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  1. The NHJO is out there.. ~The X-Files theme playing~
  2. Slinky Wizard-Slick Witch Hallucinogen-Thugs In Tye-Dye From https://www.discogs.com/Various-Sun-Trip-Second-Phase/release/300588 Really nice tracks I saw Slinky Wizard perform live here in Sweden at Mindscape 4 in 1997.
  3. I remember mine very vividly. I had a friend at the time who worked briefly, at some kind of compact disc manufacturing or distribution center here in Sweden. So he got a lot of free CD-singles and compilations. Which he distributed among his peers at school. I gladly accepted these new very peculiar looking CD's, the graphics on them was very different and new for me stylewise. Among them was the Hallucinogen-LSD CD-single, Distance To Goa 3 and Distance To Goa 4. So the year was 1996, and what a great introduction that proved to be to goa-trance. Since I hadn't heard any goa-trance up until that point, I really got a good taste of what it was at it's zenith. Which I think would be there between 1996 and 1997, depending on who you ask. After that I purchased Sun Trip - Second Phase in 1996 and Goa Head-Vol 2 in 1997, and was equally impressed. And then ventured into all kinds of albums and compilations. When was your first exposure to goa-trance? And what album/compilation/CD-single was it?
  4. Yes it’s a really solid compilation, I really hold Flying Rhinos catalogue extremely high. A very distinct sound, style and high quality. Listening now to Slinky Wizard-The Wizard(Koxbox Remix). This tracks freaking amazing, it's like the essence of camouflaged LSD-drenched melodic layers. It has some of the flavours I like from Fuel On. To my knowledge there is no neogoa that captures that vibe
  5. Daaym that sounds intriguing indeed. Is it available for listening somewhere? This one is also mad cool. https://youtu.be/vjy11YvEbY4
  6. The quoting function is messed up? Or maybe I’m too tired lol
  7. That is leetspeak for ”I need a ban”
  8. Well if you ever travelled near the suns surface, and somehow magically came back unharmed to earth. I’m pretty sure the fires we have here would seem rather cool in comparison. Perspectives and relativistic endeavours from an amateurish heuristic viewpoint.
  9. Add psysex please and space pussy(the hallucinogen track). Or Infected Mushroom lol
  10. Slinky Wizard + Hallucinogen and Koxbox.
  11. Haha that’s epic. Well basically NHJO has become the Yeti(doge) of psynews. Nobody knows what’s real and what’s not anymore. The footprints are everywhere. And yes I do want to BELIEVE!
  12. So I just remembered this site which I used to browse a lot in the early days. Before discogs came around. I went to the site to check if it was still online, and it was. So while reading the ”about” section where psynews is mentioned, I just became curious who made the site, and what he/she is called here? I think psydb is a unique database with information. That I personally feel would be really cool if it was integrated to psynews. Like psynews own little discogs. Perhaps if the person behind psydb don’t fancy it. Perhaps someone here could make something similar for this forum? The psydb site is not updated anymore. And I think it would be great with something similar but that is updated with all the neogoa stuff as well. So that while browsing this site for reviews/interviews etc, releases would be easily browsed/researched as well. Without having to check everything on discogs. Stupid idea?
  13. Interesting backstory what year was that circa? I guess it shows just how little time I personally spent in the offtopic section. It was active as hell, but pure toxic most of the time.
  14. It's funny sometimes when I browse discogs, Radi's reviews over there show up. Atleast I think that's the same guy who was active here?
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