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  1. Interesting, I had missed out completely on this compilation series. Time to catch up, the Ra track made me curious.
  2. Tracklist 1. Aghast 06:32 2. Shawl 06:31 3. Leviathan 07:19 4. Sanctuary 06:22 5. Profound 07:40 6. Dissociate 06:27 Release notes: "An album consisting of tracks made from 2015-2016. Includes one unreleased track ''Dissociate''. https://filipesantos.bandcamp.com/album/aghast A darker swirly approach to goa trance, a bit like a hybrid between the Kunai - Ascendancy and Mindsphere - Inner Cyclone albums, stylewise. So yeah it's way darker than the Kunai - Ascendancy album, while still displaying some of those same hypnotic/floating liquid qualities. The vision conjured is ominous, and this gorgonic goa proper will send your mind down a path of ancient mysteries. And make no mistake, this is music strictly for the night, with no traces of sunlight. You'll only need your sunglasses for the lasers of the forest gathering, and of course to protect you from the stone-cold stare of Medusa. The album has plenty of heavy 303 bangers, and some very interesting distorted kick drums as well, which gives it a gritty technoish feel, but way more bouncy in a typical goa fashion. Reminds me a bit of Miranda's approach to kick drums on the Asynja album. The mixing is interesting, as some of the melodies/sounds are placed in the distance, with the aid of reverb effects and probably by playing around with the post/pre-fader state of the reverb sends. It gives the melodies an obscured and somewhat camouflaged feeling, as you're hearing mostly the reverb tail of the sound, and not so much of the actual sound source. It makes those melodies become intervowen with the pads that have the same type of effect in the background, which creates a dark tunnel of harmonies. It delivers a sensation as if you're walking around in some dark hallucinatory forest labyrinth. This effect/technique is applied on 303 sounds as well in the track Sanctuary. It's impressive what the artist managed to create here without an external mastering studio, and makes me curious as to how it could've sounded with proper mastering. At times while listening to the track Leviathan, it reminded me of some of the dark cosmic vibes found on the Crop Circles - Tetrahedron and UX-Ultimate Experience albums. Perhaps the vision behind this track is more of a dark abyss with mythical sea creatures, rather than that of the celestial creatures conjured within the Crop Circles - Tetrahedron mythos.The track employs some subtle trance-gated layers, which of course add to the spacious sensation. I think the style on this album is a continuation of the ideas first developed in the Sleeping Buddha - Acid Pyramidian track back in 2013: https://filipesantos.bandcamp.com/album/acid-pyramidian-ep The tracks on the Medusis - Aghast album are however a couple of notches above the Acid Pyramidian track. The concept and sound quality is more refined, which is expected after some years of experimentation with the sound. Fav tracks so far: Leviathan, Shawl, profound and Sanctuary. +Pros: Awesome artwork, adventurous trippy music, dense mysterious atmosphere. -Cons: Reviewing bandcamp music is an expensive hobby it seems
  3. thanks for the update btw the "what are you listening to right now" thread has been very slooow when one post in it, which is surely due to all the links in the thread which the forum indexes? Perhaps a new thread should be started and the old one closed, as is common on other forums when threads reach too many pages?
  4. Available online again: https://filipesantos.bandcamp.com/album/ascendancy
  5. A kinda deluxe album with all Realm Nine tracks from compilations and albums on it has been released: https://filipesantos.bandcamp.com/album/keeper-of-the-katra 15 tracks in total, not bad aye. First track is a smooth downtempo number. Tracklist: 1.Guidance System 07:36 2.Crystal Core 06:35 3.Highlander 06:50 4.Sigma 5 06:37 5.Omikron 07:02 6.Mercury 07:29 7.Escape From Terraria 07:43 8.Apraxxis 06:40 9.Federal Space 07:50 10.Keeper Of The Katra 06:38 11.Rising Moon 07:23 12. Around The Sun 06:22 13.Last Hope 07:41 14.Liquid Energy 07:30 15.Altair 4 07:27 This album along with Kunai - Ascendancy has the best sound/mix quality of the albums/EP's/compilations I've heard so far from this artist.
  6. It now works as it should again it seems, perhaps some lag :)
  7. So yeah progress looks promising, but no mention of a label? I would assume it's gonna be a suntrip release if I had to bet But hey what do I know. What I do know however, is that it will be interesting listening to it, and contrasting it to his first album. Too bad it doesn't seem to be released earlier this year so one could listen to it during the summer, it would've made a more fitting release window think.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/khetzal.fr/videos/235905400938196/? The Nord Modular sounds great Some quotes of interest in other posts on facebook related to the teaser and album: "for the first time, I'm happy to listen to the whole 9 tracks of my 2nd album... track-list order not definitive, but it's already an enjoyable experience, as you may guess ;-) well, work almost done, now checking for all the small details to be modified, here and there. I think that an album is like a good old red wine ;-) (fifteen years old ageing ?) and... I guess I will have to cut 9 seconds (1h20mn9s would not fit on a 80min CD, anyway who cares about CDs, now ?) well, thank you again for patience and all support. the 2nd Opus is about to be finalized, at least ! best vibes, take care, and stay tuned !" "well, I wish to thank you all for support and good vibes !!! the "CD-release-headache" was just a personal joke. for myself, I really like to buy CDs from all the artists I REALLY like. I wish to have the "physical" object and the cover artwork. and for supporting the artists, of course ! as some of you may know, I work with some electro-rock bands here in my home-town @ Lyon, and as time goes by, I was unaware that a lot of people were mostly downloading or hearing tracks on digital platforms, CDs are nowadays, well... somehow outdated. not for me, anyway... well, the personal joke was just about my last track, that could be just 30sec shorter ;-) no, I will not release a 2 CDs album !!! (for all the people who asked...) I worked on it, and now the album is 1h19min42sec... I guess it's a nice move if ever there's a CD release. and yes, there will be some sound teasers, later in June. thank you all again !!!" "compared to Rosin Memories, yes, maybe closer to that sound, I think, very different from the first album, fifteen years later, I work with different hardware and of course, a lot of software, drums may (will) sound thicker compared to Corolle. I also learnt a lot about mixing tips... anyway, can't say if it will be better or not, depending on anyone's tastes... ;)" "just let me enough time to settle all the last details on each tracks, I think that all will be ready for late June (2020...), I also have to think about a nice artwork for the album cover, and I expect a release for september... who knows ?" "working on track #7 of the 2nd album with a good ol'friend of mine but sometimes, recording hardware synths can prove to be time-consuming, becoming a real hassle of audio and midi cables in every nook and crannies in the studio well, just a teaser, that track is called 'Didge Voices', almost finished. still two or three tracks left, and I'm done with the "big work" on the album. next, a lot of details to check here and there ;-) stay tuned, thanks !" The quotes are not in cronological order, rather the opposite, so the last quote about the teaser was from earlier this year, when the album progress was less completed.
  9. The teaser for Khetzal's second album on facebook sounds very promising. I assume the album will be released on suntrip? The teaser to my ears at least sounds more egyptian than the indian vibes on his first album? And in all the good ways. The background layers have a very euphoric morning vibe, with lush delays/reverbs.
  10. And yeah the issue with the view count of posts is still here on the forum, at least for me. But I think we can all agree that the down-time was worse than this small nuisance of a forum error.
  11. Tracklist 1-Incarnation 7:50 2-Rune 7:24 So what was going on in 2017? I have no clue, at least not with regards to the goa scene. In fact I was absent for most of the decade so I really don't now. That is until now, by doing some meticulous research into the subject matter, I've reached some odd conclusions. Mainly that there seems to have been a shitload of goa music released, but wait it seems my perspective is somewhat skewed, because upon a close examination of the music released, it seems that most of it was produced by one guy with lots of aliases, a jack in the box of the goa scene or something, how peculiar! Let's see what the hell this is all about shall we! There seems to have been some weird rituals going on, which involved runes and incarnations. This EP is rather intense, to say the least, and has plenty of spirally melodies thrown in for good measure, in order to keep the listener enganged. There is a veritable sense of a mystic séance going on, throughout the the duration of this EP. The first track kick-starts things with a malignant laughter and some idiosyncratic melodies that immediately sets the tone, it's an eastern vibe all over. The track keeps on building upwards all the time, adding and subtracting patterns, sending the listener into a trance, and at around the 4 minute mark an ominous pad-hook is introduced, foreboding perhaps of that which shall arrive when the invocation rite is complete. The track plays around with these ideas to rather great effect for the remainder of the track, perhaps the mysterious aspects of the track could have been explored more profoundly. The first track does however build up rather nicely to the second track Rune, which is more intricate and fleshed out, with regards to the mysterious sensibility. The second track is really the highlight here, it has a special mood, situated inbetween the joyful/euphoric oriental tone so common in goa, but dipped in a sinister/mysterious hue. Stylewise this EP could perhaps best be described as a somewhat darker version of the Athenaia project by the same artist. After some further re-listening, I've yet to decide which of the two included tracks I like the most, both are good in their own right, a solid EP no doubt. The cover artwork would've benefitted from some better conceptualized idea/execution. Something with more depth, texture and a cinematic flair. With an oriental, new age evoking supernatural theme, it would have done the music more justice I think. It looks a bit too heavy metal for my taste, a genre in which moronic and rather corny hints at wickedness seem to be common. And it doesn't properly convey the colorful multi-layered nature of the music on offer here. The album artwork for Ba'al - Rebellion was way cooler although also more grounded in a cartoonish look it had a certain charm and a better color palette. +Pros Engaging compositional and melodic structures, intense drive, interesting atmosphere. Lots of nice rhythmic details -Cons Rather meh artwork. The EP would've benefitted from external profesional mastering by some mastering studio specialized in goa mastering.
  12. Tracklist 1-Temple 7:06 2-Concubines 6:52 What do you get if you take lots of 303 patterns, add some harp sounds and sweet pads, coupled with some screeching warped acidic sounds, and sprinkle a bit of oriental melodies on top? Well you get this EP ayee, and if you didn't arrive at that conclusion well, failing means yer playin! Do not expect a lot of the latest advancements in sound experimentations or crisp mastering, it's quite barebones in that regard. The melodies on offer however are really good, the drive is good as well, reminicent of the Pandemonium stuff at times. It's more nostalgic than the Pandemonium stuff for sure and not dark/humorous at all... or wait a minute.. Hmm well besides the temple voice sample, in the first track, that sounds kinda funny perhaps unintentionally, and yeah the moaning concubine in the second track as well haha wtf. Which got quite annoying after the 20th something time the sample was played, yikes! Haud yer wheesht! Perhaps this is what the term mindfuck refers too lol. Too bad because the track was solid besides that. So yeah track 1 is the fav track, but soundwise I liked the kick drum and the melodies better in the second track. It was unfortunately ruined by the excessive use of the annoying moaning sample. Wut werr ye thinkin lad? Bloody hell. Perhaps a remix/remake could be made? +Pros Nice artwork, good melodies and acidic drive. -Cons Annoying samples, not so stellar mastering.
  13. 1. L'Ultima Profezia 07:15 2. Lo Destino 06:35 3. La Fortuna 07:05 Release notes: Compilation of tracks made between 2016 to 2018. https://filipesantos.bandcamp.com/album/lultima-profezia-ep So here we have yet again some more goa and another alias of the Lost Buddha. So how does it sound you might wonder? Well it sounds great if you're into the old variety of this genre, that is this is pure old school. If you liked the output of Lost Buddha/Amithaba Buddha between 2004/2009-ish this will float your boat. That beeing said, don't expect innovation or any new approach to the sound image. It sounds just like the 2004/2009 era, which in turn emulated the mid 90's era, so it's the same approach used back then during the first neo-goa wave. But hey if the formula works, why change it? The composition/arrangement of the tracks is totally focused on oriental melodies of the faster more hectic kind and acidic background layers, complemented by lush pads. If you've heard lots of the other goa output of this artist you know what to expect by now, and that might be it's weak point, as well as its strenght at the same time, depending on your predilection. I took it for a test spin during my forest walks, and it did what it should, as it's very energetic. Solid EP, Fav tracks: 2 and 3.
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