP has mindfucked us all, some suspected Pavel from The Mossad to be the mastermind behind it. I’m leaning more and more towards the possibility of Psychedelic Superbish.
  9. On a bit of a Alien/Predator/AvP mania lately. Prometheus and Alien Covenant gets better over time for me. The monster, vehicle and environment designs, are just incredible. Aesthetics to die for. Ridley Scott’s sense for details just makes my jaw drop every time, those shifts to microscopic view on the Engineer’s DNA helix is just so pretty. The sound design is very nice and crisp as well.
  10. https://americasgottalentauditions.com https://www.discogs.com/label/141889-PsyNina-Productions https://www.tomorrowland.com/en/festival/welcome If you ever start a NHJO-tology cult let me know, I’ll be the first to join.
  11. @RTP I think this albums strong suit is that it mixes the styles up a bit. That variation makes it so that both more hardcore goa heads and those like yourself, who are more in the prog/modern psytrance camp. Can both find something interesting here. I think this album finds a good middle ground between classic goa, clubby goa and the slightly proggy/modern psy side of things. It would be interesting to hear from Artifact303 himself, what his main inspirations and themes were for this album.
  12. We should hijack the main-stage of some festival. A surprise live performance by the enigmatic Psynina, I’m sure quite a few would enjoy that. The other option would be to arrange it digitally somehow. Maybe unbanning Psychedelic Superbeast, he could be the wedding priest. Don’t be shy NHJO & Psynina, you are Psynews eternal unicorn couple.
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