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  1. Cotton Candy (Dreaming Mix) is crazy it reminds me of Lost Buddha-Lost In Paradise. But more hectic. Very hypnotic. Lots of rushing spiralled layers, makes for an energetic interesting journey. The cool thing about this track, is that it has so many interwoven melodies, that the brain can't keep count. So the brain overloads and goes into a daydream type of state. Atleast mine does. Such tracks tend to work really well on the treadmill. Or while drawing or doing stuff in photoshop.
  2. Cool cover art for the CD. Reminds me a bit of 90s video games. Specifically the shmups(shoot em ups) genre. The japanese arcade shooters.
  3. I really like it so far, a good selection of different interesting people. Each a legend in their specific field. Without spoiling anything, what I really enjoyed with the Simon Posford interview for example is how personal it felt, you know like if you meet a good friend and discuss things. And it was really interesting to hear more on the inspiration behind the music. Compared to the more technical studio/equipment focused interviews. This was much more grounded in experiences with psychdelics and the impact it has had on the music he has created as a result of those experiments. Which is really the type of stuff I always was curious about since I started to listen to psytrance. Because when I first listened to the Twisted album, I always though that this must be have been created by some kind of modern day shaman. I was like wtf where did this music come from? I was so alien and different, what was the inspiration? What type of experiences lead up to this? But all the interviews with psytrance artists were always so secretive. For good reasons of course, since the substances are still highly illegal in many countries. Which also reminds me of H.R Giger, whose art I always found very psychedelic, and I googled a lot to see if he revealed any of his experiences with the subject. He said in an interview that it was still a very controversial topic in Switzerland at the time. But reading between the lines and based on the people he was good friends with, I guess one can reach some conclusions. As he knew Timothy Leary and also appeared in an interview with Albert Hofmann.
  4. Yeah I read that too, always best to let some other fresh ears do the mastering. I would suspect many old timers have quite damaged ears by now.
  5. I'm having major issues trying to upload/link a forum signature picture. I get the following error message, which makes no sense. Since that size restriction makes it impossible to upload any normally sized forum signature. Is there some kind of size limitation implemented globally on the site, due to spam/forum violations before? I've tried pasting url links to various image sharing hosts where I've uploaded the avatar, and also tried to uploading the image directly to the forum to no avail. Error message reads as follows: "Signature Restrictions Please ensure your signature complies with the following restrictions: Maximum of 1 image Images up to 800 x 100 pixels Maximum of 1 URL Maximum of 10 lines Your chosen signature does not meet the guidelines."
  6. Yeah that would be epic. A remaster of those two, are high on my dream list. Also Hallucinogen-Twisted. Or has it been remastered?
  7. Diaks


    Astral In The Mix-For 10 years.
  8. Awesome. It sounds very promising so far. I hope that the sound will be huge. And that the mix and mastering shines. After all these years, it better be something extra.
  9. Started to read this one now, just out of curiosity since it features Simon Posford and Albert Hofmann among others. Anyone read it? Good? https://www.amazon.com/Frontiers-Psychedelic-Consciousness-Conversations-Stanislav/dp/1620553929 *edit* reading it now. The interview with Simon Posford alone is worth it. Really insightful into the creative process behind Shpongle and Hallucinogen. This is a proper interview. Very interesting.
  10. Since they signed IM maybe? lol not that I would classify their music today as psy, a very ecclectic mix of genres. This album is on the full-on side of things though. Not that it makes it any better, I listened through the album once, and I can't really say I felt the need to listen again. However I will always listen through their releases, because every once in a while there is a track I like. These two minute breaks/buildups as in the song "More of Just the Same" I thought was a thing of the past? I remember vividly that this was the very thing people complained about with full-on before. It becomes almost parodic, with how far they can extend the buildup.
  11. The shut down could affect the creativity in a negative way too. For various reasons, the stress of it for one, and also because more time needs to be spent with family if schools are closed etc. And since Astral Projection prior to the corona outbreak played live sets abroad a lot. I would assume their financial situation must be quite affected by the travel restrictions. That in itself can really be detrimental to the inspiration. Who knows, they even might need to sell of some studio equipment if the financial situation becomes bad. I see an increase where I live, in people selling of studio equipment right now.
  12. That gives me hope! The first track in particular sounds beautiful!! It has colors, and the cosmic vibes. Approved.
  13. haha, NHJO ASMR. And btw did he put noodle spices on the pizza?
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