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  1. MFG the Total Eclipse album sounds like intriguing news as well! If there will be TB-303 live tweaking like in this live-set with Total Eclipse from the 90’s, it can’t be anything but a total bliss. 07.30 min into the clip.
  2. Wow.. the teasers for the new album sounds amazing I had completely given up on Astral a couple of years ago, didn't expect them to return to form like this! Beautiful floating/dreamy stuff... I think their Dancing Galaxy/Another World styles are timeless, so a return to something like that stylistically will never feel dated for me.
  3. Artifact303-Levitation Device, is a nice tune Artifact303-A Trip To The Sun, as well. Bunraku-Jafar
  4. Hello, all the mirrors to the kick drum collections that people created and shared on isra trance forums by Sattle Battle etc are gone from the internet since several years. Anyone care to share some folder with all the typical psy/goa kick drums? I used to have a really nice collection of nitzohonot and goa kick drums that were used heavily around here. Anyone have those? Cheers
  5. I'm wondering if you people on Suntrip Records could somehow group all the Suntrip releases on a label page or something on Spotify? As it is now it's very difficult to find everything, and I keep stumbling on releases by mere accident. For example if you look at a compilation from Suntrip on Spotify like: Energy Waves, it says by various artists. It would be very nice if it said "By Suntrip Records" and a click on the label name would lead to the rest of the compilations/artist albums. Not sure if it's possible? *edit* problem solved I guess just noticed that by searching for sun trip records you guys have made some huge playlists with what appears to be every release?
  6. Would perhaps California Sunshine-Green Sky, fit into this style? That would be my definition of Israeli morning vibes
  7. If I understand correctly the vibe you are describing and from listening to the track you provided here, I think the mood is that of very short repetitive entrancing melodies/spiraling? The first track that came to my mind when listening to the track you posted was quite a well known one, but nonetheless a superb track. Not sure if you agree that it fits the vibe? I'm thinking strictly about the main melody and not about the style of the track/kick etc. Another one that I came to think of which is not exactly as hypnotic/entrancing but still has that Israeli morning vibe, albeit a more euphoric feel is this Nitzhonot track: Another good one from Greece:
  8. Very curious about this one, will it be available on spotify? When I check on Morphic Resonance there, it is not available.
  9. Holy shit Ovnimoon killed it! What a monster track, great way to start a compilation(or a party). Love the breakbeat part at the end of the track with acidic 303 madness! Started listening now to Morphic Resonance's track, this one is very good as well. Dark/atmospheric swirling, you can definitely tell that he did his homework good use of classic 303 accent/slide patterns, and also of trance-gate effects. Very reminiscent in style of the Crop Circles-Tetrahedron album, and that is a very good compliment indeed! It has this upwards building vibe, as if it's going higher and higher. The lead sounds in the second half of the track have these (Etnica-Nice Toys) feeling going on, lovely. Good use of transpose on the harmonic composition in the second part of the track as well. Triquetra's second track on the compilation: Destroying Dinosaur is a topnotch tune as well, very playful filter cutoff tweaking.
  10. I'm really liking the samples on soundcloud. The first track has such a nice tension building up gradually, really great spatial sound image as well, for that perfect flying sensation. I do not know the names of the tracks yet since I'm listening on a simplified soundcloud interface on my phone, but yeah this album sounds amazing. An overall darker/mysterious vibe than the previous album,but it still has a well-defined euphoric aspect.
  11. Diaks

    V/A - Air-Born

    Simply mind-blowing stuff. Favourites: The Manipulators - Biological Manipulations Slinky Wizard - The James Bond Theme (License To Slink) Syb Unity Nettwerk - Morphogenesis Process & Tristan - Dealing With Demons Psychos - Dense Dawn
  12. Diaks

    V/A - Pulse 6

    Standout tracks for me: Subcouds - Space Angel Bypass Unit - Phaser Galaxy Slinky Wizard - People Like Us (Polenski Mix) Prana - Alien Pets (Free Tibet Mix) Oforia - Cream They made a lasting Impression when this compilation was new. And it was indeed an indication of the direction that this genre was moving in. In particular the tracks of Slinky Wizard, Prana and Oforia.
  13. Will it be available on spotify as well? I will take a listen to the samples now, very curious to hear what kind of transcendental knowledge the sun disc of Ra is bringing this time to illuminate the path.
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